Kurdistan decided to distribute half of the salary of teachers and teachers for the month of September


Saturday 20-02-2016 | 10:07:24

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Twilight News / due to the Kurdistan Regional Government to distribute half of the salary of teachers and teachers for their dues for the month of September of last year upon the completion of the salaries of the month of January last to all civil servants distribution process.

The deputy chairman of the Union of Kurdistan teachers Ahmed گrmaana in a press statement responded to the Twilight News, said the Minister of the Territory Council vowed Union distribute half of the last salary for teachers and teachers in the province, adding that it is expected to be distributed half of the rap this before the end of this month after the completion of the distribution of salaries process all the provincial officials for the first month of this year.

He said that now the Union awaiting a response from the Council of Ministers to hold another meeting with senior officials in the government, adding that he was scheduled meeting two weeks ago with members of the executive office of the Union of Kurdistan teachers, but the frequent preoccupation with members of the government prevented the meeting is expected to take place during the current week.