Jubouri calls on World Bank to support Iraq out of its economic crisis


Wednesday 03-02-2016 | 6:53:19

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Shafaq News / The head of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, the World Bank to support Iraq economically in order to come out of its financial crisis caused by the decline in crude oil prices in global markets in addition to the war against the terrorist organization Daash.

This came during a meeting with Iraq’s affairs official file Hafez Ghanem, World Bank, according to a statement issued by al-Jubouri’s office.

The statement said al-Jubouri said the importance of supporting Iraq economically out of the current crisis, and stressed the need to speed up the support of new programs for displaced people due to the worsening humanitarian situation.

The statement added that al-Jubouri, stressed the importance of speeding up reconstruction and resettlement of the local population and provide a real model for coexistence and stability.


Al-Jabouri discuss with officials of the World Bank economic conditions in Iraq



Al-Jabouri discuss with officials of the World Bank economic conditions in Iraq
2016 bids-02-02 at 17:31 (GMT)

Baghdad — the balance of news
Search House speaker Salim al-Jabouri, said Tuesday, with officials of the World Bank economic conditions in Iraq.

Al-Jabouri’s Office said in a statement/balance news, copy, the latter “met with officials of the World Bank to support Iraq economically and ensure the needs of the citizen.

The statement added that “such as his meeting with his us counterpart, discussed with members of Congress in support of Iraq in the face of terrorism,” also discussed us updates on the security and political situation.

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Unofficial reports of 2 more F16 fighter jets delivered to Iraqi Airbase in

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Warren: No plans for the deployment of additional US troops in Iraq


A spokesman for the international coalition against al-Islamic state Daash Steve Warren

A spokesman for the international coalition against al-Islamic state Daash Steve Warren

The spokesman for the International Alliance Against Daash Steve Warren again no intention to send US ground troops to Iraq.

Warren said during a news conference in Baghdad on Tuesday that the deployment of additional US troops depends on the Iraqi government’s decision, said: “There are no plans to bring in additional troops to Iraq unless the troops asked the government”.

Warren confirmed that the military operations in Anbar going as planned, referring to the Liberation of Daash gray, with the exception of some neighborhoods in the south-east.

Ran said through an interpreter:


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  1. With & at coalition ministerial in . the key leader in police training.

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It claims the application of tariffs on all provinces, not just the Basra

Basra – Iraq Press – February 2: MP for the province of Basra, Zaher al-Abadi, said on Tuesday, in a press conference held in the House of Representatives “We noticed the application of the tariff law in the provinces without the other in contrast to the budget provided for its application in all Law provinces. ” 

Abadi and demanded the government to “wait currently applied, we will stand with them because we were able to apply it in all the provinces and fairly.”

To that it added the MP for the rule of law, the emotions of grace, that “there is variation in the application of law in Basra is the collection of 30%, and in the port Abraham Kurdistan only 5% and this is not just like another state,” the government is required to “apply the law of customs tariff all government ports and fair. ” Ended O.h 

Tamimi: collection of electronic step to come to receive salaries and pay taxes

I almost Member BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – February 2: parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, “The prime minister’s office held a workshop, in coordination with the central bank about electronic payment, electronic collection, in a move to take over the salaries, and the payment of taxes, and collection through electronic numbers “.

She committee member, Majida al-Tamimi, said that “the Central Bank is the guarantor of this project, and must study the issue in all its aspects, and the closure of corruption outlets, while there are companies took license to this project, including the ACL,” the company, adding that the government has only through reforms, and must The move to reduce expenses, and increases revenue. “

It showed that “the country has reached a dangerous and sensitive phase as a result of lower revenues, coincided with the entry of Daash since mid-2014,” pointing out that “the central bank denied the reduction of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar in the prior permission of the Director of the Central Bank.” Ahh ended

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