Waeli: President of the Republic is waiting for official answers from Baghdad and Erbil to start the dialogue

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Khandan –

Sherwan al-Waeli, adviser to President Fuad Masum, that “the initiative of the President of the Republic on the start of dialogue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government is still the right framework to resolve the current crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.”

Waeli said in a statement to the newspaper “Middle East”, the President of the Republic “is still waiting for official answers from the federal government and the territorial government to start dialogue on the initiative, which has not happened so far.”

“The UN Secretary-General’s response to the UN’s sponsorship of the dialogue, which is expected to be conveyed to the president this week by his representative in Baghdad, Jan Kubic, is expected to arrive,” Waeli said.

He said al-Waeli that “the territorial government welcomes the initiative and see it as the basis for the solution, but Prime Minister Haider Abadi has not sent his position to the President of the Republic so far,” noting that “the ball in the court of Abbadi.”



Kurdish Delegation: We opened the way to start dialogue with the federal government

08/1/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Follow-up morning

The Kurdish delegation, which visited Baghdad recently and met with the three presidencies and prominent political leaders, that he did not sign any formal agreement with the federal government, but that his initiative constitutes a road map to start a dialogue to resolve the crisis between Baghdad and the government of the region, comes at the time announced the head of the regional government, That his government seeks dialogue and resolving outstanding problems with Baghdad according to the Constitution, while absolved of the existence of an operating room in Erbil conspired against the Islamic Republic of Iran in recent events in Tehran and other cities.

A member of the Kurdish delegation Hassan Jihad said in a press statement followed by «morning»: «The Kurdish delegation, which met with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, opened the way to begin dialogues between Baghdad and Erbil in a preliminary to resolve all matters that are disputed», adding that «a protocol did not sign the delegation to any A formal agreement represents the central government or the government of the Territory », pointing out that« the delegation asked the Prime Minister to pay the salaries of employees », Jihad stressed that« Abbadi promised well to pay salaries and confirmed the direct and expedite the payment of the dues of the peasants ». The sin of the referendum for his part, MP for the coalition of state law Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, the refusal of the territorial Government of the Kurdish delegation negotiate and speak in its name, Jafar said in a press statement that « the Kurdish delegation discussed with Abadi , many things related to the region , including the crisis of salaries and the status of Kirkuk and other», He added that «the territorial government claimed that the delegation is not represented by my party and all dialogues will be the policy and not the opinion of the territorial government», adding that «the Prime Minister welcomed them and agreed to pay the salaries of Sulaymaniyah staff and discussed with them all the points of Kirkuk», I understand that Massoud Barzani and the Kurds in the lost issues Their rights, which called on members of the delegation to try to moisten the atmosphere and look for a way out of the crisis ». Sulaimaniya Conference in turn, said the official of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Mullah Bakhtiar, the Kurdish delegation that visited Baghdad did not inform the provincial officials on the results of his talks, Mullah Bakhtiar said during a press conference held in Sulaymaniyah on Sunday accompanied by the head of the regional government, “The delegation that went to Baghdad did not consult with the government and parliament of the Kurdistan region did not report the date of the visit,” adding that “the delegation did not inform us the results of his talks with Baghdad,” stressing that the need to «have any understanding with the Center through an official delegation of the Government Erbil, “as he put it. For his part, the head of the government of the region, Nechirvan Barzani, in a joint press conference with Mullah Bakhtiar: «We confirmed our readiness for dialogue with Baghdad to the point that it became known to everyone», indicating «the determination of the regional government to address all outstanding problems with the Center since 2003», “The resignation of the ministers of the two blocs of change and the Islamic Group has not yet been decided, saying that” the resignations were not for justified reason, “he said. The events of Iran and denied Barzani during the conference, the existence of a secret operations room to manage the demonstrations and riots in Iran, and said: “There is no truth to the existence of a secret operations room to manage the demonstrations and riots in some Iranian cities,” adding that “the region has always been a factor of stability, Pointing out that «our relationship is good with the Islamic Republic, which is an important state». The Secretary-General of the Expediency Council in Iran, Mohsen Rezai revealed on Saturday evening, the details of the meeting «secret» held in the city of Arbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq before the demonstrations and recent events in Iran during the past days, noting that the meeting was attended by the Director of the Office of the son of the President Saddam Hussein’s twin brother, Hani Telfah, representatives of former regional president Massoud Barzani, head of Iran’s special operations department at the CIA and Saudi intelligence officers, and representatives of the opposition Iranian People’s Mujahideen Organization. The new generation saw the birth of a new movement called “The New Generation” on Saturday evening, during a founding conference of about 300 people, of whom 80% were young and women, unlike the rest of the parties and movements.  Participants in the “New Generation” conference chose 12 members of the Supreme Council of Movement, 5 of them feminists, or 41% of the members of the leadership, in an unprecedented precedent in the structure of political parties whose leadership structures barely contain feminist elements. The Conference also competed five names To take over the leadership of the movement won, including Shawwar Abdul Wahid majority of the votes supervised by the cadres of the Electoral Commission, and distributed members of the leadership of the movement in various geographical regions of the region, despite the conference in Sulaymaniyah, where the MP in the Parliament of Kurdistan Rabun Maarouf the first sound at the conference, Tammi to the city of Erbil as the second owner in the center of the votes belonged to the city of Dohuk far north of the Kurdistan region of Iraq in a sign of «overcome regional and regional problem», according to the speech of the political movement. The birth of the movement «New Generation», which has the leave of the Electoral Commission in Baghdad coincides with the political movement frantic ongoing in the Kurdistan region in preparation for the local elections in Kurdistan and the public at the level of Iraq and in the post-referendum division on 25 September, which produced a different political reality because of the arrival of speech The ruling parties in the region to a dead end, especially in dealing with the center and with the Kurds, according to opponents of the current Kurdish authority.


Change: The 2018 budget is heavily indebted

Journal News

Called the bloc of change parliamentary political blocs to wait for the first reading of the federal budget within the House of Representatives, warning that otherwise can not be modified or added to it.

“There are a lot of observations when reviewing the draft budget, some of them related to the Kurdistan region and their rights and the other the general rights of the Iraqi people,” deputy head of the bloc Amin Bakr told a news conference on Sunday.

He explained that “the budget is free of grades, despite the high unemployment rate among the graduates, while free of investment and service projects and burdened with additional debt will pay for future generations, as well as huge sovereign expenditures, which we believe there is no justification for its existence.

He added that “the other matter relates to the rights of the province in the budget, including the proportion of the region, the share of the region of foreign loans, which paid part of it during the payment period, and the benefits of Peshmerga and Halabja province and the allocation of the application of Article 140 of the Constitution,” noting that “the federal government did not deal with the demands submitted by The political blocs, including the Kurdistan Alliance in a professional manner, but was an answer Astlaiya rejection. ”

He called on the government to cooperate more with the political blocs and sit at the table of dialogue to resolve the controversial points of the budget.


Deputy: Read the budget next week and the vagaries of petrodollar assignments


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{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Deputy revealed the presentation of the draft budget bill for 2018 in parliament this week.
“The House of Representatives set a week for the parliamentary finance committee to study the budget and began last Wednesday, and it is hoped that it will be read next week,” said the deputy of the State of Law coalition Haider al-Mawla.
He pointed out that “there are no allocations to the provinces for the development of the provinces and allocations petrodollar allocated to the provinces, which is $ 5 and the budget bill included one article on oil products and even this article is not clear in the form of bonds.
“We need a clear and explicit text for this paragraph as well as debt treatment,” Mallawi said


Kurdish deputy: Abadi is reluctant to receive the legitimate representatives of the region


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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc MP Muthanna Amin said that Prime Minister Haider Abadi “a player to receive representatives of the legitimate Kurdistan region.”
“There is a consensus of interests between the Kurds and Sunni and Shiite provinces in the issue of not passing the budget, which is unfair to all and especially to the Kurds,” Amin said in the program {boldly} broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel.
He added that “the government closed its ears and is not serious to pass the budget,” noting that “Abadi is reluctant to receive the legitimate representatives of the region and the Kurdistan government.”
He said Amin, “Whoever came to Baghdad does not represent the region and they are a new group and are not involved in the territorial government.”
The delegation of the Kurdistan Change Movement and the Kurdistan Islamic Group and the Alliance for Democracy and Justice, visited last Thursday in Baghdad and held a series of meetings with the three presidencies and the President of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and other officials.
The Kurdish delegation issued a joint statement in which he separated the discussions and discussions he held with Abadi, stressing “the importance of preserving the gains of Kurdistan and the political entity of the region and the need to consolidate the principles of real partnership in the center of political decision and find radical solutions to all problems through serious discussions and dialogues between the region and the center according to the Constitution “He said.
He also visited the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Pavel Talabani separately from the delegation of the capital Baghdad and met Abadi and Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and focused his talks on the restoration of the relationship and resolve the problems between the center and the region and maintain the unity of the country and secure salaries of employees of Kurdistan.


Parliamentary: These are responsible for delaying the adoption of the budget of 2018


Political situation

Sunday, January 7, 2018 5:57 pm
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Baghdad / .. The head of the Dawa – the organization of the interior Ali al-Badiri, on Sunday, the parties that bear responsibility for delaying the adoption of the general budget for the year 2018.

“All the political blocs bear the responsibility of delaying the adoption of the general budget for the year 2018,” he said, noting that “the presidency of parliament the will to include the budget law in today’s session, but the Union of Forces and the Kurdistan Alliance objected to it.”

He added that “some political blocs threatened to withdraw from today’s meeting in the event of the budget for the first reading, in order to break the quorum and the failure of the meeting, and this the presidency of the House of Representatives did not include the law in order to maintain a quorum for the meeting and only to discuss and read some laws.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, on (4 January 2018), that meetings will continue to be held over a week to crystallize the vision on the laws of the budget and elections in the presence of Prime Minister Haider Abadi. Finished


Nechirvan Barzani renews Arbil’s readiness for dialogue with Baghdad and describes Tehran’s accusations to Arbel ignite protests with «comedy»

Noting that the delegation of parties that visited Baghdad represents only himself …

Nechirvan Barzani renews Arbil's readiness for dialogue with Baghdad and describes Tehran's accusations to Arbel ignite protests with «comedy»

Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, Nezhirvan Barzani, on Sunday, the Iranian accusations of the region to ignite the protests in Iran, “comedy”, stressing that the Kurdistan region was and will remain a stabilizing factor in the region.

Barzani, who is also deputy chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said in a joint news conference with the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the official working body of the Political Bureau of the party Mullah Bakhtiar in the city of Sulaymaniyah, after the meeting of the political offices of the Democratic and Nationalist Kurdistan, The Iranian accusations of the Kurdistan Region to ignite the protests are “comic” and ridiculous. “We do not interfere in Iran’s internal affairs. The Kurdistan Region was and will remain a stabilizing factor in the region », pointing out that« the Islamic Republic is a neighbor dear to us and we seek to strengthen our relations with them ».

Iranian officials, including the head of the Expediency Council, and Khatib Jumaa Tehran, have accused Erbil of stoking anti-government protests in Iran over a week ago, killing 42 people, according to unofficial estimates.

On the meeting that took place with the Patriotic Kurdistan, said Nechirvan Barzani: “We value relations with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the rest of the parties and emphasize the need to consolidate,” He also stressed that the meeting with the National Union was “very important” as it coincides with the readiness of the region to start dialogue with the Iraqi government . “People have been repeating our willingness to dialogue with Baghdad on the basis of the constitution to solve the existing problems, and we hope that Baghdad will have the same desire, and we are ready for dialogue if they look ready,” he said.

As for the visit by a delegation of “opposition” parties in the region to Baghdad, the prime minister of the region explained that the delegation “represents only itself” and that these parties did not consult any Kurdish forces before heading to Baghdad. Adding that «had to send a unified delegation to Baghdad instead of individual visits», also Mullah Bakhtiar, that «dialogue» should be with the Kurdistan Regional Government exclusively. Pointing out that the door of dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil is about to open, and that the Kurdistan Region is committed to resolving the existing problems with Baghdad within the framework of the Constitution. He also pointed out that it is important that the Democratic and Nationalist parties have a unified position of the preparations for the elections in Kurdistan and Iraq.

A delegation of the Change parties, the Islamic Group and the Alliance for Democracy and Justice, the opposition in the Kurdistan Region, visited during the past two days the Iraqi capital Baghdad and held consultations with Prime Minister Haider Abadi and other Iraqi officials.

With regard to the visit of this delegation to Baghdad, said Mullah Bakhtiar, who visited without consulting with the Government and Parliament of Kurdistan did not disclose the details of the visit upon their return.

And tension between the relations between Baghdad and Erbil after the referendum on self-determination in the Kurdistan Region, and punitive measures by the Iraqi government on the territory, which included economic and financial sanctions and the closure of border crossings and airports, and reached the limit of military attack on the Peshmerga forces in Kurdistan areas outside the administration of the region, Disputed).

Asked about the economic crisis facing Kurdistan Region and whether there are prospects for resolving them in the near future, Naseervan Barzani said that our priority and all our efforts are focused on overcoming the current stage. Our other priority is to provide salaries.


Abadi policy : the period of stubbornness ended .. This is what happened after we hit the head of the snake

Abadi: The period of stubbornness is over .. This is what happened after we hit the head of the snake
 Twilight News    
 16 minutes ago

Shafaq News / The Prime Minister called on the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Al-Abbadi to maintain victory and support security stability and benefit from the lesson “harsh” by the occupation of cities.
This came during a celebration held in the province of Najaf, which Abadi visits.
“We must not forget the great tragedy of a provocative occupation of our cities, where we lost the cities and the destruction, resulting in large numbers of displaced people, and then we made sacrifices from the heroes of Iraq who came to defend their country,” he said.
“There is someone who tried to differentiate between our forces but failed,” he said, adding that “weapons must remain under the state’s framework.”
He added that “the first steps to fight corruption began in the military and security establishment and did not change the soldiers or the leaders, but the army turned into a victorious army We won in this confrontation and hit the head of the snake and the right of the people of Iraq to boast of victory, there are those who wanted to sell victory to this country Or those, but we tell them that victory is Iraqi and verify the people of this country. “

Nizhervan Barzani: We have proposed the sale of government agricultural properties and real estate to contribute to resolving the crisis


Political situation

Sunday, January 7, 2018 2:08 pm

Baghdad / / … The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Najran Barzani, on Sunday, the submission of a government proposal on the sale of property and agricultural real estate government to contribute to resolving the economic crisis experienced by the region.

Barzani said during a press conference with the official of the General Assembly of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Mullah Bakhtiar and his successor, “appointed Iraq News,” he made a proposal on the sale of property and agricultural real estate government to contribute to resolving the economic crisis experienced by the region .

On a separate note, Bakhtiar said that ” the Kurdish delegation, which visited Baghdad recently and met with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, political and parliamentary figures, did not inform us of the results of his talks.” 



The Association of Iraqi Private Banks is organizing the Forum of Islamic Banks at the end of this month

Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks Ali Tariq

Economy News Baghdad:

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks, the Forum of Islamic Banks in Iraq on the twenty-seventh of this month at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad.

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Ali Tariq, told “Economy News”, “The Islamic banking sector expanded very significantly after the adoption of the Islamic Banks Law No. 43 of 2015, which sought the Association of Iraqi private banks to organize the Forum of Islamic banks in the twenty-seventh Of the current month at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad, “noting that” the forum will focus on Islamic banks in the topics of direct investment and participation in the process of achieving development. “

He added that “the forum aims to support Islamic banks to increase modern banking services for citizens in addition to shed light on the legislative, legal and technological environment of Islamic banking.”

The number of Islamic banks operating in Iraq exceeded 20 banks, and the Central Bank decided not to increase during the next phase.