Parliament Agenda of the meeting No. (6) Monday 8 February 2016


February 08 .2016

First, read verses from the Koran.

Second, consider the appeals filed on the membership of some of the MPs health.

Third: discuss the draft report and the prohibition of the Baath Party and the now defunct law entities, parties and activities of racist and terrorist Takfiri. (Committee of reconciliation, accountability and justice, the Security and Defense Committee, the Legal Committee . (17 articles).

Fourth: The report and discussion of the draft abandon acquired nationality law. ( Legal Committee , the Committee on the deportees and displaced and emigrants). (Article 7).

Fifth: General invitation to discuss the presence of the Minister of Water Resources on the situation in Mosul Dam.

Session starts at: ten in the morning.


Haider al-Abadi: I did not ask me for any Kurdish party non-payment of salaries of the Peshmerga


By Ziad al-Haidari 4 hours ago
حيدر العبادي أثناء إجتماعه مع لجنة الأمن والدفاع النيابية
Haider al-Abadi during his meeting with the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament

Roudao – Erbil

Denied Iraqi Prime Minister, during his meeting with the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, that is the decision of non-payment of salaries of the Peshmerga, relationship with one of the political parties in the Kurdistan region, adding that “if you are not capable of securing the Peshmerga salaries through oil dues that you sell in Kurdistan and Kirkuk province, We also can not believe that the salaries of the Peshmerga receivables sale of Basra’s oil. “

Rapporteur of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Hakhuan Abdullah has said in a statement to the network Roudao media, as “demanded the prime minister to send 150 salaries thousand fighters of the Peshmerga forces, as long as he can pay more than one million member from the other security institutions, salaries, what is the problem in the payment of salaries Peshmerga, they also face Daash organize, and make martyrs for the sake of this land, and also demanded the extradition of positions of chief of staff of the Iraqi army and served as Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior for the Kurds. “

He explained the decision of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, “that Haider al-Abadi responded to and in front of all the members of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, he will not pay the salaries of the Peshmerga, but pays the Kurdistan Region the salaries of oil dues, who sell it, and will not give the post of chief of staff of the Iraqi army and the position of Undersecretary of the Ministry Iraqi Interior for the Kurds. “

Abdullah said, “that Haider al-Abadi has denied that this decision related to one of the political parties in the Kurdistan region,” noting that “al-Abadi said that the province is selling its oil and selling of Kirkuk, and the province sends one dinar to the center, so why do not you secure Peshmerga salaries of these entitlements? “.

The Iraqi Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, has said in a television interview with Roudao channel in the history of 01.04.2016, that “there are some Kurdish parties in Kurdistan has said Haider al-Abadi that the salaries of the Peshmerga forces acted on one side only.”

Barzani to postpone the meeting with the political parties, which was scheduled for today



  • Sunday, February 7, 2016 10:38

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ..

announced the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, on Sunday, the postponement of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani meeting with political parties, which was scheduled on Sunday to another time.

Diwan said in a statement received / Baghdadi News / copy of it, that “has been postponed Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani meeting with the political parties, which was scheduled for his residence today Sunday, 02/07/2016 proposal from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, to another time to give more time political parties to hold discussions and dialogues among them. ”

For his part, Vice Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Aidan known, said in a press statement seen by / Baghdadi News /, “The Commission enacted by the parliament and the government did not reach a firm conclusion, so it was decided to postpone Sunday’s meeting at an unspecified time.”

It is said that it was decided in Barzani’s meeting with political parties (01/26/2016), and which was attended by the MDC and Jemaah Islamiyah, the formation of a joint committee composed of nine members,

is working to find a suitable ground in order to activate the parliament and the government and resolve the issue of the presidency of the region, The success of Alastvta…EEA-AknNL.html

Zebari .. “frozen” ministries



BAGHDAD / obelisk: recommended to the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, Tuesday, February 2, 2016, commissioned by the Minister of ‘technocrats’ for the management of the Ministry of Finance, saying that the enjoyment of the current minister, Hoshyar Zebari, leave at this sensitive time ‘big mistake’, while He asserted his right to the last interrogation.

He told al-Jubouri, citing claims to isolate Zebari when he was foreign minister, after he proved miserably in bridging Iraq’s relations with the countries of the world, and his quest to keep Iraq in the critical angle that put Saddam Hussein’s regime which, while breaking with the regional and international parties policy was adopted.

Observers do not haunt the Iraqi affair, doubt, in the enjoyment of the Minister of Finance leave for two months at this sensitive time, shortening and neglect, in the light of financial crisis and require follow-up care.

And accordingly, the interrogation Zebari, really is constitutionally and legally sought by Congress.

The media reports circulated earlier, news that Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari take a vacation for two months spent in London.

He knew Zebari, as ministers ‘Kurdish’ pre-be Iraqi, and influenced much relative of President of the Kurdistan region on the political agenda and method of administration of the Ministry of ‘external’ and ‘financial’, where he received the orders and directions of the Barzani directly.

Zebari, who adopted his weight ballooned and his fortune in recent years, too, to benefit approach for the benefit of the region, and seek consensus with Baghdad, but in the case of disagreement and differences it tends to Erbil.

Sometimes Zebari pursued a policy of fait accompli and delivery, while not find choice but to accept the fact numbers and realities, thus allowing a minister to stay patient in the flesh, not spirit Baghdad, where his heart in Erbil, and them.

The man, who is the current Minister of Finance and proved to be a diplomatic Alnhaz opportunities, and investor in, for the benefit of the region, and that does not interest him in Iraq only as a dairy cow produces the “petro-dollar ‘for the region.

And it could have had Zebari, Iraqi and Kurdish, and nationally in that, but time ‘Altanasr’, and deflation to the borders of the community and the nation, dragging it to the paths of selfishness.

Unfortunately, Zebari did not succeed when he was carrying the banner of foreign confidence in the recovery of Iraq by the international community, after dyed previous systems, the Iraqi diplomacy, the language of bayonets and guns, was marketed Kurdish state from behind the scenes.

The philosophy in foreign and finance both emotional not rational, considerate of his feelings toward his territory and his boss.

It is strange that Zebari despite his good relations with the parties to the political process in Baghdad, distanced himself, for the efforts of reconciliation between Baghdad and Erbil It is as if some of the illusion that a neutral, between the two parties, while the fact that Zebari obedient tool in the hands Barzani behind closed doors, hatched behind clouds break.

If Zebari had limited familiarity with the State Department, by virtue of his experience in the Diaspora, but it is a person ‘accidental’ the Ministry of Finance, was produced by the quota system.

Although the phenomenon of the weak minister that prevailed in the era after 2003, Iraq has struggled hard and risky attempts to weaken and abortion and filmed his experience as a country torn represented by ministers market their goods community, national, not home, on the road to put the country at the bottom of the regional punctuation.

In an earlier report for the ‘obelisk’ reported views among elites, media, political and citizens, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs ‘frozen time’ Hoshyar Zebari worked for years on marketing ‘Kurds’ issues Abdel Iraqi Foreign window during which complimented countries supporting terrorism and market the wills of the province, the leader of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, where He was coordinating with him, and carried out his instructions.

And played nearly Hoshyar of Massoud Barzani (free the leader of Iraq’s Kurdistan eternal Massoud Barzani and belongs Alyosrh Barzani is not displaced from office) role in his political rise, to be favoritism The first factor in the political will, while representing his experience outside Iraq, a second factor in Tbooh the position of the Foreign Ministry and other than that it is not to Zebari talents ‘exceptional’ would make him the owner of a distinct policy.

According to informed sources the-scenes politics in the governing council, said Massoud pressed strongly to make his neighbor and mercy Zebari positions were not even in his mind that some see it ‘fertile’ very in obtaining wealth and prestige, in what was to Hakiq Bzibara and master, to be Hmthma disbursed Ihsnan what to do themselves from the cataclysms of the hated and accessories forbidden, and accusations that the cause is not worthy of them.

The press conference for “Saleem al-Jubouri,” which was held at the parliament building details


07-02-2016 02:15 PM

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Orbit News –

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the intention of Parliament on accounting spoilers and thieves of public money, stressing the need for re-smuggled Iraqi funds.

Jubouri said in a news conference, holding a building the House of Representatives today, the need for “concerted efforts to get out of the security, economic and humanitarian crises that began to loom in Fallujah and the areas inhabited by the displaced, must be strengthened role by both political leaders and decision-makers.”

And his recent visit to the United States, al-Jubouri said: “Our visit to America last week addressed some of the fundamental issues, included the first two axes set of lectures public opinion industry at universities in Boston and Washington, and a number of research centers led by the Board of relations Foreign, and the second axis that there are a number of official meetings in the US administration led by Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the Parliament and head of the majority in the House of Commons and chairman of the intelligence Committee in Congress and chairman of the armament in Congress, the head of the defense committee and deputy national security adviser and officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the number of characters involved in the security situation, as we had the chance to speak with the World Bank, and specifically in relation to the economic crisis. “

“There are messages to be mentioned by the US administration, it is that the responsibility of the international community should stand in solidarity with the responsibility of Iraq in the face of terrorism and security challenges, and it is the other terms of the economic situation and the importance of ages in areas that have experienced armed operations, as it has to be that there is solidarity in this framework and help noticeable. “

He said that “the visit was clear and all the characters that have been meeting their stated clearly, statements and speeches, but meeting the American administration came at the end of the visit, and what preceded it was inter lectures and meetings in a research institutes have not been there to stir up media or by the requirements of the need to be disclosed but there are go to the description of it as he pleases and the way he wants. “

The Chairman of the House of Representatives that “security reform without political might not lead to optimal results and must achieve political reform in the various aspects of the state and its stability,” pointing out that “the human aspect is also important, especially with regard to issues of displaced people.” And that “we emphasized the unity Iraq’s security and stability, and these meanings are present, as well as the need for Iraq to be a starting point to solve the region’s problems as being best able to play a role, with its geographical position and has also been emphasis on supporting the official state institutions and Iraqi forces, especially since the House of Representatives over the presidency of the Islamic parliaments matter which will enhance the role of Iraq that have a pivotal role in this matter. “

And the economic crisis that the country witnessed between Jubouri that “talk has been with the World Bank, and there was an overwhelming response to stand with Iraq, as they have given Iraq a loan by one billion and 200 million dollars, and there is an intention to give more loans to resolve the economic problem so as not to soak Bamahzawr I mean mass salaries we are interested to go beyond the negative consequences of the economic situation. “

Jubouri Turning to the role of the Legislative Council of Representatives and the oversight, saying: “The other important issue that not less than security reform is the practice of the supervisory and legislative roles of the House of Representatives, and we are in the prime of Chapter II of the second legislative year, there are a number of legislation into law an amnesty and the Federal Court and legislation stipulated by the Constitution and that we consider necessary for building state institutions. “

He explained that “We we will go in this chapter of the search for information accurate and accountable spoilers and thieves of public money, not through the media or public discourse which does not contain accurate data, but through a clear piece of information”, announcing the “formation of a committee today conducted the deliberations during the next two weeks with the BSA and the integrity Commission and other institutions to see money diverted from Iraq and that we must put the hand out for the purpose of getting them. “

He pointed out, “there are the power given to the presidency of the House of Representatives under the parliamentary vote on the reforms that must be carried out in our evaluations, we are going to talk about who was remiss in the performance of his role, both titled Presidency of the Council or function hired him not for the purpose of torture but rather a framework Calendar right for the role of the House of Representatives, talking with committees competent to perform the role that exercise oversight role and are essential to the arms of the House of Representatives do not even indicates that it was remiss follow-up process and hold negligent and private. “

The Chairman of the Parliament that “the field of accounting is the House of Representatives Hall should not be for the presidency to stand in the way of the presence of any personal marks under a minute You progress of the relevant committees in order to be held accountable regardless of the capacity in which unsustainable,” stressing that “the supervisory role of essential and important and accounting spoilers it must be, “he said.” Our tools are relevant committees which we consider important and has a great role and it drew objections sometimes, it’s been almost two years of age Council and some committees so far do not provide the necessary reports which we can negligent and corrupt accounting. “

He stressed that “the validity of the Presidency of the Council to evaluate the performance and diagnose bugs and arrived to keep the chairmanship of the Committee.”

And his question on the draft general amnesty law and whether it will be displayed on the agenda of the meetings of Parliament’s agenda, Jubouri said, “Today in the House of Representatives session, Chairman of the Legal Committee talked about endings that have been reached her, and said the project is ready Law to be submitted for the purpose of voting,” noting that the law It must adopt the principle of re-investigation and re-trial principle enshrined in the Code of criminal Procedure, and we are keen to take the right to discuss all the specialists and have the bill ready and offers on the agenda. “

And the reconciliation project and whether it will be put forward by the House of Representatives, he said, “There is no project or proposed law now, but tomorrow through a committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, which will hold a conference on peaceful coexistence and launched a document for peaceful coexistence in the month of Ramadan and promoted through dialogues might be the conference outputs adoption a national reconciliation bill, which we consider essential to this stage. “

And reducing the protections of the members of Parliament, the Speaker of Parliament stressed that “We are keen to implement and document the reforms that have been voted on, and this can be understood through the contexts used and any failure if the stand it will be held accountable.”

Regarding the Diyala province and talk about the request for international protection for some areas, al-Jubouri pointed out that “all the way to protect the people we consider essential and necessary, value of presence to protect people’s lives and if they are unable all countries and its security institutions for the provision of means of protection do not blame than looking for his own way to provide protection for the same and it makes no sense to not-over protection for the party and stop him from providing self-protection, “pointing out that” all legal course recognized internationally can be made ​​by any frameworks and in any way available nor intersects with the Constitution nor the contexts used, “and expressed hope that the” Strengthening the role of the security establishment and to provide protection to the citizens and that Iraq be one and there are no calls to split up and enjoy all dignity and pride and exercise security functions clearly achieved if we will go to the issue of provision of services. “

Jubouri and pointed to the arrest of some of those responsible for the events in Muqdadiyah spend in Diyala, and release for some of them, noting that “we do not know the justification for it is under follow-up, as a general principle Velmejrm must be held accountable before the law and are not there of favoritism to deport people for justice.”

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Jubouri stresses the need to expedite the resolution of a legal Federal Court, amnesty



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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, stressed the need for a legal resolution of the Federal Court, the general amnesty.
A statement by the Office of the al-Jubouri agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Sunday, that “Parliament Speaker Salim al visited the Parliamentary Legal Committee, met the President and members of the Committee, where he was briefed on the latest findings of the Commission regarding a legal Federal Court, the general amnesty.”
He stressed the need to accelerate the termination points of contention, and the drafting of the final amendments to the two laws in preparation for the articles to vote, stressing the importance that everyone assumes his responsibilities; for the purpose of completion of the legal legislation within the specified period. Ended h

An international report confirms corruption worth billions of dollars during the rule of al-Maliki


Sunday, February 7, 2016

A report by international auditor for the Development Fund for Iraq (the account in which all oil revenues are deposited), on Sunday, for financial irregularities and contractual ‘big’ in the Iraqi Ministry of Health, regarding the failed projects and contracts for fake drugs unfit for consumption billions of dollars, signed mostly during the tenure Nuri Maliki as prime minister between 2006-2014.
According to a lengthy report published on financial experts site, said that ‘there are four projects at $ 39 billion and 339 million Iraqi dinars (about 33 million dollars) for the year 2013 was the completion rate which is zero until 2015, and there are two contracts signed in 2011 for the construction of two hospitals instructional in the provinces of Muthanna and Karbala in the amount of $ 249 million was due to their achievement in March 2015, but did not exceed the ratio of completed only 26%, and 29% up to September 2015 ‘.
The report added that ‘the ministry contracted with 6 projects for the establishment of teaching hospitals in Basra, Dhi Qar, Babil, Karbala, Misan, Najaf, in 2009 worth 898.5 million dollars, and did not complete the hospital until October 2015 although give companies an additional period of 100%.’ The report, ‘there is a difference of more than 1.2 trillion worth of dinars (about US $ billion) operating budget accounts (salaries) to the Ministry of Health since 2013 and its conformity with the Ministry of Finance did not take place.
The report spoke of irregularities in the conduct of contracts, a contract Nzawmh lab matched tissue to the center of the bone marrow in the city of Medicine site in February 2009 is equipped with a hash company valued at $ 1.3 million duration of the implementation three months, where it was processed materials expire after a year of imports, has ended suitability prior to use by the ministry. ‘
For its part, it revealed the Integrity Committee in the Iraqi parliament, on Sunday, for the opening of an investigation with the Ministry of Health with regard to project over the past years, stressing that the international auditor’s report will be examined by the Commission.Juma said the Office of the Committee member to’alonadol ‘, that’ the Integrity Committee in the parliament opened the Ministry of Health for contract files were in the past days to host the inspector general of the Ministry of Health, and the Director General of Kmedia company, submitted a number of questions and inquiries by the Commission to the officials, and we awaiting the arrival of the answers to take a position on them. ‘
Diwan said that the ‘international auditor’s report serves as a warning to the Ministry of Health, the Committee also will investigate all irregularities in other ministries, and Sndqq all the information and reach our own contracts are health outcomes. “