URGENT Kurdistan government hands over border crossings to Baghdad

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Informal news reported the approval of the Kurdistan Regional Government to hand over border crossings to the federal government in Baghdad to start dialogue with them.
A source close to the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, on Monday, revealed new developments on the negotiations between the federal government and the Kurdistan region to resolve the crisis that arose between the parties against the background of the referendum on the independence of the province and its consequences.
The adviser to the Prime Minister, Ihsan al-Shammari, through a publication on the site, “Facebook”, on Monday, that “based on the acceptance of the province constitution as a ruler and the desire to end the crisis, with internal confusion as a result of the salary crisis, reached several letters about these developments, Take several decisions “.
According to Shamri, these decisions are: the receipt of international borders with Turkey and Iran, and the formation of the High Commission to regulate the work [land crossings, customs and airports], and the Commission established working papers in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution and the federal powers of the government, [A second] to check the names of the education and health sector in the territorial government, and the distribution of salaries of water resources, and call the federal affiliates in the region to come to Baghdad and meet them each according to his ministry. ”
Relations between Baghdad and Erbil, deteriorated after the referendum held in the region on 25 September last, where Dr Lt. federal forces to Kirkuk and disputed areas 16 last November to impose security in which, after the withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces of them.
The prime minister, Haider al – Abadi, called on 14 of last November ‘s Kurdistan region hand over border crossing points to the government , “stressing that it” do not wait forever to receive. ”
Ebadi said , ” I do not say that our patience is implemented towards the Kurdistan region to hand over border crossings, but we will take measures to impose control ” .
“There is no invasion operations , but the spread of the federal forces in accordance with the Constitution and our forces have been very careful to prevent the collision, but the other side carried out the bombing to push into a military conflict.”


close to Abadi announced a series of decisions from Baghdad towards Erbil

Close to Abadi announced a series of decisions from Baghdad towards Erbil
 Twilight News    
 30 minutes ago

Shafaq News / Advisor to the Prime Minister Ihsan al-Shammari, on Monday, the latest understanding with the Kurdistan Region on the resolution of differences between the parties.

“Based on the region’s acceptance of the constitution as a ruler and the desire to end the crisis, several letters about these developments have reached, which led to the adoption of several decisions,” Shammari said in a leaflet on his Facebook page.

Shammari said that among these decisions are the receipt of international borders with Turkey and Iran, and the formation of the High Committee to regulate the work of land ports, customs and airports.

The committee has set up a second committee to check the names of the educational and health sector in the Kurdistan Regional Government, as well as the distribution of the salaries of the water resources, as well as the invitation of the federal affiliates in the Kurdistan Region To come to Baghdad and meet them all according to his ministry.

Direct implementation of the e-government project

 The Journal News
The Ministry of Direct Communication announced the implementation of the e-government project.
“The e-government project aims to connect all governmental institutions with optical cable and one network to secure Internet and provide services to state institutions and citizens,” a ministry statement said on Monday.

He added that the efforts of engineering and technical cadres continue to the Optical Cable Maintenance Commission of the Communications Division and the data network at the Directorate of Communication Karkh and the extension of optical cable.

The Ministry of Communications has signed a contract with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to implement the project mentioned above within six months.

Iraq froze recruitment and bonuses in response to the IMF


Iraq froze recruitment and bonuses in response to the IMF
Baghdad Ali Husseini

1 January 2018

A senior government official in Baghdad said thebudget for 2018does not include any financial allocations for new appointments in state institutions, including the defense and interior ministries.

The official said in a statement to the “New Arab” that the budget does not include any allowances or increase in salaries of employees in all state institutions, pointing out that this step comes in response to the recommendations and conditions ofthe International Monetary Fund , which Iraq seeks to borrow from it to fill the budget deficit .

Iraq’s budget next year is estimated at 96 billion dollars, with an expected deficit of 12 billion dollars. The Executive Board of the IMF has concluded with Iraq in 2016, an agreement to lend Baghdad $ 5.34 billion, in return for the implementation of the program of economic reform.

“The IMF has indicated that more than 1 million jobs out of 4 million are sagging, they do not work more than 30 minutes a day and their presence is not important at all,” the government official said.

The IMF’s recommendations are to limit government employment, at a time when Iraq is suffering mainly from a rise in the number of unemployed, which the Central Bureau of Statistics estimated at the end of December 2017, by about 4 million unemployed, as well as high employment among children and low standard of living.

In the meantime, a letter from the Ministry of Finance addressed to the ministries of state, obtained a copy of the “new Arab”, requests to stop the appointments and contracts in government departments and institutions, as well as stop the transfer of staff between ministries as well as non-affiliated with the Ministry effective January 1, This month, referring to the suspension of bonuses and salary increases also. “We warn against fraud networks that take money from university graduates for promises to employ them in government institutions,” the government official said.

The Ministry of Finance pointed to the continuation of the salaries of employees for the month of January for all ministries, in an indication that the parliament may not pass the budget for the new year soon, according to a government source.

On December 20, the parliament reintroduced the federal budget to the government, with the aim of making amendments to it, after the reservation of some political blocs on many of its clauses.

The Iraqi government and parliamentary sources revealed in statements to the “New Arab” at the end of December, the existence of parliamentary objections to more than 20 items, notably the allocations for the reconstruction of cities liberated from the control of the organization and the compensation of the affected and displaced, and the share of the Kurdistan region, Which has been reduced to 12% instead of 17%. The parliamentary blocs also oppose the return of provincial quotas in public and development jobs and projects.

Iraq is suffering from economic difficulties. Its foreign exchange reserves have fallen with global oil prices and the cost of war against a pro-Western organization to $ 45 billion by the end of 2016, compared to $ 54 billion in 2015.


of Iraq ‘s oil exports rise to record levels

Iraqi oil exports rise to record levels
 Twilight News    
 38 minutes ago

Iraq’s crude exports from southern Basra ports rose to a record high of 3.535 million bpd in December from 3.5 million barrels a month earlier, oil officials said on Monday.
Southern exports are rising as Iraq seeks to offset shipments from the northern Kirkuk fields in mid-October after Iraqi forces regained control of the fields from Kurdish forces.
Most of the Iraqi crude is exported via the southern ports.

The formation of a high committee for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil

Journal News

The Presidency of the Republic revealed the formation of a high committee to manage the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil

“There is an initiative put forward by the president of the republic for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil, in which he sent a message to both sides of the crisis in addition to the United Nations,” Amir Kanani, adviser to President Fuad Masoum, said Monday. The next EEM will produce that vision. ”

“All the parties have expressed their willingness to prepare for dialogue, but until now there is no specific body to sponsor the dialogue, so the idea has become to form a committee under the auspices of the president,” Kanani said.


‏of the Presidency of the Republic talks about developments “very close” to resolve the crisis in Baghdad – Kurdistan

Twilight News

3 hours ago

Shafaq News / The Presidency of the Republic of Iraq on the developments and movements file resume dialogue between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region.

The source told an official in the presidency of the twilight News that the presidency “received positive responses from Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi and Kurdistan Regional Government President Najirvan Barzani on an initiative put forward by President Fuad Masum.”

“Very soon there will be developments in this file.” Without giving further details.

“The role of the United Nations in this dialogue will be limited to providing technical advice, not dialogue, and the international community’s concern for this dialogue may mean internationalizing the issue,” said the source, who asked not to be named.

The relationship between Baghdad and Arbil, already tense because of the accumulation of previous differences. The rise of Kurdistan to hold a referendum on independence from Iraq political dispute.

After that, Baghdad began to impose a ban on international flights to and from the region after his administration refused to hand over Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports to the Iraqi government.

Baghdad threatened that it would do whatever it takes to impose federal powers on the territory.

He called on the region on more than one occasion the Iraqi government to conduct dialogue under international supervision to resolve the problems. However, Kurdish officials believe that Baghdad is not conducive to dialogue.



‏Advisor Masoum: the three presidencies will meet soon .. and Abbadi will be issued after an important announcement

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Announced the adviser to President Abdullah Aliawi, the date of the meeting of the three presidencies, between the meeting will decide the fate of the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil.

Alawi said that the initiative of President Fuad Masum reached an advanced stage, indicating that it is scheduled to hold the three presidencies next week a meeting in which they decide to start negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil.

The presidential adviser suggested that the dialogue and talks between the central and regional governments begin next week and that Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced his readiness to start negotiations with the provincial government.