Najafi praises US efforts for the Liberation of gray and attacks the “unruly militias”


Thursday 04-02-2016 | 7:44:28

Osama al - EM

Osama al – EM

Twilight News / praised Osama Najafi Prime Muttahidoon Thursday of American efforts to liberate Ramadi and attacked at the same time “uncontrolled militias,” he said to be damaging to the state.

This came during a meeting with Stuart Jones, the US ambassador to Iraq, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Ngeevi.

The statement said that “at the beginning of the meeting, Najafi thanked the United States for their efforts in the liberation of gray, and pointed out that he hoped that this effort outstanding for the Liberation of Iraq fully organized Daash terrorist continue and expressed confidence continually escalated this role.”

He also pointed to “important development in the building of the Iraqi army in accordance with the national vision, so to be able to inflict the final defeat Bdaash without giving losses are not justified, as happened in many areas where the unruly militias acts and abuses inflicted damage the state and this is what has been avoided in the gray.”

The statement added, “and then held a detailed discussion in depth for the battle to liberate Mosul, where Najafi said that the biggest role should be given to the people of Mosul and the National mobilized understand the aggrieved president has the illusion of motivation and vision to liberate their city.”

Najafi and provided “a detailed overview of the size of the volunteers in the national crowd and the details of their training and Jhozihm for the battle of liberation,” as referred to “the heroic actions of the Liberation Brigades in Mosul targeting leaders and Daash gatherings in the city.”

He stressed “emphatically that the battle for Mosul do not need to share the popular crowd in, so that the battle privacy and its importance requires disarming any pretext can be exploited by terrorists, and the people of the city should be reassured by the strength of the attacking are engaged for their support and assigned with the preservation of the lives of two million people living also in the city and maintain its infrastructure. “

Najafi also stressed that “the army-building requires balancing formations in all, this would strengthen the national identity the university and any breach or deviation in this approach generates effects do not serve the interests of Iraq.”

For his part, the US ambassador said that “preparations are underway for the battle should be for the people of Mosul and the National mobilized prominent role in the battle, and they have the support and the assignment of the United States.”

And he gave “a presentation of the Asthoudarat ongoing battle conditions and the required increase in volunteers, and providing training and supplies required to finish