Najib: Maliki’s government has failed to develop the economy

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The Commission on the economy and investment representative, said on Sunday that the previous government headed by Nouri al-Maliki failed the advancement of the economy and the restoration of security in Iraq, adding that the challenges faced by the current government of the biggest decisions that developed out of the current economic crisis.

Said committee member Najiba Najib’s / balances News /, “The previous government had failed to promote the economy and the provision of services and the restoration of security and the preservation of the land and when the new government came wills that set new foundations for the economy in the countr
” indicating that “the current government has drawn up plans and strategies of a serious in building a strong economy. ”

She added, “The challenges faced by the current government for the advancement of the economy is the largest of the actions and decisions taken by it,” adding that “the decline in oil prices, blocking the reflection of actions taken by the government on the fact the service which Atelmush citizen.”

The committee of economy and investment parliamentary member Burhan Mamouri said, earlier, that there are internal actors trying to economic situation in Iraq remains as it is, to their personal interests and benefits. is over.


The body was leading the National Alliance will meet in the presence of Mr. Ammar al-Hakim to discuss the latest developments

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} met leadership of the National Alliance of the body was in the presence of head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, to discuss the latest developments on the Iraqi arena.
A statement by the Office of the President of the National Alliance , Ibrahim al – Jaafari agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “al – Jaafari , chaired a meeting of the leadership of the National Alliance for the Iraqi body in the presence of head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al – Hakim and Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to discuss the development of events in the Iraqi arena.” 

He noted that ” the meeting was held in the presence of members of the leading body was Hussain al – Shahristani on the Keywords and Zia and Khodair al – Asadi and Hashem al – Hashemi and Abdul – Karim al – Ansari” .anthy

Lifting sanctions on Iran contributes to revive the Iraqi market



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BAGHDAD / Economy News …

Iraqi believed involved in economic affairs, that the lifting of the economic embargo on Iran could lead to investment results provided in terms of increasing the presence of Iran’s economic activity in the Iraqi market and the possibility of benefit in raising the frequency of the contribution of Iranian companies operating in Iraq.
The experts stress that what is said about the release of large amounts of frozen Iranian funds will contribute greatly to the revival of the Iranian Altoman exchange rate against the dollar, which will have an impact on the Iraqi economy due to the large size of the commodity exchanges happening between the two countries.
They point out that the geographical and historical neighborhood factor between the two countries will be an assistant in the benefit broad sectors of the two countries from rising incomes, where the Iranians promotes religious tourism development between Iraq and Iran, which is a reliable responsible for tourism companies. He said that a lot of active companies in this field to prepare itself for a new phase of activity after a period of stagnation that prevails in the hotel sector, especially in the provinces of Karbala and Najaf.
The attention of the Director of «Barcan» bank branch in Baghdad, Mr. Amir, in a statement to «life», to the importance of the security environment, which helps in providing better services to customers after increasing the number of branches of Iranian banks operating inside Iraq provide.
Experts find that the expected shift in the Iranian economy will have positive repercussions on the Iraqi productive sectors suffer from the decline in activity and thus would rebound on the Iranian commodity production account.
He says economist Muhammad Sharif Abu Mayssam, if costs rise in Iranian production sectors, which is found in the Iraqi market, a large window for marketing their products and contributed greatly to the dumping policy that have hindered the growth of the real sectors in the country, will contribute to raising the sale of its products in Iraq, the price of more than prospects of lower demand for these commodities, and pushes in the direction of search for local alternatives to satisfy the needs of the market and thus supports local producers and facilitate the task of the government’s drive in support of the private sector.
He predicted that the resort Iranians producers who Genoa huge sums of money marketing their products in Iraq, to ​​enter the Iraqi labor market and investment to reduce the cost of production, marketing and ensure the continuation of the domination of a large segment of consumers, which will help provide more jobs for the unemployed to work.
The lifting of the ban on Iranian banking sector, will ease pressure on the Iraqi market, which has seen an increased demand for hard currency Iranian traders who have contributed to the fluctuation of the dollar’s exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar as a result of the growing demand for hard currency to finance their external trade, as well as prospects for the low activity rates tourism from Iraq to Iran, which has seen a dramatic rise over the past years, due to rising incomes of the middle class and the decline of the Iranian Altoman exchange rate against the dollar, which would mean a decline in the money supply flow from Iraq to the Iranian market rates.

Keywords: our ultimate goal of financial stability



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BAGHDAD / Economy News …

BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb Shokran Fatlawi
He d. On the Keywords that the Central Bank is working to be the first institution in Iraq, using the best technologies and regulations governing the work of the banking sector.
Added Keywords in a speech on the sidelines of a seminar of the Institute of progress for Development Studies addressed the strategic central bank: the strategy launched by the Central recently, were the first in the history of Iraq in terms of content and method of preparation, as the first plan went through all the stages that require going through the plan, noting that he have an actor and a real role on the ground have been adopted for implementation and follow-up mechanisms.
Central functions
He said the strategy announced took into account expansion in the framework of the central functions and emerged from our perception of the economic framework of the country after the shift to a free market economy and the significant role that will fall on the private sector in the joints of the management of the economy, pointing out that they were built according to the preamble to the central bank law aimed at price stability and sustainable development .
He noted that the strategy includes five goals quoted the central focus of monetary policy to other aspects, pointing to cooperate with the Iraqi private banks association to adopt education and awareness campaign targeting the Iraqi street, the importance of banking transactions.
Mehdi al-Hafez said in his welcoming speech to the need to look at the subject of Alstrtejah launched by the Central Bank for five years and announced the Keywords, noting that it is rich in material banking go to work in the right direction in the future.
A positive step
For his part, Ali Tariq, executive director of the Association of private banks in Iraq: that the launch of the strategy at this time is a positive step task will determine the vision of the Iraqi Central Bank, in addition to the central plans towards the banking sector, noting that contained many points aimed at the development of the banking private sector, pointing a willingness to cooperate in the Association paragraphs that require the concerted efforts of private banks with the central bank to apply.
Tariq said that many of the important things that have been neglected previously gave the central bank’s priority in Strutijeth This is an important issue, pointing out that this approach expands the horizons of cooperation between the central and private banks in order to achieve economic viability of Iraq.
Defining roles
Returned Governor of the Central Bank says that among the goals of the strategic financial stability as we work to read the challenges facing this side and we seek to put her plan in collaboration with several entities and defining roles and establishing a basis for the evaluation of assets is an important financial institutions and their role in the face of financial crises.
Calendar banks
On the subject of censorship, he said: It is an important aspect in the work of central banks, pointing to the hiring of an international center to evaluate the banks in terms of the physical aspects, warning of the importance of the financial system to protect where it is exposed to crimes such as money laundering, referring to the exceptional effort in the preparation of the money laundering law based on international standards to be acceptable at the international level.
Selling Currency
Keywords revealed the contract with the Office of international scrutiny to develop procedures for the sale of currency «Dollar» to control the dollar cash flow, also pointed out that the central focus on the topic of financial inclusion for the positive role in the economic life, referring to the quest to develop the financing of small and medium enterprises which will create a framework for sector legally integrated, as well as working to stimulate the field of Islamic banking, which is expanding in Iraq. He said the establishment of guarantee deposits in the banking institution, as we are now close to passing a law it will pass in the House, pointing to the continuing efforts to develop a universal banking system, which represents a significant shift for the work of the central bank. That there was extensive discussion by the participants on the strategic challenges and implementation mechanisms, also answered questions Keywords on banks regarding strategy.
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Deputy for the National: Parliament we will be forced to terminate positions managed by proxy


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for full-Zaidi said the National Alliance, “we will be forced by clicking the House of Representatives on the government; for the purpose of ending the positions managed by proxy.”
He said al – Zaidi told {Euphrates News} on Sunday, said that ” the government is the reluctance of the end positions managed by proxy file, and their job to persons qualified.”
And that ” the agency file was the result of struggling with the political blocs to these positions, Vookl Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi some of the characters to fill this government positions. ”
he continued saying that” the parliament speaker when put end positions managed by proxy file, this did not come from a vacuum; because this file was discussed with the President and the Prime Minister; for the purpose of ending it quickly. ”
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Mr. Ammar al – Hakim said in more than one occasion the need for commitment and political commitments in the state -building, and the completion of the State administration proxy file, indicating that thewrong approach agencies and the government, will not appease or compromise on our project.
It was several parties and political blocs have rejected the appointment method acting government institutions , demanding an end to proxy administration in all aspects of the state. Ended h

Abadi will meet with the heads of blocs next week to form a government of technocrats


Khandan – Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri detect the presence of extensive meetings between the political blocs and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi government to bring about changes.

He said Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri told the newspaper “Al-Sabah”, that “what is to be agreed upon between the political blocs must be submitted to the parliament to agree upon,” stressing that “Parliament can not never give powers to any party whatsoever, where he did not give it previously would not give her In the future”.

He said al-Jubouri, said that “ministers of the blocks ready to move in their resignations if the check what brings it within the political blocs, including the ministers of the Union forces.”

He noted that “next week will see the campaign extended meetings between the various political parties with Prime Minister Side and dialogues for fueling what has been put forward on the process for the upcoming changes.”

Kurdistan: calls for the formation of a government of technocrats to try to collect votes



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Baghdad balances News

Take the Kurdistan Alliance, on Sunday, calls for the formation of a government of technocrats are trying to gather votes.

The MP for the coalition longings for dry / balances News /, “The interest of the government of technocrats, is for the purpose of bringing reform and serve the citizens.”

And it confirmed dry on the need, that “the announcement of the strategy to combat Almsstrae corruption in government ministries, the fact that corruption is not a reservoir at the top of the pyramid plan but it is prevalent in all joints of the ministries,” calling, to “exploit the Iraqi competencies, researchers and academics in the field of anti-corruption, to develop a strategy process, not only the media to fight corruption. ”

She drew Dry to, that “calls for the formation of a technocrat government is just trying to gather votes, earning the citizen’s voice,” indicating that “the government of technocrats is a new spiral in the attempt, to occupy its citizens and the dimensions of view of the citizen for the government’s failure on the issue of reform.”

It is said that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the process of forming a government of technocrats already called them.

And some political blocs announced their support to form a government of technocrats condition Abadi consult with them in the selection of the new cabin.

From: Enam Amauri

Deputy demanding Abadi technocrats to provide the Government of the names in a parliamentary public hearing


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[Oan- Baghdad]
demanded an MP for the National Alliance, Samira al – Moussawi, Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to provide the names of the government of technocrats to be formed, to the House of Representatives in an open session broadcast by all the media.
Musawi said in a press statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “Abadi does not require a mandate from the one for the formation of a government of technocrats, especially as he has received amandate of the people and religious authority in Najaf since the time for reforms and change.”
She added that ” the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi has a mandate constitutionally able to form agovernment of technocrats , which does not need a mandate as demanded by the day, and therefore accelerating the declaration of the names of candidates for the formation of a government of technocrats in the parliamentary session that will be open to inform people on the political blocs and the personalities that will impede the passing of this matter. ”
she Musawi , he regretted that ” the controversy overshadowed the lack of authorization on the steps ofreform and serve as a tackler to start with those steps , which does not exist on the ground.”

Delegations of Iranian economic and trade visit Iraq next month


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[Where – Baghdad]
announced in Tehran that Iranian delegations and economic and trade will visit Iraq next month.
The head of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture of Iran, the economic delegations and business of Iran will visit Iraq and Pakistan, Austria, said that these visits will take place together with government officials in the next month. ”
The books Mohsen Jalal Port , who accompanied the Iranian president on his visit to Italy and France these days are busy preparing to send The major economic delegations with government officials to the three countries. ”
He said the experience of visits to Italy and France successful lifted from the roof of our expectations and we will work seriously Bhکl to dispatch envoys to fit from the private sector of Iran.”

Hakim calls for the adoption of development projects that serve the citizen and the movement of the economy


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[Where – Baghdad]
head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al – Hakim called for Iraqi businessmen to adopt development projects serve the citizen and the movement of the economy.
A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “wise businessmen in Basra met and the during the meeting that community need for these projects such as housing and construction ofhospitals will make it profitable projects inevitably.”
He added that ” the reality in Iraq is suffering from a financial crisis , but the Iraq is not bankrupt countries but lacks liquidity only, stressing that the market economy is the experience of successful experiences that havecontributed to the renaissance of nations and experiences many, calling on businessmen to grab their roles and not waiting to be accorded under. ”
He said al – Hakim , the importance of this layer with the legislature continues to coordinate efforts to pass laws that enable the production of capital. ”