URGENT Construction declares exclusion of Fayyad and reveals alternative candidate for interior

Editorial Date: 2018/12/23 20:36

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) MP of the coalition building Fakhri Sedkhan, on Sunday, that “a political agreement was excluded Faleh Fayadh of his nomination to the Ministry of Interior.”

“Sadakan told the {Euphrates News} that” Prime Minister Adel Abdul – Mahdi will not be presented in the parliament session tomorrow (Monday and Fayaz al – Jarba) to assume the functions of the Ministries of Interior and Defense.

He added that “the closest to the nomination are both the team of Staff Abdul Ghani Asadi of the Interior and Lieutenant General Taleb Shagati for defense, but it was not decided categorically.” He pointed out that “if he objected to my rhetoric, will provide Abdul Amir Abdullah instead of defense.”

And, “There is procrastination and perseverance in the issue of the announcement of names to be submitted to ministerial positions for tomorrow,” pointing to “an agreement between the reform and build on the introduction of new candidates instead of Fayadh and Aljraba.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halboussi, announced today that the agenda on Monday will include the completion of the vote cabinet cabins and the second reading of the draft federal budget.


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