Abadi put in place a plan to disarm the crowd with support from Sadr

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Reuters quoted military and intelligence sources that Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a plan to restore heavy weapons in the popular crowd factions and reduce the number by half. “
“The Iraqi army is currently stockpiling the weapons of the popular crowd, such as armored vehicles and tanks handed over by the government to the factions to fight a duel,” the sources said, according to Reuters.
“The next step is for Abbadi to order commanders of the army and police to hand over these heavy weapons under the pretext of its reform,” she said.
Two military sources said that “the Ministry of Defense will then exclude the fighters who are over the age required and also physically unfit.”
“The plan will be carried out with great care and precision to prevent any negative reaction from the leaders of the popular crowd,” said a colonel’s army officer who briefed him on the plan.
“We can not keep a second army in one country, that is the main objective of the plan,” he said.
Parliamentarians close to Abadi told Reuters of an adviser to the prime minister that Abadi “is under tremendous pressure from the West and the regional allies [Sunnis] to resolve the popular mobilization forces after he became a supporter does not pose a major threat.”
“Prime Minister Abbadi is receiving letters from allies in the war on a supporter urging him to dismantle the popular crowd as a condition for continuing their support in the future,” the adviser said on condition of anonymity.
“A joint committee of the army, police and intelligence services will review the number of SPLA fighters and make recommendations to Abadi, who will decide who stays and who will retire,” said a military intelligence officer with the rank of colonel closely linked to the office of the chief of staff.
“Abadi will also instruct his leaders to restructure his forces.”
“Collecting heavy weapons from the factions will not be easy because they control hundreds of headquarters, weapons stores, camps and even small missile factories,” said another army officer with the rank of colonel.
Reuters reported aides to Abadi and the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, they held a secret meeting in the city of Karbala on November 11 to discuss the help of the government to disarm the factions.
An adviser to Sadr said Abbadi had asked Sadr during his meeting to try to “cleanse the country” of corrupt politicians and those who might try to use armed groups to influence the election.
“They talked about putting an end to the factions that work above the law, fighting corruption and of course supporting Abadi’s bid to be prime minister for a second term,” he said.
A number of deputies close to Abadi and sources close to Sadr said that the prime minister got Sadr’s support in preventing the factions from interfering in the elections.
“Sadr can push hundreds of thousands into the streets in solidarity with Abbadi with one appeal and will make Abbadi’s opponents think twice before challenging him,” said a senior Shi’ite politician with close ties to Sadr.
Another source close to him said that “Sadr intends to do so in the very near future.”

A leader in the crowd reveals the goal of cleansing Hawija and the west of Kirkuk

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The commander of the 52nd Brigade in the popular crowd, Mahdi Taqi al-Aamerli, announced on Thursday the end of a guerrilla threat and called on the terrorist for three strategic areas between the provinces of Kirkuk and Salah al-Din after the Hawija cleanup.
“The Popular Forces forces launched a broad security operation from three axes, where the first axis of the brigades 52 and 16 was in the popular crowd, the Iraqi army and the second axis of the 40th Brigade with the 10th Brigade and the third axis of the Federal Police,” a statement by the Al-Furat News news agency said. And the third brigade. ”
He added that “the operation resulted in the clearance of many areas between Hawija and the mountains of Hamrin,” stressing that “the process will end a threatening threat to the areas of Hamrin Mountains and the outskirts of Hawija and the road link between Kirkuk and Tikrit.”
The media cell of the war announced the launch of a large-scale search today for the joint forces to clean up the province of Hawija and the surrounding area west of the province of Kirkuk and cleared on the first day 30 villages.


Barzani and the US ambassador discuss the file of the technical committee and the share of Kurdistan Iraq

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government (NK) Barzani, on Thursday, discussed with US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman the need to maintain calm after tensions between the region and the Iraqi government.
two sides talked about the latest steps and the formation of a committee by the Kurdistan Region, And visit Baghdad and review the lists of staff of the region.
The statement added that the two sides also stressed the financial dues of the region in the Iraqi budget, pointing out that they were agreed on the need to intensify efforts to take more steps towards solving the problems.
The statement said that the discussion of a number of issues related to the region in general and the conditions of Kurdistan and the elections and the work and activities and plans of reform carried out by the provincial government in various areas were other topics in the meeting.

Saleh: “The 900 billion dinars achieved by the Iraqi Bank for Trade contribute to move the wheel of the economy

Saleh: "The 900 billion dinars achieved by the Iraqi Bank for Trade contribute to move the wheel of the economy

 Baghdad / Zahraa al-Jassim

A financial adviser to the Prime Minister that the amount of “900 billion dinars, which the Iraqi Bank for Trade as profits for the year 2017, will provide the budget with the proceeds of conversion, and contribute to move the wheel of the national economy funding for development projects, which reduces unemployment rates, while calling for an economist to enter the private sector The bank’s work, and pointed out that the mission of this bank after leading the process of modernization in the banking sector, is to contribute to the lending of investment projects and construction projects and real estate and factories.

The Iraqi Trade Bank announced in a statement received (the extent) a copy of the revenues of about 900 billion Iraqi dinars, for his activities in the fiscal year ended December 31 last.
Financial Advisor to the slaves of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in a brief interview for “(range), that these profits will provide the state budget for the year 2018 with good conversion income, and will have an impact of raising the credit and investment capacity of the same bank, which contributes to move the wheel of the national economy funding and support development activity He added that these profits have enabled him to support important development projects, thus reducing unemployment rates in the country, on the other hand: On the other hand, the losses of the bank will be addressed through capital hedging, as the capital tool to address the losses so as not to be exposed Bank of financial hardship or what is called Thus, part of the annual profits are added as capital hedges to the bank itself.
The Iraqi Trade Bank is an Iraqi government bank established in July 2003 by a decision of the Coalition Authority, with a capital of $ 100 million, which was increased to $ 1.5 billion to become 2,750 trillion dinars, equivalent to 2.3 billion dollars.
On the other hand, the economic expert in the name of Antoine said in an interview with (to the extent), the banking business in other countries to secure more than 120 deposits, whether a current account or a saving, an issue carried out by any external bank, but we in Iraq are still 12 The Iraqi Bank of Trade has credited the introduction of mechanization and modernity banking work in Iraq, which is our only bank has the guarantees to open the funds directly, as it has an agreement with the bank, “JPMorgan” Amiri is one of the strongest banks in the world, here We are instead of bringing an intermediary bank from neighboring countries to the work of Financial appropriations commission go out of hand, the “NBA that” enjoy this feature and achieves the commission which makes it easier for the importer directly without opening credits to go abroad or to sign other contracts.
The Iraqi Trade Bank has a special field in the budget and funding from the Ministry of Finance, and therefore, these profits are due to the Iraqi budget, because its mission to preserve the wealth of Iraq, but also: When the imports are taken to the budget, these profits are added within, , On the other hand, this bank employs Iraqi workers in its branches spread throughout Iraq and this is also an investment contributes to reducing the unemployment rate, which is now leading the bank in the modernization process in the banking sector, including the introduction of mechanization and ATM in an easy way to open accounts with its external link Mai transfer amounts and receive deposits from outside Iraq ..
Antoine said: The achievement of profits, means to ensure the return of loans and benefits after the end of the term of the loan, where this bank can achieve such profits and this issue is fixed with official budgets, being linked to other banks of the Council of Ministers, and his role is lending private sector projects under certain conditions and guarantees With documented documents and profits from 8 to 10%, it lends for the purposes of construction projects, construction and construction of new factories, and this is an investment contribution, but in the internal bank system is not allowed to contribute directly to investment projects, yes he can lend these projects and contracting And entrepreneurial projects Rat and factories, where he had loaned the project Basmajh large amounts.
But it was decided when the Commercial Bank of Iraq, with the support of the Americans at the time, to transfer ownership to the private sector, but that has not happened so far, and that is a handicap, so we call for the introduction of private sector work of the Iraqi Bank for Trade provided that the sector Especially as he is suffering from some problems in the previous administrations because there are debts and loans given to some people without adequate guarantees, and there are bad debts in front of the bank, but in general, this bank constituted a major breakthrough for banking work in Iraq.


Economist: IMF called on the Iraqi government to open appointments


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The World Bank has asked the government to launch appointments in the public sector last year 2017, while the government is the one who will refrain from opening appointments to limit and reduce operating expenses, said economist Manaf al-Sayegh.

“The International Monetary Fund will not impose its instructions on the borrowing countries, including Iraq, but only recommendations that are applicable or not, and the aim is to optimize the exploitation of borrowed funds and not to waste them in the operational budgets only,” Al-Sayegh said in a statement.

He added that “the fund did not prevent the appointments, but on the contrary has called the government in 2007 to launch appointments to control and raise the standard of living of the individual and the graduating class in particular, but the government is to refrain from reducing operating expenses, as well as the price of fuel and consider the prices of Iraq conform to its standards and refused to lift More”.

He added that “the deficit in the budget deficit and the fact that the investment did not apply and most of his money was not acted, but was a security budget par excellence in previous years after the allocation of about 26 trillion dinars to the security sector and military operations, which fell in the budget of 2018 to nearly 20.”




Abadi to Bafil Talabani: We confirm the government’s efforts to secure the salaries of employees of Kurdistan


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Baghdad – Mawazine News

Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Thursday, to the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Pavel Talabani, the government’s quest to secure the salaries of employees of Kurdistan.

The Office of the Prime Minister in a statement received / Mawazin News, a copy of it, “Abadi received the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Pavel Talabani, and during the meeting discussed the political and security situation and maintain the unity of the country and secure the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region and resolve the outstanding issues between the center and the region Through the Constitution. “

Abadi stressed that “the importance of the security and safety of citizens and preserve the unity of Iraq and the victory achieved by the sacrifices of our people and our unity,” noting that “what the federal government has done is in the interest of the citizens of the region.”

Abadi said, “the government’s endeavor to secure the salaries of employees in the Kurdistan region after scrutiny,” noting “the importance of preserving the right of citizens to express.”

This revealed a source in the Kurdistan Regional Government, earlier Thursday, that the Kurdish delegation that is visiting Baghdad holds lists prepared by more than 200 employees in the ministries of education and health in the region. Ending 29/9



‏Abadi policy announces joint administration of conflict areas


Abadi announces joint administration of conflict areas

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The Kurdish delegation during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Thursday, the importance of preserving the constitutional entity of the Kurdistan Region and the consolidation of the principles of real partnership in the center of political decision and stop the demographic change in the disputed areas, All components.

In a statement to the delegation of the Kurdish joint movement of change and the Islamic Group in Kurdistan, he is visiting Baghdad to end the political and financial problems in the Kurdistan Region, through the meeting with the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic and the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and a number of parties and political parties.

The statement stressed that in the meeting with Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the importance of preserving the gains of Kurdistan and the political entity of the region, and the need to consolidate the principles of real partnership in the center of political decision and find solutions to the root of all problems through serious discussions and dialogues between the region and the center according to the Constitution.

The statement pointed out that the issue of federal budget and salaries of employees and financial benefits of the people of Kurdistan and the rights of Peshmerga also was another subject of discussions and discussions with Abadi, pointing out that he called for an end to the suffering of the people of the region in terms of responsibility and the opening of a new page of relations on the basis of citizenship and social justice.

He also stressed the importance of immediate action to address the problems in Tuzkurmatu and Kirkuk and stop the processes of demographic change of the region while maintaining the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity and peaceful coexistence between all components and prevent the return of injustice as happened in the past.

The statement also pointed out that in another axis of the meeting, the delegation stressed the need to hold the elections on schedule and update and check the voters register to be the guarantee to start a fair and transparent election process in order to end the fraud in the Iraqi and Kurdish elections until reflected the will of the people and aspirations In which.

The statement pointed out that Abadi promised to pay the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region after checking the lists and pay the dues of farmers, stressing the support and support the realization of other demands with the cooperation and unity of all parties to the political.

The statement added that on the administration of disputed areas, Abadi stressed the administration of those areas with the participation of all components.




Abadi to the Kurdish delegation: on ensuring the salaries of employees of Kurdistan in a fair manner


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Baghdad – Mawazine News

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said during a meeting with a delegation of Kurdish parties that the central government is continuing to secure the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region in a fair manner, while the delegation pointed to his conviction of a united Iraq and solve the problems between the center and the region within the Constitution.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office said that “Abadi received a delegation comprising a number of Kurdish parties,” noting that “Abadi assured the Kurdish delegation of the unity of Iraq while ensuring ethnic and sectarian diversity.”

“We have been able to win the victory alone,” Abadi said, adding that “our responsibility lies in the care of all Iraqi citizens.”

He stressed that “the central government continues to secure the salaries of employees in the Kurdistan region in a clear and fair and according to a precise mechanism,” explaining that “was directed to follow up the dues of the rest of the peasants whose money was disbursed from the Federal Ministry of Commerce.”

The Kurdish delegation, in accordance with the statement, “congratulations to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the victories achieved and wisdom in leading the battle against the gangs of terror advocates,” noting that he “is convinced of a unified Iraq and resolve the problems between the center and the region within the Constitution voted by all.”

The Kurdish delegation, which arrived Wednesday evening in Baghdad, represents the parties of change, the Islamic Group and the Justice and Democracy Alliance to Baghdad and will meet today with the three presidencies.

He pointed out that the most important issues to be discussed by the delegation are the conditions of the disputed areas and the issue of budget and the share of the region, in addition to the issue of salaries of staff, while stressing that the visit will also discuss ways to solve all outstanding problems through the Constitution.



Kurdistan announces the results of talks with Baghdad to pay the salaries of two ministries

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The Ministry of Health and Education in the Kurdistan Region announced the arrival of advanced stages on the discussions of the salaries of the owners of the two ministries by the Iraqi government.

The Iraqi government, a committee composed of 7 members, including two from the Kurdistan Regional Government, to audit the lists of employees of the Ministries of Education and Health in the region.

The Technical Committee met today in Baghdad. After the meeting, the Ministries of Health and Education of Kurdistan issued a joint statement to the twilight news, which said, “After the meeting with the Iraqi Ministry of Planning in Baghdad was discussed for about four hours to set the salaries of employees in the ministries in the presence of members of the Committee.”

“It was agreed to pay the salaries of employees in the two ministries according to the biometric system and to be fully disbursed.”

The joint statement, “The disbursement process will take place as soon as possible through the Special Technical Commission and after auditing the Department of financial control of the lists of names.

“They are open to facilitating all tasks to pay salaries at the earliest opportunity,” the two ministries said.

The committee consists of:

1 Qassim Annayat, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning

2 Chairman Tareq Ali Jassem Alani, Member of Advisory Committee

3 Naif Samer Hassan, Director General of the Federal Ministry of Education

4 Hanaa Ahmed Ghazi Director General for Administrative Affairs at the Federal Ministry of Education

5 Ali Hussein Hassan, Director General of Planning and Detection in the Federal Ministry of Health

6 Fian Hussein, Director General of the Ministry of Health in Kurdistan Region

7 Yousef Osman, Director General of Planning in the Ministry of Education Kurdistan Region



The delegations of the Baghdad and Arbil governments meet on the management of the ports


Othman al-Ghanmi and the Kurdistan side, Interior Minister Karim Sinjari

The delegations of the Baghdad and Erbil governments resumed their discussions on border crossings and disputed areas.

The delegation of the Iraqi side was headed by Army Chief of Staff Osman al-Ghanmi and from the Kurdistan side, Interior Minister Karim Sinjari.

A source confirmed that the two parties came out with positive results to agree on the management of border crossings and disputed territories, while the two sides welcomed the start of negotiations through visits between parties in Baghdad and Erbil to solve the problems.