Iraqi Airways is ISO 9001: 2015 certified

The General Company of Iraqi Airways held a central celebration on Tuesday for the international certificate of quality management in accordance with ISO9001: 2015.
The Director General of the company Eng. Miran Farid during his opening speech to celebrate the importance of this achievement, which was achieved through the efforts made by the Division of Quality Management in our company and the direct support provided by the Department of Quality Management in the center of the ministry.
Farid explained that this system is one of the most prevalent standards in the world for quality management systems. This standard helps organizations to meet customers’ demands and expectations. The quality management system of ISO 9001 monitors the quality and operations management of the company. Through which it can upgrade the services provided to the highest levels and it helps to develop the mechanism of doing business in various fields.
The Director General explained the advantages of this system that helps you to compete at the highest levels in the business sector and provides quality management system ability to meet the needs of customers effectively and helps to save time and expenses and resources and ensures the performance of operations and anticipates risks to overcome before the occurrence. To integrate in a more efficient manner and raise the quality of customer service. Therefore, when the company is committed to the international quality requirements, this will increase the chances of employment.

World elite faces Trump at Davos Forum


US President Donald Trump will be a star next week at the World Economic Forum in the Alpine resort of Davos, where a large number of decision makers from around the world will participate.

The forum’s participants unveiled Tuesday a list of 2018 participants at the prestigious Winter Sports Resort, which will be held this year under the title “Building a Common Future in a Ripped World”.

“We need joint efforts,” said the founder and president of the World Economic Forum, Professor Klaus Schwab, warning of “a real danger of the collapse of our global systems”. “Changing the world is in our hands.”

But the real star of this year’s edition will be Trump, widely accused of deepening diplomatic differences and causing others through his policies and statements.

“America First”

Since taking power a year ago, Trump has repeatedly emphasized his agenda, which has the slogan “America First” and is in sharp contrast to globalization and integration policies, which are often defended by Davos participants.

The forum begins on Monday and will last for five days and is expected to involve 3,000 high-ranking figures from the world of politics and economy, including 70 heads of state and government.

But he is expected to focus on Trump, who will be the first president to attend the meeting during his presidency after Bill Clinton in 2000.

White House presidents have avoided attending the event, fearing that their stay at a European winter sports resort would seem separate from their country’s affairs.

Trump, however, will probably take the opportunity to meet the elites that come to Davos, a festival of globalization that attracts some of the most critical figures.

Trump raised concerns after his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, while he was wracked by criticism of the World Trade Organization and other UN agencies.

Tensions have escalated to boiling point with nuclear-armed North Korea, while Haiti, El Salvador and other African countries have recently been described as “scum”.

“The future of international cooperation on trade, environment and the fight against terrorism will be among the most important issues that the forum will address,” Schwab said.

“It is absolutely necessary that Trump be among us,” he said.

The White House said a large delegation would accompany Trump, including his son-in-law, his adviser Jared Kouchner, Secretary of State Rex Tilerson, and Treasury Secretary Steve Menuchin.

In a kind of balance, former US Vice President Al Gore and former Secretary of State John Kerry, both Democrats, will also attend.

The forum said Trump would deliver his speech before the meeting ended on Friday.

attendance list

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moody, who will deliver the keynote address on Tuesday, and French President Emmanuel Macaron, who will deliver his speech on Wednesday, will lead the list this year.

British Prime Minister Teresa Mae, her Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Presidents of Brazil, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, the European Commission and the King of Jordan and Spain will attend.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, will be accompanied by the heads of the United Nations agencies for health, labor and human rights, as well as by the Presidents of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The heads of about 1,900 companies will represent the business world in Davos.

A number of Hollywood stars, including actress Kate Blanchett, who will be speaking on the issue of gender equality and sexual harassment, will also be present after accusations of harassment of art, media and politics circles around the world.

In line with the spirit of the times, Forum organizers point out that women’s participation this year will be 21% higher.

Including well-known figures such as IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and Norwegian Prime Minister Arna Solberg.

Abadi: Do not postpone the elections at all and the conflict between politicians to influence them [expanded]

Release date: 2018/1/16 23:25 • 8 times read
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that there is no postponement of the date of elections scheduled for May 12 next.
Ebadi said in his weekly press conference on Tuesday , “Aaza families of the martyrs of the terrorist act yesterday, which was carried out by terrorist groups in the workers gathered yard fly in Baghdad, and we ask God to grant all the wounded to heal and grant the martyrs have mercy.
We send out intelligence and security services follow – up terrorist operation strings In the airfield, and there is great progress in uncovering the threads of this terrorist operation We have
previously declared defeat, calling on the military terrorist, and we warned several times that these terrorists, the takfiris, who have a destructive ideology will try to hit the unarmed civilians with their cowardly The
terrorists are not facing a clear confrontation but they are carrying out their crimes behind a veil and hiding among civilians, and our intelligence effort is also invisible and we have a high ability to confront them.
We want to end terrorism completely, and we promise to eliminate it completely as promised by the Iraqis 3 years ago, thank God achieved this despite the skeptics questioned, and there was an organized media campaign to prevent us from achieving this achievement, but we succeeded and achieved and united the country.
Despite the great challenges, but Iraq came out stronger and more determined and more united, and we promise that we will win the crimes of terrorism intelligence and eliminate the sleeper cells to unite Iraqis and their cooperation.
Our strongest weapon is our unity, and we must be wary of what the terrorists do.
Unfortunately, with the cowardly terrorist operation in the airfield in Baghdad, false rumors started from various media outlets talking about terrorist acts in different parts of Baghdad. I warn against such rumors and promise them a support for terrorism aimed at intimidating citizens.
Terrorism can not eliminate the Iraqis with its terrorist acts, but it wants to spread terror among the people, and we warn of the coinciding of the propaganda campaign tendentious with the terrorist operation in the arena of aviation is directed against citizens in the first place.
Our mission as a government is to protect the electoral process in Iraq, to ​​ensure transparent, non-disruptive and fair elections, and to do our utmost to achieve that.
We are working hard on the return of displaced people to their areas. There is a systematic program for their return. There is no government directive to force the displaced to return. Those who promote this want to postpone the elections.
Elections will be held on time and not postponed, and the conflict between politicians is to influence the elections.
Since the first day of assuming responsibility, our approach and vision has been to unify the Iraqis in the face of challenges, and we have succeeded in uniting in this way.
There are those who wanted to distort the image of the army and the security forces and remove the crowd from the battle, but all unite in the battle, and victory happened because the crowd fought with the army and the fight against terrorism alongside the federal police and Peshmerga and all security lines,
Our unity is not the meaning of silence about corruption or silence on abuses, but on the computer corruption and our computer to exceed the citizens, and many have been sentenced to judicial decisions and they are now in prison, whether they are from the army or police or the crowd of those who made mistakes, and our goal is to protect the honorable fighters who defended About Iraq and we did it.
In order to fight corruption, we must unite and build the country. Only one person can not fight corruption if the political blocs are against him, and one group alone can not rebuild the country if the other political groups stand against it. The more we build a brick, the more they destroy it.
We can not go into a political struggle and destroy everything. We can not liberate the land of Iraq with separate groups. But we are united. We need unity of speech and direction. This was our approach before and after the declaration of victory. We insist on this approach and now propose it as prime minister and politician at the same time.
We issued a statement in which all the blocs are invited to unite in the electoral effort and we put forward a group of visions and those who want to agree with us. We welcome him and those who have another vision, we also welcome him. We cooperate and understand for the unity of Iraq and follow this trend.
Citizens are the ones who determine the results of the upcoming elections, there are no negotiations on the next prime minister, and there were no negotiations for the entry of gunmen in the electoral process.
Our conditions are not to enter the popular crowd or any security services in the elections because the law prevents this, as well as disarmament and restriction of the state, and the political process must be based on a national list of cross-sectarian and transgression of ethnicity, and fight corruption all.
Our federal forces are in the province of Kurdistan and we will support and strengthen them. We have members and internal forces there and we need their support, and we are with the federal authorities in turn in the province while maintaining the legal and constitutional powers of the provinces.
So far we have not exported oil through the Kurdistan region and oil source is taken not given to the government, and committed to check the salaries of the region.
There are those who say that some corrupt people have entered our list and say to them: We do not have a whole block corrupt or block all pure, in each block there are corrupt and there is a curse, and most importantly to agree to fight corrupt in every block even within us and this is also among our basic conditions, And no quota in the formation of the bloc and no quota in the formation of the government after the mass, and there are those who agreed with us unconditionally.
We adopted the approach that the decision is sovereign in the hands of the Iraqis, and we deal with the regional environment, the neighbors, the international coalition and everyone who stood with Iraq in its ordeal because we want to cooperate with everyone to achieve the interests of Iraq and we want to strengthen the Iraqi sovereign decision.
The budget is to serve the poor classes and the public and disabling the people is not true and has no reason but only to disable, and whenever we put the budget is not complete quorum.
We have the necessary demands for the community must be met, which is to serve the citizens and maintain the unity of Iraq, and we need the money to spend, where we come with money and the budget has not yet been approved.
There is a need to strengthen the official security services and popular mobilization.
We are not willing to use the crowd for political reasons, and those who enter the name of the crowd and withdrew. These are not volunteers, but they are volunteer politicians and some of them have ended their relationship with the crowd. They are ready to work with everyone until after and during the elections. We ask everyone to respect the legal contexts of the elections and not to attack anyone. To criticize the government or anyone but we must respect the democratic process.
We did not change our government program and continue to do the same, even during the elections and beyond, and invited some of the blocs came with us and did not announce our program so far.
We open the nomination to all citizens who have qualifications for the nomination and we will consider and prepared a program previously.
The electoral process is for all citizens, even if they belong to a party. We differentiate between those who are partisan and non-partisan. This is the condition of their competence and professionalism, and to provide service to this country, and there are those who refused to enter with us because they wanted to divide the seats among the blocs. Years.
We have been for a period of joint committees with the region to discuss all the outstanding points and problems and ending, and progress on the road to the unification of the country significantly and do not want to remain problems with the region.
The Kurdish citizens are Iraqis and we do not differentiate between citizens and others. The atmosphere between the federal government and the region is good and positive. The solution must be fair and equitable and achieve justice for all citizens.
Are serious about paying the salaries of the regional staff, and the brothers in the region told us they were happy with this progress.
I call on citizens to receive their electoral cards to prevent manipulation and to ensure the safety of the upcoming electoral process. The ballot will be one of the important documents.
We hope that the Electoral Commission will be transparent, fair and independent and stand at a distance from everyone, impartial and far from manipulation, and the government helped the Commission to complete the election requirements to ensure that the citizen’s voice is not lost.
Appointed a new director of the Najaf airport where the required specifications are available, and Najaf airport is a federal airport under the control of the federal authority.
There is no privatization of electricity, the Ministry of Electricity is produced and distributed and all the above is that the government insisted in its government program on partnership between the public and private sector, the private sector is the community and citizens and we want to benefit from them to assist the government effort.
The citizen pays the owners of the generators to prepare him a few hours, and we tell the citizen that we want to equip you with constant electricity and stop the waste in the amount of Huashr paid to the generators of the generators.
The areas where the collection was implemented have electricity 24 hours without affecting the other areas. We do not want the citizen to suffer at the hands of the mafias because the mafias do not like to provide continuous electricity to the citizen.
We aim to reduce waste in the resources and capabilities of the state because what is wasted will affect the citizen.
If we give us something free, the mafias will take over, and the simple citizen is the one who pays and is harmed and is deprived of the electricity service, because someone else exceeds it.
We call on everyone to unite in protecting the citizen and preserving the victory that has been achieved. There are those who prepare to take advantage of any terrorist act in favor of their intentions.
Let us have a broad coalition in the elections to strengthen our unity.

We listen to everyone and benefit from them because they are making some mistakes, provided that the opposition is professional in order to correct the government’s work, but to turn the right to wrong and wrong to right. This is not opposition, it is another work.

US report shocked by the Central Bank auction and a supportive participation in it

Date of release: 2018/1/16 21:00 • 520 times read
US foreign policy magazine, Tuesday, reported a covert engagement in currency auctions by the Central Bank of Iraq, which allows banks, companies and exchange shops to access the US dollar, between the Iraqi government took almost a year to prevent Their participation.
The magazine said in a report that “Daash was able to smuggle at least 400 million dollars from Iraq and Syria after the defeat, and this criticism can be the smuggling of money outside Iraq or invest in local Iraqi markets.”
“In 2014 and 2015, I participated in currency auctions by the Central Bank of Iraq, which allows banks and the role of currency exchange to get the US dollar in cash and help Baghdad to stabilize the exchange rate, but the Iraqi government took almost a year to prevent participation Criminal group “.
“He knows that Baghdad has not controlled the informal economy and exploited it. He controlled the old smuggling routes when it occupied parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014, making it able to earn a million or more dollars a day from the war economy. The organization also smuggled In addition to gold and oil, where evidence suggests the complicity of a number of political parties and individuals closely associated with them from Iraq and neighboring countries in fueling this black market.
“He has invested at least $ 250 million through intermediaries in the Iraqi market in Baghdad and the liberated areas, often tribal chiefs or businessmen with clean records who can hide their links to the terrorist organization and are given a lump sum of cash to invest in certain businesses , Then take the organization is calling up part of the profits.
“Da’ash’s money laundering operations are carried out by companies like commercial companies such as car companies, electronics shops and pharmacies, but their favorite business is banking.”
According to the CBI, “hundreds of small exchange houses associated with Da’ash are now operating in Baghdad, and these companies have allowed the group to convert the Iraqi dinar into the US dollar, a currency that will have more access worldwide.”
“Millions of dollars have been smuggled out of the country by traders, money changers and money transfer companies benefiting from the sale of the currency to the Central Bank of Iraq,” they said.
Corruption and money laundering allegations are raised through the central bank auction. On April 20, 2015, the Court of Misdemeanors on Integrity, Economic Crime and Money Laundering issued a ruling on the imprisonment and fining of officials in Rafidain and North Bank after they were convicted of corruption and money laundering charges. To the presence of 20 accused in these cases, some of them the degree of Chairman of the Board. ”

Free Internet in Iraq and other countries during 2018

culture and science

Since 2018-01-16 at 13:40 (Baghdad time)

Follow up of Mawazine News

Facebook’s plans to provide free Internet service around the world faced setbacks, but another telecommunications company promised to make the Internet everywhere a reality.

Quika, led by the leading satellite company Talia, plans to launch a free satellite internet service in the second quarter of 2018.

The network is promising to deliver its services to developing countries where there is a lack of infrastructure (especially in rural areas), making access to the traditional Internet impossible for most people.

The service is expected to be launched in Afghanistan, Iraq and most of Africa, and there are promises to expand the service to include more countries later.

The company will finance its project with the proceeds of its services to large companies and institutions. Although Internet access will be free, those wishing to benefit from this service will have to buy some equipment and equipment to ensure better performance.

The company’s strategy also depends on having enough corporate customers to support its plans, and it is expected that the service will not be fast enough if there are a large number of users.

If things go well, the company is expected to meet its promises to see the second half of this year the arrival of this space package for users.

Google already offers some free Internet based on its balloons in the sky, but its services are still limited.

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Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government publishes Deloitte’s oil audit report


Since 2018-01-16 at 23:14 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad Mawazine News

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Tuesday distributed the text of Deloitte’s oil sector audit report for the first six months of last year 2017.

According to the report issued by the Regional Council for oil and gas and looked at / Mawazin News / data and figures said the government of the Territory that it is “audited and the first six months of 2017, including net oil revenues after deduction of expenditures (three billion three hundred and twenty-eight million two hundred and eleven thousand And one hundred and nineteen (dollars). “

The report also states that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and its implementation of the principles of transparency and disclosure of the process of production, export and sale of oil and its revenues in the region, and the embodiment of the right of citizens to access information. On domestic and foreign public opinion, including audit results for the first six months of 2017.

He added that the report includes all information from data and audited figures for the first six months of 2017, including net oil revenues after deduction of expenditures (three billion three hundred and twenty-eight million and two hundred and eleven thousand and one hundred and nineteen) dollars, and the average price of selling barrels of oil exported through pipelines Exports during that period amounted to $ 41 and 29 cents, while the price of Brent crude oil for that period was about one and fifty dollars and one hundred and seventy cents.

The report stated that this project came into force under the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region No. (73) dated 3 February 2016 on the proposal of the Regional Council for oil and gas and in light of the oil and gas law of the region and the law of the Kurdistan Fund for oil and gas revenues.

He pointed out that the Regional Council for Oil and Gas Affairs signed in late 2016 through transparent procedures and approval of the standards of the World Bank, and after inviting the four international companies known in the field of auditing, with the two global companies are Deloitte and EY for the purpose of a comprehensive review and audit all expenses And revenues and operations of oil and gas in the Kurdistan region, including activities of previous years, and will continue the audit and audit in the coming years as well.

The report pointed out that the Kurdistan Regional Government is preparing this project an important step towards enhancing transparency in the oil and gas sector in the Kurdistan region, pointing out to the Council of Ministers of the region has approved the proposals of Deloitte to develop the oil and gas sector in the region, and remove the problems and take necessary action in the implementation of these proposals .

He added that the Kurdistan Regional Government has also trained the accountants and auditors working in financial control institutions in the Kurdistan region within the framework of this project to take advantage of their qualifications in the future.

He pointed out that this is the first time that the Kurdistan region is witnessing a comprehensive project to review the oil and gas sector and the audit of figures and data for this sector in this form by auditing companies known and approved globally, likely to present to public opinion in the near future and in the same way The last six years of 2017 and audit reports for 2014, 2015 and 2016, which are now operated by Deloitte.

He also pointed out that the Regional Council for Oil and Gas Affairs in the region welcomes any opinion or inquiry or observations regarding the report in accordance with the mechanism to be announced soon.

According to the report, the full version of the report published by Deloitte and the audit of oil exports, domestic consumption, revenues and expenses of oil and gas in the Kurdistan region for the first six months of 2017 can be obtained in PDF format and in the three languages: Kurdish, Arabic and English, for this purpose.

He also pointed out that a booklet in Arabic and English can be obtained in PDF format, which includes (27) questions and answers for the purpose of clarifying and understanding the paragraphs of the report.And through a second link.

He added that one page can be found in PDF format, including facts about the main data and information contained in the Deloitte report on oil exports, domestic consumption, revenues and attenuations of oil and gas in the Kurdistan region, including the daily rates of export and the price actually obtained from a barrel of oil from the Kurdistan region The pipeline is compared with the price of Brent crude for the first six months of 2017 and the three Kurdish, Arabic and English languages. And through a third link.

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Nigirvan Barzani is visiting Baghdad


At the invitation of …

Nigirvan Barzani is visiting Baghdad

A source familiar with (Basneoz), that the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Najirvan Barzani, will visit Baghdad, at the official invitation of the President of the Iraqi parliament.

The source explained that a conference will be held at the Babylon Hotel in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, on 24 and 25 of January.

He added that the conference, which will be organized under the slogan «Yes to national peace and development in Iraq .. Decentralization is the solution» by the Iraqi parliament, is expected to be attended by a large number of senior officials of Iraq ».

The source confirmed that the Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the official invitation to Najirvan Barzani to participate in the conference, and that will visit the head of the provincial government of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Relations between Baghdad and Erbil have been strained following the independence referendum held in the region on September 25 and have been supported by the majority of the Kurds.

And increased problems and differences between the region and the federal government, after the punitive measures taken by the latter against the citizens of Kurdistan.

In spite of local, regional and international calls for dialogue to resolve the existing problems between the two parties on the basis of the Constitution, and to confirm officials in Erbil repeatedly their willingness to resolve differences through dialogue, but Baghdad has not yet made any serious step in this regard.


The exhibition “Made in Iraq” will be extended to next Saturday


 money and business

Economy News Baghdad:

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced on Tuesday the extension of the duration of the exhibition in Iraq until Saturday.

The director of the Media and Public Relations Center in the ministry, Abdul Wahid Alwan Al-Shammari said in a press statement received by “Economy News” that “for the purpose of allowing the representatives of ministries and state institutions and those interested in industrial affairs and citizens to visit the exhibition and access to national products, Iraq, which is currently being held on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair until Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm.

He added that “the ministry has mobilized all its efforts for the purpose of the success of the exhibition activities through the active participation of the Ministry’s companies in order to present their typical and new products and announce their potential in providing diverse services in all industrial sectors.” He expressed his hope that this exhibition will result in successful agreements, Contracts of equipment or partnership and investment contracts to contribute to the development of the industrial base and the country. “

He called on all citizens to “visit the exhibition to see the quality and integrity of national products, the media and public relations center of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

Kurdish blocs officially decided to boycott the budget session: Abadi is not ready to implement our demands

Kurdish blocs officially decide to boycott the budget session: Abadi is not ready to implement our demands
 Twilight News    
 14 minutes ago

The head of the Kurdistan National Union bloc, Ares Abdullah, said on Tuesday that all Kurdish blocs decided to boycott the vote session on the federal budget for the current year.

Abdullah wrote on social networking sites today, that “the Kurdish blocs decided at the meeting held today not to participate in the meeting, which will be held by the Iraqi Council of Representatives tomorrow and allocated to vote on the budget of 2018 to be increased share of the Kurdistan Region, and accept our demands,” asserting that the Kurdish blocs Insisting on its position and decision.

He added that to now Abadi is not ready to implement the demands of the Kurds, and tries to increase their suffering.

And held the Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives earlier in the day meeting in Baghdad to discuss the budget, which is scheduled to be passed on Wednesday.

The correspondent of the Twilight News, that the Kurdish blocs came out with recommendations on the share of the Kurdistan Region of the fiscal budget for 2018.

The correspondent added that the recommendations confirm the share of 17% of the budget for Kurdistan, noting that the Kurdish blocs agreed in the event of not taking the Iraqi Council of Representatives recommendations, it will boycott the voting session on the budget.

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri decided to include the budget and elections laws in future sessions.

“Next Wednesday, the budget law will be on the agenda, while next Thursday’s session will include the election law and its date,” Jubouri said ahead of a meeting on Monday.




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