Abadi security leaders: back to civilian life Baghdad important and strive to lift concrete barriers  

Editor Hussein gesture – Saturday 20 December 2014 20:48
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Confirmed the commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, during a meeting of security leadership of the Ministry of the Interior to restore civic life of the capital Baghdad, an important and strategic, stressing his quest to lift the barriers and reduce checkpoints.

Ebadi said office said in a statement, “Alsumaria News” received a copy of it, “Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi contract, today, meeting with security leaders Interior Ministry in the presence of Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban and the commander of the Baghdad Operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir al-Shammari.”

He added that the office “was discussed during the meeting and discuss the process of transferring security to Baghdad, the Interior Ministry and the strategic security stomach to maintain the Baghdad security checkpoints and reduce it. “

He stressed Abadi, according to the statement “the importance of the security strategy takes into account, keeping the security of citizens, and to reduce checkpoints, to alleviate the suffering of Baghdadi citizen to go to work and mobility,” pointing out that “the restoration of civil life of the capital Baghdad, an important and strategic for us, and we seek to raise concrete barriers, and reduce checkpoints while maintaining the security of citizens. “

Abadi and pointed out that “the organization Daash terrorist, followed all the procedures for disrupting the security of the capital,” adding that “there are great efforts exerted by the security agencies to curb organized crime, especially kidnappings, which are exploited by organizing Daash terrorist to tamper with the security of the capital.”

A security source said on Saturday, that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed with Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban and Secretaries of State and leaders of the Baghdad Operations and federal police transforming the security file in the capital to the interior ministry.

The Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces said Haider al-Abadi, in (November 11, 2014), that the next phase will see take over the Ministry of Interior security in Baghdad.


Chancellor Jubouri: All indications are serious partners in terms of achieving political agreement

Twilight News / consultant Speaker of the House for national reconciliation and unity Jumaili, on Sunday, said all indications are that serious political partners in achieving the political agreement the terms of which resulted in the formation of the current government headed by Haider al-Abadi.


She Jumaili in a press release today reported for “Twilight News”, that “serious sensed by the partners in the implementation of the terms of the political agreement, through our follow diligent with partners through the House of Representatives and Minister for the application of the items that were agreed upon in accordance with the political agreement, which included government program which was followed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on him confidence and has been approved by Parliament. “

She added that “there are some items from close political agreement have been completed and some are under way and others need to ceilings time wider to accomplish,” afterthought “There are positive by the other party to adopt a close political agreement terms and achieved through the Council of Ministers or through bills In the House of Representatives. “


Urgent … Abadi leave for Kuwait on an official visit

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Left Baghdad to Kuwait on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on an official visit, to intensify bilateral and international efforts to contain [Daash] and find security and military cooperation and intelligence.

Abadi and will discuss during a meeting with Kuwaiti leaders, economic file and oil prices, as well as give thanks to Kuwait in response to the postponement of the payment of compensation. It’s over


Yazidis cheer Kurds on Iraqi mountain for breaking Islamic State siege

4:06pm EST

By Isabel Coles

SINJAR MOUNTAIN, Iraq (Reuters) – Iraqi Kurdish fighters flashed victory signs as they swept across the northern side of Sinjar mountain on Saturday, two days after breaking through to free hundreds of Yazidis trapped there for months by Islamic State fighters.

A Reuters correspondent, who arrived on the mountain late Saturday, witnessed Kurdish and Yazidi fighters celebrating their gains after launching their offensive on Wednesday with heavy U.S. air support.

The Iraqi Kurdish flag fluttered, with its yellow sun, and celebratory gunfire rang out. Little children cheered “Barzani’s party”, in reference to the Kurdish region’s president, Massoud Barzani.

“We have been surrounded the last three months. We were living off of raw wheat and barley,” said Yazidi fighter Haso Mishko Haso.

It was the plight of those trapped on the mountain, together with Islamic State’s advance towards the Kurdish capital Arbil, that prompted U.S. President Barack Obama to order air strikes against IS in Iraq in August. Thousands of members of the Yazidi religious minority were killed or captured by the militants.

Since then, Kurdish peshmerga forces in northern Iraq have regained most of the ground they had lost. But the war grinds on, as a weakened Iraqi army and Shi’ite militia volunteers battle back and forth with Islamic State across central and western Iraq. The United States is also carrying out air strikes on IS in Syria.

Kurdish and Yazidi fighters on Saturday predicted the Yazidi town of Sinjar to the south would soon fall to Kurdish forces. They said a battle there was already under way, although there was no independent confirmation.

“Now there is fighting in Sinjar. Islamic State’s morale has collapsed completely,” said Haji Najem Hussim, a Yazidi fighter with the Kurdistan Democratic Party. “One hundred percent tomorrow, we will go to the town of Sinjar.”

He said Islamic State fighters had only suicide bombers and snipers.

A 32-truck convoy of aid sent by Iraqi Kurds to the Yazidis, including food, tents, medical supplies and food, arrived on the mountain on Saturday. At night, war planes could be heard roaring overhead.

No Yazidis appeared to have come down from the mountain, as many were waiting to see the fate of Sinjar town before attempting to return.

(Reporting By Isabel Coles, Writing by Ned Parker, Editing by Mark Trevelyan)


The Ministry of Finance resort to tax increases and the imposition of customs duties to reduce the budget deficit

20-12-2014 12:20 AM

Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, said his ministry would resort to tax increases and the imposition of customs duties on goods entering the country, in order to reduce the budget deficit ratio.

Zebari said in a press statement seen by (news) said: ‘The ministry is working to reduce the budget deficit in 2015 through the creation of alternatives to oil such as increased taxes and tariffs Kmarkip on some goods entering the country, noting that the procedure followed by several countries rely on tax budgets, such as Britain and the United States’.

And between Zebari said that his ministry will work toward pressure on the special budget expenditures, to reduce the deficit, but this does not include pressure medicine and food.’

Zebari stressed that ‘the beginning of next year there will be a budget after the Ministerial Committee complement pressure and reduce the budget deficit and delivered to the Cabinet for approval and sent to the House for a vote.’

The draft is based on the price of $ 70 per barrel, but oil prices tumbled to below $ 60 a barrel. Iraq relies on oil revenues to finance 95 per cent of budget income.


Abadi government intends to borrow from the Fund and the Central Bank Calls for Troy

20-12-2014 12:17 AM

Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, for the government’s intention to borrow $ 5 billion from the International Monetary Fund, but the central bank pressed further ‘expenses pressure’ before heading to external borrowing.

He said the Commission’s decision, MP Ahmed Rashid flesh, that: the Government intends to address the large proportion of the deficit, due to lower oil prices, through the use of internal and external borrowing, as well as increase the combined oil production while reducing public expenditure ‘, adding that’ the government has conducted four amendments to the draft general budget to reduce the size of public expenditures, which amounted to the latest draft 148.274 trillion dinars.’

He explained that ‘the overall size of the operational expenses amounted to 103.370 trillion, while capital expenditures amounted to 44.904 trillion, while the budget deficit reached 36.428 trillion dinars.’

He pointed out that ‘the Iraqi oil is sold, during the last few hours, dollars with 53 per barrel’, stressing that this level of prices’ one of the real reasons that prompted the government to not to discuss the budget on Thursday, adding to the pressures of the Central Bank of Iraq need to deficit treatment before resorting to external borrowing.’

Hama said that ‘the International Monetary Fund, which the government tends to borrow from him, he has the conditions for lending states do not exceed the budget deficit in the country ceiling of 15 trillion dinars’, pointing out that it ‘intends to borrow $ 5 billion from the International Monetary Fund’.

It is said that oil revenues in the budget of 2015 is estimated B98.311 trillion dinars, while non-oil revenues are estimated B13.535 trillion dinars, come this revenue from the management of currency tax, sale and leasing of real estate the state, and religious tourism, and the profits of public companies, Kalmsafa, and some laboratories The self-financing companies Winning’.


Italian, Dutch FMs to visit Iraq next week

Saturday, 20 December 2014 20:58

Baghdad (AIN) –The Italian and Dutch Foreign Ministers will visit Iraq next week.

Source stated to AIN “The Italian and Dutch FMs will visit Iraq next week to discuss the bilateral relations and the means of combating ISIL.” /End/