Al-Rafidain directs its branches to receive applications for promotion of advances and loans

Release date: 2018/1/23 8:34


Bank of Iraq and its branches in Baghdad and the provinces received requests to promote transactions loans and advances from citizens and employees.

“The resumption of granting loans and advances to citizens and employees, according to the regulations and legal instructions, which will be published in the coming days,” the bank’s media office said in a statement received by the agency All Iraq.

He called on “citizens wishing to obtain advances and loans to visit branches of the bank and promote transactions.”

The statement also called on citizens to take news from their own sources, such as the media office of the bank, and not to rely on social networking sites, some of which constitute an environment for spreading rumors and spreading false information and documents about the bank.


International Monetary Fund: Global growth is the largest since 2010

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{International: The Euphrates News} The International Monetary Fund said that the future of the global economy seems optimistic.

The IMF sees recent economic growth as a positive boost on a large scale, particularly in Europe and Asia.

US tax reforms are expected to stimulate economic activity, especially in corporate investment.

But the IMF has drastically reduced its forecast for growth in South Africa this year and next.

The new global forecast grew by 3.9 percent this year and next year, an increase of 0.2 percent year on year, faster than in the past two years (3.7 percent in 2017 and 3.2 percent in 2016).

The report noted that there has been a jump in 120 economies, three quarters of global economic activity, over the past year, as well as advanced and emerging economies.

The IMF described the growth as the largest simultaneous global growth since 2010.

The indicators of specialized studies show that industrial activity will remain strong.

Although the economic performance improved to the end of the year was widespread, the report confirmed the achievement of positive growth “marked” in Asia and Europe.

The International Monetary Fund expects tax reforms approved by the United States last year to stimulate the US economy. The report pointed to the impact on the investment sector as a result of corporate tax cuts.

The report also expects total cumulative impact to reach 1.2 percent by 2020.

However, the IMF expects growth to slow over the years as from 2022 because some tax reform rules are temporary.

“The current economic momentum reflects the convergence of a range of factors that are likely not to last for long,” said Maurice Obstfeld, chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, during a report at a news conference in Davos.

It was important for Governments to take steps to overcome the obstacles to growth, to make them more inclusive and to make economies more resilient during the next downturn.

The report reduced some expectations for specific countries. Forecasts for South Africa showed the biggest negative change in 2019 by 0.7 percent, reflecting what the IMF described as the result of increased political unrest that casts a shadow over confidence and investment.

Expectations for Britain fell slightly by 0.1 percent in 2019. The report did not say why.

The report expects Britain to grow 1.5 percent this year and next. Britain ranks better than Italy and Japan within the Group of Seven industrialized nations, and ranks behind some other countries in the group.

Britain’s exit negotiations with the EU are one of several potential risks to the outlook, the report said. For example, long-term international trade agreements are subject to renegotiation.

The IMF says increasing trade barriers and re-regulation, if renegotiated, could have an impact on global investment and reduce efficiency.

“Any failure to achieve overall growth may increase the pressure on” policies that focus on internal growth, “the report warns, which the IMF describes as new trade barriers that it sees as damaging to economic growth.

Economist: Iraq is not affected by the fall of the Toman because it deals with a basket of world currencies, including the dollar


Economist: Iraq is not affected by the fall of the Toman because it deals with a basket of world currencies, including the dollar

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) –
The collapse of the Iranian currency against the dollar is an internal affair of the Iranian republic and has a positive impact on Iraq, the economic expert said on Monday.
Jabbar said in an interview with “Al-Ghad Press” that “the financial deposit of the Iraqi investor in Iranian banks and banks is not affected by the decline or collapse of the Iranian Toman against the US dollar, being considered a foreign deposit remains the same with their benefits in a certain investment circle,” adding that “The stock market and securities and the basket of foreign currencies against the Iranian currency will certainly affect the decline or collapse of the Iranian Toman.”

“The decline of the Iranian currency does not affect the Iraqi investors because the decline or collapse of the Tuman is because of the sanctions imposed by the United States of America on Iran, and therefore do not reflect a serious market,” noting that “the process of retreat or collapse of the Iranian Toman on Iraq Will have a positive outcome, because Iraq is a country importer of Iranian goods. ”
“The decline in the Iranian currency will reduce the investments in Iran and begin to move towards Iraq in light of the improvement of the security situation and the Iraqi economy,” he said, adding that “the Iraqi import will be a recovery because the financial value of imported quantities will be less as a result of the decline of Atoman against the US dollar, Fruits and Iranian milk. “

In the document .. Rafidain releases all advances and loans


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{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Rafidain Bank, advances and loans and financial facilities to the employees and citizens with easy benefits and without a sponsor.
The bank excluded the 100 salary salary for the employees and remained suspended.
The advances included in the decision of the bank include 10 million to 50 million dinars
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Abadi: Kuwait conference important message that the Iraqis are not alone


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Prime Minister Haider Abadi, stressed the importance of the Kuwait Conference on the reconstruction of Iraq scheduled for next February.
“The president met on Monday with the Kuwaiti media delegation in the presence of the head of the Union of Iraqi Journalists, President of the Union of Arab Journalists Muayad al-Lami,” a statement from his office said.
Abadi stressed “the importance of relations between Iraq and Kuwait and strengthening them in various cultural, media, social and popular fields, which deepens the relationship between the two neighboring peoples.”
“Iraq came out victorious against gangs and called on terrorists after the danger threatened all the countries of the region,” he said, noting that “the Iraqis have won their unity and achieved what the world called a miracle.”
“The importance of the Kuwait conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, because it gives a message of brotherly support for Iraq after his victory over Daqash, as well as the support of the international community to Iraq and that the Iraqis are not alone,” Abadi said.
The Kuwaiti delegation praised the great role played by Abadi in strengthening relations and the victory of the prime minister and the keenness of the Kuwaiti government and people to develop and strengthen relations between the two countries.

International Monetary Fund raises expectations for growth of Middle East economies



Monday 22 January 2018 08:10 pm
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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday raised its growth forecast for the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia economies to 3.6 percent this year.

“The growth forecast for the current year was 3.5 per cent in the last report issued in October,” the IMF said in its World Economic Outlook.

The average growth of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia economies last year was 2.5 percent, according to IMF estimates, compared to an actual growth of 4.9 percent in 2016.

“Next year’s forecast for 2019 is that the region’s economies will grow by 3.5 percent, unchanged from last October’s estimates,” he said.

The increase in growth estimates according to the fund “is supported by the rise of crude oil prices by 20 percent from last August to the present time.” Finished


Barzani: I will meet with Abbadi at the Davos Forum

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Kurdistan Region President Nehirvan Barzani said on Monday that he will meet with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the oil minister on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, adding that talks have been held with Baghdad on the formation of several committees on oil, And airports.

Barzani told a news conference that “the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region was special visit the government delegation to Baghdad and Tehran and discuss the results of meetings held during the two visits.”

He added that “we stressed in our meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister on the need to resolve differences according to the Constitution, and have been talking with Baghdad on the formation of several committees on oil, border crossings and airports, and the friends of Baghdad and Erbil played a major role in my last meeting with Abadi.”