Confirm the intent of the call Abadi Declaration “reform” package ministerial



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BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The head of the Dawa Iraq Organization bloc MP Khaled al-Asadi, Sunday, the existence of the intentions of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Declaration package ‘reform’ cabinet in the coming days, calling him to consult with the political blocs in this regard, with the exception of the Iraqi diplomacy as’ non- productive ‘.

Asadi said in an interview televised broadcast ‘Sumerian’ space, and I followed ‘Obelisk’, that ‘the Prime Minister has the intention to conduct a reshuffle, but did not disclose its specificity so far’, noting that ‘it is possible that al-Abadi announced in the coming days a new package of ministerial reform ‘.

He said al-Asadi, that ‘Abadi, this package may be submitted to the political blocs’, adding that ‘such a thing needs to consult with and trading blocs’.

On the other hand, al-Asadi, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, pointed out that the ‘Iraqi diplomatic unproductive because it did not produce real relations between Iraq and other countries’, pointing out that ‘the performance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not lived up to the level of the collection of the results of diplomatic relations’.

He said al-Asadi ‘on the government to participate significantly in the boot of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and building strategic relationships with some countries and reset some of the crises’.

The MP for the coalition of state law on the Keywords in the January 22, 2016, for the formation of al-Abadi committee to evaluate the performance of ministries and establish criteria for the election of new ministers, as he emphasized the government’s determination to hold new reforms will reach the ministerial structure.

National Alliance MP Salim Shawki also announced in January 2016 17 for consultations between Abadi with leaders of political blocs to make new paper reform, and stressed that it was within the paper axes integration and the abolition of


Investment Babylon opens the largest shopping mall in the province and confirms the opening of another during the current year


(Golden Mall) central city of Hilla, Babil


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Long-Presse / Babylon

Announced Babylon Investment Authority, on Monday, the opening of the first shopping mall in the province to invest in a way central city of Hilla, as pointed out that Babylon will see during the current year another opening of the six-storey, one of the investors said that the total cost of the complex amounted to more than three billion dinars.

The head of the Investment Authority of Babylon, Nasr Hammoud, in an interview with the (long-Presse), “The neighborhood dignity central city of Hilla, seen today, the opening (Golden Mall), the first large shopping mall to be opened in Babylon through investment,” noting that “creation and delivery mall has seen a high speed by a company executing what we want to be a catalyst for all investors in Babylon.”

Hammoud stressed that “the province on the verge of many investment opportunities in various sectors,” he said, adding that he “will be the largest mall in the opening consists of six floors in the province during the month of August of this year.”

For his part, noted investor Hussein al-Khafaji, in an interview with the (long-Presse), “The total cost for the establishment of the mall, which was designed by the UAE company, amounted to three billion and five hundred thousand dinars and the estimated area of ​​3,200 thousand square meters,” noting that “the mall It consists of two floors and includes 50 shops in addition to the restaurant and lounge areas and a children’s play. “

Urgent US general: we intend to send Apache aircraft and new advisers to speed up the liberalization of Mosul


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Lieutenant General Sean McFarland said the commander of the coalition that the US-led against al Daash Monday forces that Washington plans to send attack helicopters [Apache] and advisers to help Iraq restore the city of Mosul as part of her research options that will accelerate the campaign against militants.
US officials, including President Barack Obama and expressed their desire to speed up the campaign to organize Daash fighters and called on allies to increase military contributions in the destruction of the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s efforts.
He said McFarland looked forward to the restoration of Mosul at the earliest possible time without to say that it agrees Iraqis estimates that it has recovered from the grip of the organization Daash end of this year.
He said McFarland, “I do not want a date, I would like to finish this as soon as I appreciate it.”
Included former US steps to speed up the military campaign deployment of dozens of elements of US Special Forces in Northern Syria and the strength of the targeting of the elite to work with Iraqi forces to track targets for organizing Daash.
The steps may include sending more police trainers and the army, including US.
He McFarland that the US-led coalition trail so far more than 17,500 Iraqi soldiers and about two thousand policeman and still three Thousands element of the police and army under training.
McFarland explained that the proposals presented by may not necessarily require the deployment of more American soldiers who stayed largely away from the front lines pointing out that the coalition partners may Atkvlon cover this aspect.
He said McFarland, “at a time we expand our operations in parts of Iraq and into Syria, there is a possibility a fair amount that we will need additional capacity and additional forces provided and we are looking for the appropriate structure.
“McFarland added that his country is ready to send attack helicopters Apache and advisers to help the Iraqi forces and the peshmerga to restore Mosul if What requested to do so.
He said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter last December that the United States is ready to send advisers and planes to helicopters if Iraq asked to help in the fight to restore the gray but Iraqi officials did not ask then additional assistance.
and regained the Iraqi forces the city of Ramadi, which lies at a distance near Baghdad late last year.
He went on to say McFarland “We can not impose assistance on any party may request one and they want them and we are here to be secured by their request, the minister said everything is still on the table certainly” .anthy

Shammari: start implementing a project wall Baghdad put concrete walls and dig trenches


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the commander of Baghdad, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim al-Shammari announced starting the implementation of the Baghdad security fence project, which includes the development of concrete walls and dig trenches to prevent the infiltration of the attackers, and tightening control over the entrances to the city through eight specific ports.
Shammari stressed “the importance of implementation of the project,” noting that it “will contribute directly to the improvement of the security situation in Baghdad,” .anthy

Iran: $100B in Assets ‘Fully Released’ Under Nuclear Deal


TEHRAN, Iran — Iran said Monday it now has access to more than $100 billion worth of frozen overseas assets following the implementation of a landmark nuclear deal with world powers.

Government spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobakht said much of the money had been piling up in banks in China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey since international sanctions were tightened in 2012 over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Iran’s semi-official ISNA news agency meanwhile quoted central bank official Nasser Hakimi as saying nine Iranian banks are now reconnected to SWIFT, a Belgian-based cooperative that handles wire transfers between financial institutions. No foreign banks operate in Iran, and ATMs in Iran are not yet linked to the global system.

SWIFT had no immediate comment.

The historic agreement brought about the lifting of international sanctions last month after the U.N. certified that Iran has met all its commitments to curbing its nuclear activities under last summer’s accord.

“These assets ($100 billion) have fully been released and we can use them,” Nobakht said in comments posted on the website of state-run Press TV. He said much of the money belongs to Iran’s central bank and National Development Fund. He said Iran will not bring all the money back because it can be spent on purchasing goods.

Iran expects an economic breakthrough after the lifting of sanctions, which will allow it to access overseas assets and sell crude oil more freely.

Mohsen Jalalpour, the head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, said on state TV Monday that Iranian businessmen are already able to open letters of credit for transactions in other countries.

Tamimi: I do not have confirmed on the replacement or dismissal from office Zebari Information


Majida al-Tamimi

Information / special / ..

It confirmed the National Alliance MP Majda al-Tamimi, Monday, that there are no confirmed information had been replaced or the dismissal of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari from office.

Said al-Tamimi told / information / The “leave and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari for two consecutive months, aiming for surgery in the British capital London.”

She added that “there are no confirmed on the replacement or dismissal from office Zebari and information but are waiting for the issuance of an official letter from the Iraqi government for permission in this regard.”

According to local media reports by the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari winning leave for two months, while the administrative agent of the Ministry Fadel Abdul Nabi Othman manage their affairs up to return Zebari. Finished / 25’s

The Independent: Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki bought the most expensive house in the world B301 million



London-Iraq-Presse February 1: selling the most expensive house in the world to the buyer (Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki), compared to 275 million euros, compared to 301 million US dollars, according to the British newspaper The Independent reported.

The paper says that the property extends over an area of 50 thousand square feet, or about 4645 square meters strikethrough home, in a huge park located between the areas of Versailles and Marly Le Roy in the French capital, Paris.

The site Bloomberg that the person who bought the property, asked not to be identified, but sources close to al-Maliki, according to the newspaper mentioned, that his son Ahmed is bought this huge house.

And it reflects the home of His Excellency the Palace of Versailles and includes home two wings main reception room huge roof adorned with hand drawings, and kitchens were designed artistically and floors reserved for occasions, in addition to the wine cellar, and Dar internal Cinema, in addition to the aquarium underground is the only one in Europe.

This house has the world record breaking, beating Butmenh on the price of an apartment in the British capital, London, which sold for $ 221 million in 2011.anthy year (1)

Sadr warned the forces of occupation: any interference Mosul Dam Snnhia our own way


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[Baghdad – where]
warned the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr from entering the occupation forces of all nationalities in the issue of the Mosul Dam, adding that we consider to be a blatant interference and we will end it in our own way.
He said in response to a question on the subject of the Mosul Dam, according to a statement his office, said that “the mind governs the hard work without the disaster, and that it was possible to say that it is artificial economic and political reasons.”
“The decision of the inadmissibility of interference Minister of Water Resources was issued, Mohsen Shammari] a minister proceed to the Sadrist movement, Mosul Dam file either closely or from afar, the fact that the subject is a national prejudice the sovereignty and national security in addition to what it of suspicion of corruption.
“” I do not accept the intervention of the occupation forces of all nationalities in the issue of the dam, otherwise we consider to be a blatant interference we will end it in our own way, so the government refrain from pushing America and the other in this file.
“He noted that” the prime minister Haider al-Abadi that takes the issue in a serious and he should receive a file with all its specificity and take it out for the minister Mohsen bird “.
The Ministry of Water Resources and described the Sunday before last news that circulated by some media about the possibility of the collapse of the Mosul Dam as “media hype”, saying the purpose behind it is to “disrupt the work of the Iraqi state,” while the government announced that “given the subject of the Mosul Dam crucial to ward off any risk potential and the use of international expertise in this area.
“quoted the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat, last Friday, an Iraqi official called Bkabar as saying that US President Barack Obama told telephoned Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that the possible collapse of the dam caused him” nightmares and disturbing dreams are on his mind for a day in his sleep on the possibility of the collapse of the dam, which would, if it happened, change the map of Iraq, “.anthy

The central bank is preparing to launch the e-dinar recommends depositing the salaries of all employees in banks


The central bank encourages the adoption of electronic payment systems


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, ready for the application of the electronic payment system and the launch of e-dinar about contributing up to deal with the banks and reduce the problems of the cash deal, calling on the government agencies to take advantage of them, while economic Parliamentary Committee stressed the importance of the electronic financial systems in the fight against “corruption and bribery “.

This came during a press conference held by Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency, on the Keywords, with a number of specialists economists, in the wake of a workshop payment system and collection mail in Iraq, which was held under the slogan (electronic payment methods starting point for financial inclusion), which was held within the region Green, in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press).

Keywords and said, “The central bank was prepared infrastructure for payment systems that allow the application of electronic payment for the collection or adjustments to the different agencies, including the state departments mechanism”, noting that “the infrastructure done by the Bank will provide ample space to enter the collection and electronic payment and use the card systems e. “

He said the governor, that “the central bank will launch e-dinar soon to facilitate the payment of money by mobile phone,” noting that “cash handling involves many of the economic and organizational problems, and that the electronic payment reduces bureaucracy and corruption as well as theft and assault.”

Keywords said, that “electronic payment will go through a number of stages, the first of awareness of its advantages and apply optionally campaign,” calling on government agencies to “take advantage of this service.”

Said Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency, that “the Bank will recommend the government to deposit employees’ salaries of all government and private banks during the next term in a move that will connect millions of new people to banks and get them used to the use of electronic financial services and take advantage of its benefits,” pointing out that “ten percent of citizens only on relationship banking and financial institutions currently. “

For his part, adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge, during the conference, said that “the success of the payment of retirees and displaced salaries through the smart card, encouraged the expansion of the experience there to be a bank account for each employee experience,” he returned that “it could be an employee who gets his salary that way from paying wages collection of the State or the purchase of goods and services. “

He said the head of the parliamentary economic committee, Jawad al-Bolani, in his speech during the press conference, “The House of Representatives is keen to legislation all the associated financial and economic matters,” adding that “the Commission will accelerate necessary for the application of the electronic financial systems and legislation of laws.”

Bolani stressed the importance of “electronic collection and e-dinar in the fight against corruption and bribery.”

The electronic financial systems scattered in abundance in various countries of the world, including many from the Arab, unlike Iraq, which is still in its infancy in this area as a result of the difficult conditions experienced by.