Iraq and three other countries sign an agreement to combat the financing of “Daash”



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It revealed the Russian Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, on Thursday, an agreement between representatives of Russian, Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian financial control devices on combating the financing of “Daash,” pointing out that the conferees have signed an agreement that provides it.

The head of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority Russian Yuri Chikhanchen followed in a statement / information /, “The two communities have dedicated their session to identify ways of combating the financing of terrorism and drying the financial channels.”

He added that “the four countries directly involved including surrounds Bdaash, is what makes finding a joint mechanism to combat this evil is of special importance.”

He praised the meeting as “Russia’s efforts to detect Daash financing channels, also discussed the wording of the joint cooperation between financial agencies involved in the four countries.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, an agreement was signed for cooperation between the financial control of the Russian Federal Administration, the Commission for the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism, Syria, and between the Russian administration and the Centre for Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering of the Ministry of Finance Alaaranih.anthy / 25 u

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