Christine Lagarde single candidate for the presidency of the International Monetary Fund for a second term

 02.11.2016 23:46 •

the International Monetary Fund said in a statement Thursday Christine Lagarde’s nomination for a second term as Executive Director of the Fund.

But Lagarde is the first woman to head the IMF and took office in 2011. 

The IMF said it aims to complete the selection process as soon as possible. 

Supported the US Treasury Department to move on. 

He said US Treasury Secretary Jack Liu said in a statement, “Christine Lagarde has shown outstanding performance in carrying out tasks her job over the past five years, and the Fund’s leadership at a critical time for the global economy. ” 

He added,” I saw time and again its ability to bring people together on key global issues and push for solutions. ” 

during the first mandate period of supervised Lagarde to address the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the steps taken international Monetary Fund to give a greater role for emerging markets such as China, have also played a prominent role in the design package international Rescue of Mali to Ukraine. 

and helped Lagarde, a former finance minister of France chaired the Group of twenty in 2011- in the public finances fundamental guiding Europe during the financial crisis from 2007 to 2009 and its aftermath . 

the IMF said in its statement that the nominations for the highest office in the international Finance Corporation closed on Wednesday and that Lagarde is the only candidate. 

the fund says it aims to complete the selection process by early March Mar.anthy


(NATO) agreed to support the international coalition to fight “Daash”


Khandan – The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday the approval of NATO defense ministers to enhance the support of the international coalition to confront the organization “Daash” terrorist.

Stoltenberg said at a news conference after a ministerial meeting of the alliance, “we have agreed in principle to the use of reconnaissance aircraft (AWACS) to support its counterpart in NATO countries participating in the war on Daash in response to the request of the United States.”

He added that “the military our experts are now working on the details, as would the decision to increase the ability of the alliance to undermine the organization Daash terrorist who is our common enemy and destroy it,” pointing at the same time that the alliance, which includes 28 members involved at the level of national efforts in the region to fight Organization.

In this regard, Stoltenberg pointed out that “NATO is working with Tunisia and Jordan in the field of defense capabilities building and will soon begin to train Iraqi officers as to what we are doing in Afghanistan is part of international efforts to combat terrorism and Daash.”

Urgent Abadi: we are waiting for the reaction of the ministerial blocs to our request for change


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new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi his call for political blocs to cooperate in a cabinet reshuffle, which first called her on Tuesday.
Ebadi said at a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “Wait a reaction to the political blocs ministerial change and there are many efficiencies in Iraqi society can take advantage of them” follow ..

Abadi was surprised not to give salaries to the staff of Kurdistan and the call for transparency in the region


Editor Ali Jassim – Thursday February 11 2016 15:12
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He showed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, surprised not to give salaries to the staff of the Kurdistan region of the fact that the region received 15% of Iraq’s oil output, as called for more “transparency” in the region and control of financial resources.

Ebadi said in a joint press conference today with German Chancellor Angela Merkelafter he arrived in Berlin and I followed Alsumaria News, “The Kurdistan region receives the same oil ratio, which in Iraq is exporting 612 thousand barrels per day,” he said, adding that it “represents 15% of the Iraqi oil output. “

Abadi expressed surprise at the “not to give salaries to the staff of Kurdistan,” explaining that “that delivers oil from the Iraqi government to the region represents money and this must be reflected in the region.”

He called al-Abadi to “greater transparency in the region and to be a role for the Kurdistan region in the control of financial resources and the distribution of these resources,” stressing “the need for there to be a stimulus for the region and we should have a unified vision on the issue of economic reform.”

The Abadi met on Thursday (February 11, 2016), German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss relations between the two countries.

Abadi arrived, on Wednesday evening, to the German capital Berlin on his way from Rome after a visit in which he met the Pope and the Italian prime minister.

Germany to loan Iraq $ 566 million to aid reconstruction


give a 500 million-euro loan ($ 566 million) to Iraq to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

At a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Thursday in Berlin, Merkel said Germany also wants to help with the demining of cities and towns in Iraq so the country’s 3 million internal refugees can return to their homes.

Merkel said it is Germany’s goal to give hope to the people in Iraq so “they do not have to leave their country.”

Iraq is one of the main sources of refugees heading to Germany and the government is trying to reduce the number of asylum-seekers coming here.

Merkel also said Germany and Iraq want to battle people-traffickers who lure Iraqis to Germany under false pretenses.

Abadi: on the international community to assist Iraq in the success of the reform plan and get out of the current crisis


11-02-2016 03:10 PM
The prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi, during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in Berlin, the capital ,, said that the Iraqi government, the process of reform and wide, in the economy and government administration ministries ,,
He added that the international community, to help Iraq in the success of the reform plan, to get out of the current crisis,
And al-Abadi said that the Iraqi forces are able to edit the regions, from terrorist gangs Daash ,, and all Matanajh is more training ,, in addition to raising the IED, planted by the organization ,, which deliver what they promise the German government.

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US commandos arrested four leaders of the “Daash” near Mosul


القوات الأمريكية في العراق


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US Komanoz force carried out the landing west of Nineveh province, on Thursday, led by the four leaders of the organization “Daash arrest.”

A spokesman for the “national mobilization” to the province of Nineveh Mahmoud Alsurja, for “Sputnik”, on Thursday, that the special flight “international coalition” force made up of seven helicopters, the, afternoon, lowered the air near the village “and Alubir”, western province Nineveh.

Alsurja He added, “The Bailout targeted an al Daash car, carrying four of the organization’s leaders, have been arrested by the force and the burning of their car.”

The process took only 10 minutes, Aldoaash, without giving the names of the leaders, for the moment, said Alsurja.

The position of Nineveh and Mosul, the largest stronghold and the most dangerous for the organization “Daash” in northern Iraq

Urgent Abadi: confident edit Mosul soon despite expectations anti


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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he was confident of the ability of Iraqi forces to liberate the city of Mosul soon.
He said al-Abadi told a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “our armed forces have made significant wins and, most recently editing gray and are heading to other areas and reached this week, an Iraqi pieces to near Mosul, and we have confidence edited soon despite expectations anti That’s what Athbtnah editor Peggy” .. follow

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