Abadi’s policy reveals for the first time and frankly “differences” with al-Maliki

Abadi reveals for the first time and frankly "differences" with al-Maliki
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Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi refuted accusations by Iraqi parties and politicians about postponing the date of the parliamentary elections and said he was committed to the constitution.

This came in an exclusive interview with “Al Arabiya” in a program with Turki al-Dakhil, which will be broadcast on the satellite channel this evening.

Abadi said during the interview that the recent disagreements between the Dawa party were due to Nuri al-Maliki’s refusal to run Abadi elections on behalf of the Dawa Party, ending with the abolition of the party’s name from the list of parties participating in the elections.

Washington calls on Baghdad to lift the ban on airports in Kurdistan and pay salaries

Assistant foreign minister confirmed his support for dialogue between the two sides …

Washington calls on Baghdad to lift the ban on airports in Kurdistan and pay salaries

US Assistant Secretary of State John Sullivan urged the Iraqi government to lift the ban imposed on international flights from airports in the Kurdistan Region and pay the salaries of regional employees.

He stressed Sullivan in a press conference in Baghdad, the need to reach an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government on all outstanding issues, through dialogue.

Sullivan said he urged Iraqi officials to resolve the crisis with Erbil, in particular sending the salaries of Kurdish employees and reopening airports.

Since the self-determination referendum in late September, Baghdad has imposed a series of punitive measures on the Kurdistan Region, including the ban on flights from Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports.

The Iraqi government also refuses to send the salaries of the staff of the region.

US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan arrived earlier in the day in Baghdad, heading a government delegation.

Sullivan met in Baghdad with Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi and senior Iraqi officials.

The US embassy in Iraq said in a statement on Sunday that Washington is working to revive the political and economic relationship with Baghdad.

He is scheduled to visit Sullivan and his delegation to the Kurdistan Region to meet officials in Erbil.


The Davos meeting is a source of optimism in Baghdad and Erbil

29/1/2018 12:00 am

Government Spokesman: Abadi and Barzani agreed to resolve the differences
Baghdad / Al-Sabah

A number of mutual optimism received by Baghdad and Erbil from the city of Davos, Switzerland, which saw the second meeting between Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the head of the government of the Territory, Nechirvan Barzani after the latter’s visit to Baghdad a few days ago, as government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi that the two sides discussed special understandings to resolve problems and points of disagreement by relying To the Constitution and to emphasize the principle of national sovereignty.

The spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office of Information, Saad al-Hadithi said in a press statement: “The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Najirvan Barzani and discussed a number of points and the events of recent events,” He pointed out that ” Discuss the special understandings to solve the problems and points of contention between Baghdad and Erbil by relying on the Constitution and emphasize the principle of the sovereignty of the Iraqi national state on all its territory as well as respect the exclusive federal powers of the government in Baghdad and respect for the Territory.
Al-Hadithi added that “Abadi and Barzani also stressed on resolving the file of salaries of the staff of the region after subjecting them to scrutiny by the Federal Audit Bureau, in addition to the practice of the federal government its full role in the file of border crossings and security and the work of airports.” He concluded by saying: On the need to complete the procedures for the work of specialized technical committees working on the ground to implement the initial agreements and understandings to solve the problems in order to develop a vision of joint work in the field to resolve what was stressed at the meeting.

Democrat is optimistic
In contrast, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Massoud Barzani, there are positive signs of the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil. The MP said Najib Najib in a press statement: “There are positive signs of the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil after the meeting Abadi Barzani in Davos,” indicating that “there is a positive sign between Baghdad and Erbil to sit at the table of one dialogue,” and Najib said that “resolving the crisis Between Baghdad and Erbil needs other meetings between the parties, “asserting that” the Kurdistan Regional Government is ready to hand over oil in exchange for a financial commitment by the federal government. “ In turn, the director of Sulaymaniyah International Airport Taher Abdullah, that consultations with the delegation of the central government, who visited Erbil a few days ago positive. Abdullah said in a press statement: “The Supreme Committee of the Prime Minister and a number of technical committees who met in Erbil agreed to resolve outstanding issues, including legal and technical,” expressing optimism about “the lifting of the air embargo on Sulaymaniyah International Airport,” adding that ” In the region waiting for the arrival of the delegation of supervised committees by the federal authority and civil aviation to the airports of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah international, “explaining that” things promise good and we are ready for joint action according to agreement with Baghdad, “Abdullah said,” Previous consultations resulted in positive issues and we are waiting Orders of the Prime MinisterThe return of international aviation from the airports of the region. “

Minorities Nineveh Plain
On the other hand, the MP for the network component Haneen al-Qado, fear of political consensus at the expense of the component and other minorities in the country, and called on the central government to prevent the Peshmerga forces to enter the areas of minorities in the Nineveh Plain.
Al-Qaddo said in a press statement: “The minorities in Iraq were and during the previous years a victim of agreements and deals that took place between some of the Kurdish parties and other parties active in Iraq, including not mention the network component in the constitution as an Iraqi component.” He pointed out that “the recent events have kept us some of the fears of the existence of agreements that are victims of minorities,” and said that “the exploitation of the voices of minorities such as the Yezidis, Shabak and Christ by some Kurdish parties, especially the Kurdish Democratic, which was trying to exploit those voices to undermine the region and extend its influence on them, “There are no realistic guarantees yet,” he said, calling on the central government to “not allow the Peshmerga forces to enter the special areas of Iraqi minorities in Nineveh plain,” he said. “But we have the hope that the government will fulfill its promises to us and preserve the identities of these minorities. Wei “.


Deputy: The government is very clear the oil file of the region


Editorial Date: 2018/1/28 22:30 • 344 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) revealed a deputy for the National Alliance, a condition put forward by the Kurdistan Regional Government, the federal government in Baghdad in exchange for the delivery of oil region.
“The oil file of the region is a thorny issue, it does not know the quantities and where it goes its money,” said Nazim al-Saadi in the program {boldly}, broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight that “the federal government’s condition is clear on the issue is the handover of all oil stations in Kurdistan to the National Oil Company { Somo} “.
He added that “the region refuses to deliver oil to pay Baghdad, Erbil’s money and loans.”
Al-Saadi said that “the government was very clear the need to apply the federal law on all the country, including disputed territories,” noting that “after the referendum, the government has taken decisions to comply with the laws and the Constitution and then the crisis occurred and hold the region to referendum in vain.”


Kurdish Deputy: These are our conditions for the delivery of oil to Baghdad

Editorial Date: 2018/1/28 22:45 • 282 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The MP from the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Jamal Cougar, that the government of the region stipulated on the payment of Baghdad’s debt owed to the delivery of the oil file.
“Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi should be clear in his agreements with the region, and if Baghdad is willing to receive the oil file from the region, it must bear the debts and loans that are made by Kurdistan, which in any case is obliged to pay it,” he said.
He added that “Abadi is not serious in ending the crisis between the region and the center, and is waiting for electoral propaganda and concessions to be applied all what is required and this is contrary to the Constitution and the rights of citizens.”
“The existence of a preliminary agreement between the two governments and international pressure to reach agreements under the Iraqi constitution.”
He added that “the difference in statements is due to the situation we are going through in the presence of different leaders, so Abadi can not in this charged atmosphere to show all agreed upon,” noting that “the seizure of all oil outlets in Kurdistan unfair to the children of the region.”

Iraq raises a memorandum to the United Nations on the massacre of the American aircraft in Baghdad

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq, on Sunday, the air strike of the American aircraft in al-Baghdadi, west of Ramadi, which resulted in the death and wounding of a number of civilians, while confirming that it will submit a memorandum to the United Nations.

“The resort to aerial bombardment is no longer justified in the whole of Iraq after the announcement of the elimination of criminal gangs,” the UNHCR said in a statement, “confirming that it will submit a memorandum to the United Nations on the incident.”

“It is awaiting the results of the investigation initiated by the local administration in Anbar province and the Ministry of Defense.”

The US airliner on Saturday carried out a massacre in al-Baghdadi district west of Anbar, killing more than 20 people, among them a martyr and wounded. The Joint Operations Command directed an investigation into the incident.

The Anbar Provincial Council, in commenting on the incident, that what happened in the area of ​​Baghdadi calls us to reconsider the movement of US forces in the country.


The postponement of the parliament session to tomorrow for non-completion of quorum .. And parliamentary law: Staff deductions a constitutional violation

BAGHDAD, Iraq – January 28: Parliamentary sources informed on Sunday that the Iraqi Council of Representatives postponed its session which was scheduled today to Monday, because of the lack of quorum.
She pointed out that “the session was scheduled to vote on important laws, most notably the draft budget law for the year 2018.
The Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the existence of a legal violation in the retirement of employees and retirees for the month of January, adding that, “Based on the general provisions (1) of the Financial Management and Public Debt No. 94 of 2004, which states For a financial year and shall take effect during the year in which it was approved), and Article 33 of the General Budget Law No. 44 of 2017, which stipulated (3%8% of the total salaries and allowances for all state employees, the public sector and all retirees to meet the needs of the state from the expenses of popular mobilization and support for displaced persons and other expenses as indicated. Among the allocations allocated within the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2017, Employees and the public sector and pensioners is illegal and is not based on constitutional or legal legitimacy and is contrary to the law of financial management and federal budget law.

He continued that “the Finance Committee believes that it is not permissible to deduct from the above segments for the year 2018, and the return of the amounts deducted for the month of January 2018.” Ending

CBI sets alternatives to letter of guarantee for exchange companies


CBI sets alternatives to letter of guarantee for exchange companies
Dealing is done through banks accredited by the Central Bank of Iraq

Mubasher : The Central Bank of Iraq set two options for exchange companies instead of the letter of guarantee.

The Central Bank said in a statement on Sunday that the first alternative includes providing a letter of guarantee of 50% of the company’s capital issued by a bank authorized by the Central Bank.

He continued that the second option, deposit exchange companies 100 million dinars in their accounts with the bank , by depositing in a bank authorized by the Central Bank.

The “Central Iraqi”, that the decision of the Board of Directors, to allow companies to mediate between the two conditions; to not abuse the licenses granted to them.



Abadi and Sullivan to activate the strategic agreement between Iraq and America


Dr. Osama Mahdi

US Secretary of State John Sullivan discussed with Abadi in Baghdad today the political, economic, reconstruction and crisis relations with the Kurdistan Region in addition to activating the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries in 2008.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Sunday discussed with US Deputy Secretary of State John Sliven and the accompanying delegation the development of relations between the two countries and the meetings of the High Coordination Committee to activate the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and the United States in Baghdad today.

Silvan stressed his country’s support for Iraq in various fields, especially with the great victories achieved by the Iraqi forces on gangs, calling for terrorism and support reconstruction efforts and stimulate the Iraqi economy, as quoted by the media office of the Iraqi prime minister in a press statement followed by “Elaf.”

The meeting also stressed the importance of Iraqi-US economic relations, attracting foreign investment to Iraq and creating new jobs.

The US official arrived in Baghdad earlier today, where the US embassy said in a press statement that “Sullivan is heading a joint delegation of different American institutions to participate in the meetings of the Iraqi Supreme Coordinating Committee to promote a long-term US partnership with Iraq and the Iraqi people.

During his talks in the Iraqi capital, the US official intends to focus on expanding economic relations between the United States and Iraq and increasing foreign investment to facilitate Iraq’s reconstruction after 14 years of war and counter-terrorism.

The embassy said Sullivan would meet with senior Iraqi officials to discuss “efforts to ensure defeat of the eternal champion, regional strategic priorities and progress in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.”

For his part, said a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi House of Representatives Renas Jano that the visit of Sullivan aims to activate the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries in their diplomatic, political and economic aspects.

He said in a press statement that Sullivan will hold meetings with the relevant parties in order to reach a formula of agreement between all parties and to address mechanisms and plans and projects that would activate the strategic framework agreement on more than one level.

“The US side was a key factor in the process of change that took place in Iraq in 2003, so the level of responsibility for this change must be positive. He pointed out that there are political solutions that can address the real problems that exist in Iraq for fear of escalating and turning them to other aspects, adding that the adoption and move forward these agreements between Iraq and the United States is a guarantee for the achievement of security and stability.

Amendment of the Strategic Framework Agreement

Iraq is willing to activate the “Strategic Framework Agreement” with the United States signed on November 17, 2008, and aware of Iraq’s urgent need for the Americans to support the reconstruction efforts of the liberated areas and their security stability. The agreement stipulates that the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America In this agreement, they stressed the need to “support and strengthen the democratic institutions in Iraq that have been identified and established in the Iraqi constitution, thereby enhancing Iraq’s ability to protect these institutions from all internal and external dangers.” Supporting and enhancing “security and stability in Iraq and its ability to deterThreats and threats against their sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, as the two sides continue to work to develop their close cooperation relations with regard to defense and security arrangements without prejudice to Iraq’s sovereignty over its territory, water and airspace. “

The agreement also called for cooperation in the fields of economy and energy to “build a booming, diversified and growing economy in Iraq, integrated into the global economic system” and support Iraq’s efforts to invest its resources for economic development, sustainable development and investment in projects that improve the basic services of the Iraqi people. Develop the integration and security of the Iraqi criminal justice system, including the police, courts and prisons.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry had earlier set up a high-level committee to activate the strategic framework agreement with the United States, headed by Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the membership of the undersecretaries of the ministries of higher education, foreign affairs, defense, finance, trade, transport and culture, as well as representatives of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

The Agreement on the Strategic Framework for the Long-term Future has been drafted and is expressly stated in one of its paragraphs stating literally (this Agreement shall remain in force unless either party gives written notice to the other party of its intention to terminate this Agreement and the termination shall take effect one year after the date Such notification).

The full name of this agreement is the “Strategic Framework Agreement for a Relationship of Friendship and Cooperation between the Republic of Iraq and the United States”, whose importance lies in delineating the horizon of future relations between the two countries in the context of the common desire to establish a long-term relationship and meet the need to provide the necessary support for the success of the political process in Iraq ” Long-term future.





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