of Kurdistan is looking forward to talks “constructive” with Baghdad on oil

Twilight News / said the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, on Sunday, she looked forward to constructive discussions with the Iraqi Oil Ministry on how the management of oil wealth in the country.
The statement came in the wake of statements made by Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul-Jabbar Allaibi during the OPEC meeting, last Thursday, he said that the relations between the Iraqi government and the government of the Kurdistan Region is good, stressing that he will visit the region to discuss the inclusion in reducing production and files related to the oil sector.
The Ministry of Natural Resources in a statement seen by Twilight News, “The Kurdistan Regional Government welcomes the positive Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul-Jabbar Allaibi on improving relations between the KRG and Baghdad government statements,” indicating that “the Government of the Territory is looking forward to host the Iraqi Minister of Oil and constructive dialogues on issues outstanding on oil and gas files. ”
She added that “the Government of the Territory welcomes the dialogue and the recent construction with electricity minister in the Iraqi government, Qassem Fahdawi on cooperation in the electricity sector and to provide fuel for energy and refined petroleum products that help in the reconstruction of Mosul and other liberated areas in Nineveh province after the defeat Daesh.” 
The ministry said that “the Government of the Territory is estimated to support Prime Minister Abadi, the process of confidence-building”, stressing “its commitment to enter into constructive dialogues and in good faith with its partners in the federal government for cooperation in the field of energy.” 
The ministry pointed out that “there are a small number of officials and political figures in Baghdad are opposed to this new realism between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government” atmosphere, stressing “the importance of attention from these dissenting voices so as not to undermine the chances of progress.”
Considered the ministry, that “the recent statements by the Director of SOMO, Falah al-Amiri company on the export of oil region misleading process and that his comments are incompatible with the atmosphere of the new cooperation,” asserting that “the positive Government of the Territory and realistic cooperation with the federal government’s oil sector, officials of the policy in Kirkuk, the Minister of Electricity in Baghdad did not contributes to the provision of electricity to Kirkuk alone, but help rebuild the liberated areas adjacent to the Kurdistan region. ” 
The ministry stressed that “the territorial Government is confident that the two parties Sasjlan positive and realistic attitude in the next dialogues and will not give way to attempts that hinder dialogue between the two sides.”



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