Urgent .. abduction of three Iraqi president Guard


Friday 12-02-2016 | 8:58:37

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Twilight News police and a local official / she said that three of Iraq’s presidential guard were kidnapped on Friday near a checkpoint run by Shi’ite gunmen near the town of Tuz Khurmatu in the north of the country.

Police said four other people, including a government employee were killed in separate incidents in and around the town. Located Tuz Khormatu- experiencing a surge in violence in the months Alojerh-, about 175 kilometers north of Baghdad.

He grew up among the paramilitary forces from the Kurds and Turkomen Shiite alliance against al troubled Islamic state since the expulsion of the organization of cities and villages in the region in 2014 with the support of US-led air strikes.

The tensions between the two sides an additional threat for Iraq, which is struggling to contain the threat of the Islamic State, the biggest security threat since the overthrow of the US-led invasion of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

And hindered the ethnic and sectarian tensions and disagreements efforts face regulation.

Said Mehdi Taqi of the Council of Salahuddin province, where the fall of Tuz Khurmatu The members of the Presidential Guard were traveling in a private car heading to Baghdad when they were abducted by unidentified gunmen near the middle of the day, a member of. Police confirmed in Tuz Khurmatu information.

In a separate incident, gunmen opened fire on a car carrying guards for the Ministry of Electricity, killing one person and wounding four others seriously injured, police said.

Three civilians were killed in two separate incidents and kidnapped two others.