Central Bank: An expanded investment fund to finance projects

18/1/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Tariq al-Araji
The Central Bank has adopted the draft of establishing a joint fund for investment in which all government and private banks will participate in order to provide large amounts to finance projects throughout the country.
“The Central Bank is currently working on the project and is expected to start this year and establish a joint investment fund in which all government and private banks will participate, which will save large sums to finance investment projects,” the governor of Al-Alaq told Al-Sabah. Economic and economic development in the country and improve it to serve the public interest as it had a significant role during the economic crisis experienced by the country because of low oil prices.
The central bank’s project comes within the direction of the government to encourage investment, especially that next month will see the launch of donors conference in Kuwait, to reconstruct the liberated Iraqi cities, with the participation of a large number of countries and specialized investment companies.


Kurdistan Regional Government announces agreement with Baghdad on Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports

The Ministry of Transport in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, on Monday, reached an agreement with the federal government in Baghdad on the airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Omid Mohammed said in an interview with Alsumaria News, that “with the aim of lifting the siege on Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports in front of international flights, the delegations of the provincial government and the federal government reached a six-point agreement.”

He added that “the delegation of the federal government will submit the draft agreement to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to take a decision on them.”

The General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers revealed on Monday that the meeting held by the Higher Committee, which directed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to form in Erbil witnessed the holding of five bilateral meetings in the security aspects, borders, airports, customs, border crossings, dams and oil, stressing that the meetings ended with the drafting of minutes.


Source: Baghdad allocates 450 billion dinars to the Kurdistan region


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Khandan –

A source in the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, the allocation of 450 billion dinars, by the federal government of the Kurdistan region.

The source said in a statement to “Khandan” on Wednesday, that Baghdad deposited 450 billion dinars in a bank account, indicating that the amount was allocated to the Kurdistan region.

The source said in the context of his statement, that the date of sending the amount to the Kurdistan region or the disbursement has not been determined so far.



Abadi directs the immediate investigation into the circumstances of the issuance of a book from the Secretariat on voter card and salaries of employees


Political situation

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 All times are GMT

BAGHDAD – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday investigated the circumstances of the issuance of a book by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on voter card and salaries of employees.

A statement by the Office of Abadi received by “Iraq News”, that “at the time we renew the call for citizens to receive the ballot card for its importance and to maintain the integrity of the electoral process of manipulation and the importance of holding elections on time,

The statement added that “the Prime Minister directed Haider Abadi immediate investigation into the circumstances of the issuance of a book from the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers contrary to his directives.” Finished


Central Bank opens an account in the region in preparation for payment of salaries

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Revealed the decision of the Finance Committee parliamentary open the Central Bank of Iraq a special bank account in the Kurdistan region.
Ahmed Haj Rashid said in a press statement that “the Central Bank of Iraq has opened a special bank account in the Kurdistan region, but we do not know how much balance in this account.”
He added, “The federal government will henceforth send amounts allocated to the Kurdistan region through this bank account.”
“According to the law, when the federal government wants to transfer any amounts to the Kurdistan region must open a bank account and through this account is transferred funds, so the central bank opened this new account, and any funds deposited in this account and transferred through the President Federal ministers only “.
The source in the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed today that “the Iraqi government allocated 450 billion dinars to pay the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region.”
The source added that ”
The source pointed out that the Iraqi government sent directives to the ministries and departments concerned to take the necessary action, and will be Prime Minister Haider Abadi is the only person [exclusively] who will be able to move this amount.


US Secretary of State: We will not repeat our mistake in Iraq


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US Secretary of State, said Rex Tillerson, said his country would not “repeat the mistake in Iraq in 2011” to withdraw US troops from Syria.
“We will continue our military presence in Syria until [Saddam] completely disappears and we will not repeat our mistake in Iraq in 2011,” Tillerson said in a speech at Stanford University.
“We will continue to work with allies like Turkey and we will take Ankara’s concerns about PKK terrorists,” he said. “We know Turkey’s humanitarian assistance in Syria, and we need Turkey to establish Syria’s future.”
Tirlson hinted at an indefinite military presence in Syria as part of a broader US strategy aimed at preventing a resurgent return.


Set the date for the celebration of Baghdad as the capital of the Arab media

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers called on all ministries to prepare a special media plan to celebrate the election of Baghdad as the capital of the Arab media on the 27th of January.
“Posters, posters and wall posters will be published on the theme of choosing Baghdad as the capital of the Arab media in ministries, agencies and public places, and decorating the main streets, as well as producing a short advertisement film,” said a statement issued by the Cabinet Secretariat. As well as the launch of an initiative to design a monument to the martyrs of the media and the press is placed in one of the places of the capital commemorates the sacrifices of martyrs, in cooperation with the Information and Communication Authority and the Secretariat of Baghdad and the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate.
“There will also be celebrations, arts and exhibitions of folklore, concerts and art for the cinema and theater, which will show the cultural dimension of Iraq and reflect the steadfastness of Iraq, especially the media and the press in the face of the biggest wave of terrorism against Iraq.”