Source: Committee of seven members , including Kordian to resolve disputes between Erbil and Baghdad

Source: Committee of seven members, including Kordian to resolve the differences between Arbil and Baghdad
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A source familiar with the ruling Shiite National Alliance in Iraq on Wednesday on the possibility of reaching a solution to the crisis between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region in the “near future”, especially after the flexibility shown by the parties to the crisis in recent times.

“The two sides are in the process of forming a committee of seven members, five of them from Baghdad and two Kurdish figures, whose task is to review all the contentious issues between the two parties,” Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted the source as saying.

The source pointed out that “the Committee will conduct a thorough examination of the political and economic files and issues of borders and airports, and I expect that its work will result in a solution soon to the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.”

In turn, did not rule out MP and spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Renas Jano, the possibility of reaching Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the crisis soon, if the federal government showed some flexibility and moved away from “intransigence and the policy of imposing a fait accompli,” asserting knowledge of an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to ” Which will take into account the interests of the parties and through this committee the problems will take their way to a near solution. “

“The Kurdistan Region expressed its desire to facilitate matters at all levels, including the delivery of border crossings, provided that it is done in a civil and not military.”

He admitted that there is “another type of talk within the region, as it does not mind in principle the supervision of the federal government at the border crossings and airports, to be done through negotiation and not imposed by force.”

Despite conflicting statements by officials in Baghdad and Erbil, most of the moves and indicators that have taken place in recent days indicate mutual flexibility that could lead to a near solution to the crisis.

Moody’s expects oil prices to range between $ 40 and $ 60 per barrel in 2018

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Economy News Baghdad:

LONDON (Reuters) – Moody’s Investors Service said on Tuesday it expected oil prices to range between $ 40 and $ 60 a barrel in 2018, adding that the abundance of US natural gas supplies would curb prices even as demand rose.

“Prices are likely to remain in a limited range, and may fluctuate, due to a combination of increased US rock production, reduced global supplies, but still large, and potential non-compliance with agreed production cuts, especially if demand growth is slower,” Moody’s said.

Moody’s said oil prices rose in late 2017, backed by expectations OPEC extended its agreement to cut output and “political unrest” in the Middle East.

Abadi announced the launch of 4 economic plans for the reconstruction of Iraq

Prime Minister Haider Abadi
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Economy News Baghdad:

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the launch of four economic plans for the reconstruction of Iraq that will last for several years.

“The government has launched the 2018-2022 Five Year Plan prepared by the Ministry of Planning as well as the launch of the second version of the 2018 Poverty Reduction Strategy and Iraq’s Vision for Sustainable Development 2018-2030 in agreement with the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund,” Abadi told a news conference attended by ” , Noting that “the government also launched the national document for the reconstruction of Iraq 2018-2028 and an initial cost of 100 billion dollars.”

He explained that “there is a complete approach to the government to rebuild all areas of Iraq, especially that there is uneven in the volume of damage between one province and another.”

Parliament to resume its meetings tomorrow by reading the budget of 2018

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[Ayna – Baghdad]

Resumes the House of Representatives, on Wednesday regular sessions.

The agenda includes “the first reading of the draft federal budget law of the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2018, and the completion of voting on the proposal of the law of the Nursing Association, and the resignation of a member of the House of Representatives and the swearing-in of the alternative.”

It also includes “the first reading of the proposed law of the first amendment to the law of the Anti-Terrorism Authority No. 31 of 2016, the first reading of the draft law of the first amendment to the law of quarantine No. 76 of 2012, and report and discuss the proposed law of the House of Representatives and formations.

It also includes “the report and discussion of the draft law amending the Penal Code contained in the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 amending and other special laws No. 6 of 2008, and the report and discussion of the draft law on the rights of Turkmen, and the report and discussion of the proposed law of Samarra capital of Islamic culture.

100 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq

Alsumaria News

2018/01/02 07:59 PM
100 مليار دولار لإعادة إعمار العراق

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced Tuesday the launch of the “national document” for the reconstruction of the country worth 100 billion dollars. 

He quoted “Alsumaria News” Abadi told a press conference: “Iraq has returned strongly to the international community by calculated steps.” 

On the security situation, Abadi added: “We started the procedures of inventorying weapons by the state. There is cooperation from citizens to report on the whereabouts of the weapons.” We stressed the security authorities to hold those who fired live ammunition and our responsibility to protect citizens. 

It is noteworthy that the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers confirmed, Sunday, December 31 last that the reconstruction program in Iraq will cover all the provinces, and this has become a primary objective of the directives of Abadi. 

According to Abadi, the value of exports of the Kurdistan region of oil during the past three months to two trillion dinars, while pointing to a “problem” in the numbers of employees in the region. 

Abadi said: “The region promised to provide accounts for its revenues during this year there is a problem in the numbers of employees in Kurdistan, but that does not prevent the payment of salaries.”

He pointed out that “the Kurdistan region gets more than 80% of the value of salaries of its employees of oil revenues.”



Abadi reveals huge figures for oil imports of the region and says: We will not allow 17% for the Kurds

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(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, that the Kurdistan region gets from its oil imports monthly to 544 billion dinars, equivalent to 80% more than the salaries of employees.
“The figures announced by the federal government are official and published in their respective locations, and the House of Representatives is informed of monthly reports on the quantities of oil exported and the cost of extracting oil,” Abbadi said at a weekly press conference on Tuesday.
He pointed out that “the oil figures in the region is very high, only during the last 3 months the region has issued a value of 2 trillion dinars, and the cost of oil production up to 313 billion dinars, that the region gets from its oil imports per month up to 544 billion dinars, equivalent to 80% more than the salaries of its employees, Except the sale of oil derivatives and resources of border crossings. ”
He added, “Our account in the federal budget for 2017 has identified the proportion of the region 17%, but in the budget of 2018 will be distributed the share of the region on the proportion of the population,” warning of “the approval of the House of Representatives to do so.”
He pointed out that “some want to postpone the vote on the budget to impose 17% on us because it has a share in them,” calling on the region to “cooperate in not continuing to waste public funds,” stressing “Baghdad’s keenness to deliver salaries of employees in the region.”
“The security forces have succeeded in defeating terrorism and military operations in the elimination of an endemic, but there are additives to enemies in the desert and remote and remote areas and the security and military effort will continue to chase them to prevent their gathering again.”
At the end of his press conference in Baghdad, Abadi wished the Iraqi national team victory and success, noting that “it is the right of the Iraqis to celebrate the creativity of the players”, calling that “this celebration is not on the tragedies of others firing live bullets, which directed security forces to hold accountable those who try to spoil the joy of Iraqis “.is over

Iraq reveals its reserves of hard currency and excludes floating the dinar

 Tuesday 26 December 2017
Iraq’s central bank governor Ali al-Alaq said on Tuesday that the bank’s reserves of foreign currency amounted to 48 billion dollars, pointing out that Iraq will not resort to floating the currency.
Alaq said in a press statement today that “the reserve of the Central Bank of foreign currency is currently 48 billion dollars.” He added that “Iraq, which is one of the oil states depends on a fixed exchange rate, or fixed with flexibility, and does not resort to the method of floating, unless their reserves are controlled to a level without enough, which did not happen either in Iraq or other oil countries.”

“The flotation is difficult to apply in Iraq, considering that the government, de facto, monopoly the offer of the dollar and foreign currencies.”
The floating currency is to make the exchange rate of this currency fully liberalized, so that the government or central bank does not interfere in determining it directly, but is automatically discharged in the currency market through the mechanism of supply and demand, which allows to determine the exchange rate of the national currency against foreign currencies.
Floating exchange rates fluctuate constantly with every change in supply and demand for foreign currencies, so they can change several times per day.



payment of salaries of military retirees in Iraq

Paying the salaries of military retirees in Iraq
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Shafaq News / The National Pension Authority began to pay the salaries of military retirees for the meal of January 2018 through banks Rafidain and Rashid and the Iraqi Bank of Trade and smart card company.
A statement issued by the Authority, that the pensioners card holders smart card card review centers to receive their salaries and can retirees manual exchange review branches of banks to receive their salaries according to the days of exchange.


the Iraqi Council of Ministers discusses “broad lines” and takes a number of decisions

Iraqi cabinet discusses "broad lines" and takes a number of decisions
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The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, and discussed the “outlines” and the strategy of the ministries, and agreed on a number of priorities, in addition to the allocation of a meeting to discuss what was achieved and the plan of action for the new year.
The Council of Ministers decided to expedite the payment of dues of farmers who planted the crop for the agricultural season 2017 -2018 Cabinet decision No. 370 of 2017 for the payment of dues.
The Council of Ministers Decision No. 365 of 2016 on the postponement of the payment of loans to borrowers with interest from government banks that have debts to state institutions for contracting or equipment has been approved and paid in light of their debts to state institutions and in coordination with civil authorities from the date of issue Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 40 of 2016 on 14-2-2016.
The Council of Ministers voted on the final report on the work of the integrated monitoring system for the city of Baghdad.
The council also voted on incentives for maintenance and collection of electricity.
In addition, it was voted on to add a new article to the draft law of public holidays and as follows (the day of liberating the land of Iraq from the gangs of the terrorist advocate, corresponding to the 10th of December a national holiday and an official holiday of each year) and the announcement of the competition of the monument of the victory of the official monument of the Republic of Iraq, And the sacrifices of Iraqis in defending their homeland and security.

The Council of Ministers votes on the addition of the day of liberation of the draft law of public holidays


Since 2018-01-02 at 18:37 (Baghdad time)

The Council of Ministers votes on the addition of the day of liberation of the draft law of public holidays.