Why the delay paying salaries to workers in Basra?

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Dozens of Basra Municipality Directorate of workers in front of their company headquarters in Khor Al-Zubair protest against the non-payment of salaries for three months, while the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui said that there were ghost workers in the district and promised to refer those responsible for this case to crack.

He said the provincial council member Ahmad Sulaiti The workers are suffering difficult conditions to not hand them their salaries for three months, what caused them to pretend to protest and demand to speed up the solution of this crisis.

He stressed Sulaiti the need to distinguish between the daily wage workers and workers ghost who talked about them conservative, stressing that these workers caring for their families as they get from pay day to day, but acknowledged the existence of ghost workers do not work the institution and belonging to some political parties, which he did not name names.

Basra Wednesday and saw another demonstration of dozens of employees of the General Company for Petrukimyat protest against the non-payment of salaries as well. On the local government talks to resolve the crisis late payment of salaries, Sulaiti said that a meeting was held during the day to resolve this issue, without concludes that as a result of lack of adoption of the budget law for 2014.

Additional details in the fol

Read more: http://www.radiosawa.com/content/iraq-basrah-salaries/262647.html#ixzz3KtbS4JWq


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