Iraq appreciates Kuwait approval to postpone the payment of compensation

Iraq appreciates Kuwait approval to postpone the payment of compensation
BAGHDAD spokesman’s office said the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said that the declaration of the State of Kuwait approval “in principle” on Iraq’s request to postpone the payment of $ 4.6 billion in compensation to the Gulf War, it will have a positive impact on the relationship between the two countries.

Saad said Sabri, “Kuwait Declaration postpone the payment of war reparations for one year, the focus is a step welcomed by the Iraqi government, especially in light of the critical economic conditions of Iraq’s security and the challenges faced.”

Iraq has suffered from the financial crisis as a result of lower oil prices in the global markets and the widening circle of military expenditure, after the control of the organization, “Daash” on large areas of the provinces of Anbar (west), Nineveh and Salahuddin (north) and Diyala (east).

Sabri said that “Kuwait by agreeing to the request of Iraq sent a positive message towards strengthening the bonds of mutual cooperation between the two countries to face common challenges, and will give the approval of Kuwait to the Iraqi demand a great impetus to the consolidation of relations between the two sides and an end to all outstanding issues.”

Sabri pointed out that “the prime minister Haider al-Abadi’s visit to Kuwait early next week will focus on the research of security files and military coordination within the framework of the face of the terrorist gangs (Daash).”

The First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid, said on Tuesday that his government responds with Iraq, which is facing serious challenges regarding the postponement of the final payment of the compensation, without prejudice to the Security Council resolutions.

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Love, American Style: Iraq’s Kurds fans of all things US, Bush



In the Kurdish-administered region of Iraq, the American flag is a fashion statement as well as a declaration of admiration for the US Above left, Mohammed Huthifa Mloky holds up memorabilia, while Gulan Sherko, r.) Wraps herself in Old Glory.(

The bald Old Glory and the almighty dollar are king in this portion of where Kurds do not hide affection for the US

Shops peddle American flags, US military gear is prized and the locals speak glowingly of the nation they credit with removing Saddam Hussein, the dictator whose heavy hand so often came down on the minority clustered in Iraq’s northern regions.

“Imagine if America did not exist,” said Kurdo Amin Agha, an accountant whose home is adorned with Israeli, American and Kurdistan flags, and who wears a US Army shirt and Navy SEAL watch. “Without America, the world would be run by China or Iran.

“America represents freedom,” he added. “Our dream is to be eternally allied to America.”

“America represents freedom. Our dream is to be eternally allied to America.”– Kurdo Amin Agha, Kurdish accountant

Throughout the region, a US passport gets its bearer waved through security checkpoints, ushered through ministry doors and tea served with a broad smile of the manager when dining out.

The autonomous Kurdish region, run by the independent Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and its President Masoud Barzani, as opposed to being under the complete thumb of the Iraqi Central Government, is home to around 6 million ethnic Kurds. It has long been marketed to the world as the “other Iraq” – a relatively safe and economically sound slice of the country which welcomes Westerners with open arms.

Everywhere you go a hint of red, white and blue can be bought and sold. One store tucked away in a local bazaar in this city, owned by a middle-aged man by the name of Zawzad, sells only pro-American merchandise and US military-inspired clothing.

“It’s just beautiful,” Zawzad says softly, as he reverently unfolds a giant flag, holding it up with great respect.

Taxis are routinely adorned with seat covers starring the iconic bald eagle pattern, an array of household, electronic and fashion items from screwdrivers and pots and pans to guitars, phone covers, hats, shirts, shoes and bags are widely available in stars and stripes patterns .

Local police and military forces proudly sport American brand 5.11 Tactical gear and clothing – which can be found in both real and counterfeit varieties in scores of stores. An American flag patch is often sewn on.

It’s not uncommon to have your drink served with a US flag etched on the side of the glass, or to see American presidential memorabilia behind the workplace desk of a local Kurd. A significant number of official rooms display some sort of official certificate showing a connection between the Kurdish territory and the United States.

“Students used to have to learn Kurdish and Arabic,” one local doctor explained.“Now they just want to learn Kurdish and English.”

Bordering Iran, Turkey, Syria and the Arab-dominated Republic of Iraq, the Kurdish-run region’s resoluteness is embodied by its prominent military, the Peshmerga, which translates to “those who face death.” The rugged army, battle-hardened from years of clashing with Hussein’s forces, has proven to be an able force in countering Islamic State.

Kurdish fighters clash continuously with Islamic State throughout northern Iraq and Syria, though the fiercest fighting takes place outside the territory under Kurdish control. Just 60 miles west of the region’s capital, Erbil, an ancient city which was protected by American no-fly zones during Operation Iraqi Freedom, sits Mosul – the country’s second-largest city and now under ISIS control.

The roots of the Kurdish affection for America lie in the US-led operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. While the first, under President George HW Bush, did not topple the hated Hussein, it served notice that America was his enemy.

US military forces ousted Hussein in 2003 and brought him to ultimate justice in 2006, when he was executed on orders of an Iraqi tribunal. Tens of thousands of Kurds were murdered, many with chemical weapons, on orders of the former Baath Party leader. Once Hussein was gone, the oil-rich Kurdish region began to prosper.

Kurds openly express their hope that the United States will help them become a completely independent country.

When the US-led airstrikes to hamper ISIS were launched in August, entire Kurdish neighborhoods could be seen waving American flags in the streets, with many even marking American Veterans Day this past November.

“We follow American news,” Agha said. “Like shootings and hurricanes. We care about what happens to the people of the United States.”

Most Kurds show great respect for President Obama, but it’s the name Bush that generates a larger salute. Some are even preparing to get behind possible candidate Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential elections.

“The first Bush made no secret that he hated Saddam, the second Bush finished him off,” Agha added. “And the third will be the one to give Kurdistan its independence.”

The very concept of an independent Kurdistan is extremely controversial. With an ethnic population spread across the territory of three other nations outside of Iraq – Turkey, Syria and Iran – the prospect of redrawing the borders of all four countries to create a new state seems to some an impossibly destabilizing idea. Even the notion of independence for just the Kurdish-administered area of ​​Northern Iraq is opposed not just by neighboring countries but by the international community, including the Obama administration.

Nonetheless, many Kurds remain steadfastly pro-American. One local even noted Kurdish authorities “get scared” when they see an American passport. “Nobody wants to upset an American,” the local explained. “They worry they might have said or done something wrong.”

Kurds, who as a group are overwhelmingly Muslim, also portray themselves as more religiously tolerant. “Right now I am working with Muslims, Yazidi, Christians – we’re all working together,” said one high-ranking KRG official.

“They celebrate occasions together. It is something very beautiful. I have friends who pray and friends who do not, that is not my problem. That is their choice. That is how Kurdish people think about religion. “

On the morning of Dec. 1, many Kurds were busy setting up and decorating Christmas trees. Whether it was the secular embrace of a foreign religious rite or simply done to make guests more comfortable was not clear.

“We’re still new to this,” a Kurdish hotel employee said with a smile, amid bickering with a co-worker on how to decorate it. “But we love it.”

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1/2 Over the past 48 hours in , U.S and partner nation forces have conducted 61 new airstrikes against terrorists.

Abadi: we have the possibility to come out stronger after bypass security challenges and the fight against terrorism and the budget

Abadi: we have the possibility to come out stronger after bypass security challenges and the fight against terrorism and the budget
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(Independent) .. assured the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraq’s two main challenges facing the eradication of terrorism and the challenge of building and reconstruction services, stressing that awareness is the foundation in the fight against the challenges.

Ebadi said in a speech Balahtphalah set up by the Ministry of Planning in collaboration with UNDP, the United Nations launched the National Human Development Report: “There are two challenges the country Ausbandmha namely the eradication of terrorism and eliminate it, the other challenge is the construction and reconstruction and the provision of services”, adding: “We can be overcome the challenges if we had the will and determination and based on tA he awareness. ”

He called on community leaders to take action to help the poorer classes in order to qualify and open new horizons in front of her, warning of the danger of concentration of wealth in a few hands, calling for a fair distribution of wealth and providing equal opportunities for all.

He stressed the need to improve the youth to take responsibility correctly, and that the Iraqi individual has the ability to withstand challenges, and that there is a possibility to come out stronger and more robust after bypass security challenges and the fight against terrorism and the budget and the lack of income.

Abadi said that the government program to ensure targets and plans need to be mechanisms for its implementation, stressing that the social and human development if neglected, there will be differences in a stratified society.

Urgent ….. Barzani suggests plan to liberate Mosul from ISIL


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Baghdad (AIN) -The Secretary General of the Peshmerga Ministry within the Kurdistan Regional Government, General Jabar Yawer Amin, revealed a suggestion for the President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, to set a plan to liberate Mosul city from the gangs of the terrorist ISIL which contains participation of the Peshmerga forces in the plan. /End/–barzani-suggests-plan-to-liberate-mosul-from-isil.html

Citizens are demanding to accelerate the adoption of the budget in 2015

Submitted by Aces-

Baghdad Ammar Aboudi
The subject of a failure to approve the 2014 budget form a dangerous precedent has been overshadowed by a lot of joints of Iraqi life, especially in connection with the failure to provide jobs and put some provinces in an embarrassing position towards what is required of them as the religious authority indicated earlier. Citizens called through interviews conducted with them (the (Constitution)) prime minister and the House of Representatives to resolving all the obstacles and problems that stand in front of the adoption of the budget in 2015 and accelerate it through concerted efforts and benefit from past experience that negatively impacted heavily on the reality of life and all areas and not to repeat the scenario painful himself .
* A citizen satisfaction favor: I see that the Iraqi people will not stand idly by this time. If delayed, the budget does not conceal from you, there is considerable determination by the citizens to get out demonstrations in all provinces if the delayed adoption of the budget and repeat the same painful scenario and the concerned authorities approve the budget consciousness that holds responsibility to work very quickly and bear the consequences of events in the case of delay, the people will not accept to delay the budget for whatever reason and whatever the party that stands behind it is not a compliment after today and hope to have a quick response to our demands the adoption of the budget.
* Added ‘Alaa Mahmoud is no secret to everyone that the delay in approving the 2014 budget had a negative impact on life in Iraq dramatically so we do not repeat the mistake and also came to speak of Prophet Mohammad (do not bite believer, twice shy) and the government, represented by prime minister in addition to the House of Representatives are by two are required to work to complete the budget quickly and studied in the Council of Ministers and forwarded to the House of Representatives the government to throw the ball in the court of the Council and then the House of Representatives as a legitimate representative of the people of Addm stand before the passage of the budget and that all political parties work to reach the final version of the budget update for each correct conditions and running citizen service.
* As you see Leila Hassan that the budget had been approved earlier, but the difference quotient crude oil prices due to the small quantities of crude oil pumped by the Iraqi and the sharp drop oil prices by OPEC that led to the result of re-balancing and formulation of new it is known that the budget entirely dependent on oil prices, regardless of the reason or another, the budget must be approved quickly and obstacles not be in front of this recognition because of loss if they occurred (God forbid) they will catch everyone, I do not think that there is a winner in the delay budget both in this the budget or the budget for the coming years and this point must be the desire high Baaqraralmoisna and by everyone. * Indicates citizen and Sam Ghali to be the main reason for the lack Agheraralmoisnp for 2014 is the political differences within the House of Representatives, and if we want to be Agheraralmoisnp next year without obstacles or delay we first demand of the political blocs to leave aside their differences, or at least not to introduce the budget in this circle differences and work principle of altruism even for one time when there is a demand of the political blocs and a sincere desire Bagheraralmoisna it will be achieved, and quickly, but that does not happen I do not think that the budget will be approved soon and will go into the maze of its beginning and no end, and remains the only loser is the citizen.
* Adds citizenship dreams denominator that approving the budget needs to be clarity of intent and a genuine desire in that we call upon the Iraqi government approving the budget in a period not exceeding the period announced by the Prime Minister’s Office and the House of Representatives a lot of deliberation sessions and submit proposals for resolving the shapes found in the budget, not details that there is a time gap between the hearing and the other and be the first readings of the second, third and indefinitely without success and we hope to be a budget incomplete from all sides and that there will be austerity in expenses and the salaries of officials and deputations and other so there is a large deficit which consequently leads to delays and Edjna in a dark tunnel do not know when we see the light.
* Sees Ahmed Kadhim said security and political situation in Iraq can not tolerate any tensions, whether on the security side, political and I assure you that any delay in the budget would have a negative impact on the two sides is sure that it will affect their projects and on other aspects of the educational and physical nor one can deny the negative impact of SOA projects which are needed to great efforts to make up for what he has done and work on improving the fact the service, which was, and continues to suffer from neglect and marginalization and approving the budget, financial allocations is to accelerate progress in all these areas. * An economic expert peace Sumaisem adviser banks civil association in Iraq, the adoption of the budget in 2015 on oil revenues, attributed the reasons for this, the volatility of oil prices and fears of a sharp decline leads to the destruction of the financial budget of the State .waodan Sumaisem that oil prices can not be relied upon in the construction budgets of states warned so as to decrease, which is expected to go down without a price specified in the construction of the budget in return for increasing the need to increase military spending She added, that the next year’s budget must be done by the economic sectors neglected (Industry, Trade and Tourism), along with oil, pointing to the existence of social effects of war Iraq faces against Daash what left displaced officially make up two and thus Vsdad financial dues food and health and service needs cost the state huge amounts of money .odat Sumaisem, the government to rewrite the doors of the operating expenses and try to save what remains of the projects his part, predicted Economic Media Center return oil prices to stability levels near one hundred dollars a barrel price before the middle of next year and is Tdriga.waodh economic analyst Dergham Mohammed Ali, chairman of the center that the large and rapid decline in oil prices is not due for a long-term objective factors, but due to put oil and abundance of some producers and speculation in the oil market, saying that These factors are temporary and that the market will not remain a reality under its influence effectively for a long time being fabricated factors unsustainable is the impact of the natural growth of the request in light of the ongoing global development and the lack of competitive energy alternatives .wacharaly the coming months is expected to see a gradual rise in oil prices to the level of stability, and that the OPEC will not be able to withstand the current production levels if the light of the deteriorating current prices persists, stressing the expected arrival of oil prices to $ 100 again before the middle of next year solutions.

A statement of the Peshmerga wed a major victory for the Kurds in Kurdistan Flag Day

By Roudao 18 minutes ago

Roudao – Erbil

Command announced the west of the Tigris axis of the Peshmerga forces, regain control of the eight villages south of Zammar, in addition to enabling them to cut through the connector to the extremist organization, and break up the remnants of the insurgency in the entire region, and calling it a “great victory, which came in conjunction with Flag Day Kurdistan.”

He pointed out a senior military source in the leadership of the west of the Tigris axis, through a military communication Roudao Media Network received a copy of it, that “the Peshmerga forces began at dawn on Wednesday, 17/12/2014, the implementation of a broad attack on the headquarters of the organization of the Islamic state in the south of Zammar axis and were able to inflict heavy losses extremist organization. “

He said the military source: “Peshmerga forces managed to regain control of the villages (Fiqirok, Kirkamish, Kopanki, Gna, Karez, Ksrig, large brochure and brochure small), in addition to control of the strategic divider that connects Mosul, Kski, and Aouinat Bes,” adding, “control of the strategic retail cuts through military supply extremists from Mosul, and contributes to disperse the remnants of the terrorists in the entire region.”

The statement pointed out that “the great victory achieved by the Peshmerga forces, comes in conjunction with Flag Day Kurdistan, which is an extension of the liberation struggle of the Kurdish people.”

Salim al announce the bilateral relations between Tehran and Baghdad are based on high confidence

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[Baghdad where]

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said, today, that the existing relations between Tehran and Baghdad distinct and special, stressing that it is not linked to the events of the vessels, but is based on the keenness of all Parties in the light of the common interests between the two countries.

He said al-Jubouri in a press statement about his visit to Tehran and his meetings with Iranian officials, said, “These meetings have been derived from our commitment to find a solid relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran and documented because there is a common destiny, and there are interrelated interests related files a variety of political, economic and security was visit an expression of our commitment to build this relationship well and the exchange of views and the formation of a unified vision. “

He added that he “held a meeting with the head of the Islamic Shura Council, Ali Larijani, and the meetings will be completed tomorrow with the President and some Iranian political figures, adding that the meetings were frank and clear.”

In response to a question about the level of relations between Iran and Iraq, described the leader of the Islamic Party of Iraq bilateral relations between Tehran and Baghdad are based on high confidence, adding: “We assess relations as excellent, especially that it is not linked to the events of the vessels, but rather indicates the keenness of each party in the light of common interests with the other party “.

He said al-Jubouri, “We bind large limits and binds the affiliation of Islam, which represents the majority of the Iraqi people and the Iranian people, and sometimes the unity of position, especially in the security issues that need to confront terrorism and the threat or anything that threatens the entire region, therefore I believe that the strong relationship between the two sides to pave the way to perform a significant role by Tehran and Baghdad on security issues.

And about his opinion on tour by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi abroad said it was natural that each Iraqi officials as well as the prime minister toured the Arab Gulf states and countries in the region, stressing the need to open new horizons for the development of this relationship well.

“We want to remove all differences and we want to make all the other countries react with democratic reality that exists in Iraq and unite to defeat terrorism as will enable us to achieve a greater role, pointing to a blockage in the relationship with some countries and the role of these tours in the settlement of differences and activation Iraqi role significantly.

Commenting on the air strikes on Daash said Iraqi Parliament Speaker: We have said from the beginning that the international coalition may bring some interest but not the interest that eliminate the terrorist groups have developed among other requirements, including maintaining the sovereignty, including coordination with the Iraqi government.

He stressed that “this issue is very important and can not international coalition to achieve victory in isolation from the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people and the beginning of the defeat of the terrorist groups, which runs from the Iraqi people and Tkacvh, unity, and then, if necessary, to help others then you can discuss this matter in the Adh.anthy

Parliamentary Legal: political disagreements about the Federal Court Act

 Dated: December 17, 2014

Baghdad / Iraq News Network
confirmed a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Ibtisam al-Hilali’s offer of the Federal Court Act for the second reading is still delayed because of disagreements blocks Alssayash.oukalt Hilali said in a statement:

“The Legal Committee received a number of proposals to amend the Federal Court Act, hoping to be listed. In the second reading later.

“She added Hilali that” the legal age for judges and benefits they receive and the number of advisers and Quorum of the members of the Federal Court and the compatibility between the scholars of Islamic law and legal experts are among the axes of the dispute over the Federal Court Act “.ofattt”

There is controversy parliamentary sharply on the validity of veto power / power / between law scholars and judges, as well as the proposed quorum of members of the Federal Court between being nine judges or 11,

“indicating that” the government will be the mechanism for appointment of judges of the Federal Court, according to the law by the nomination of the older scholars of law.

“The Council of Ministers approved yesterday judges Project of the Federal High Court Act and the amendment of Article / 12 / of the project to be a quorum of two thirds of the presence of the court.…%d8%a9-%d8%ad/

Zebari, Iraq keen to activate the economic and environmental relations with Egypt

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Meet Hoshyar Zebari and Sameh Shoukry

Met Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Wednesday evening Sameh Shoukry Foreign Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt and his accompanying delegation.
During the meeting, they discussed the Iraqi – Egyptian relations and the emphasis on the government’s keenness to activate the economic and environmental relations and to support the Egyptian people in the political and constitutional conversion process taking place in Egypt.
They also reviewed the areas of joint working and what can be offered by Egypt from the expertise and capabilities in the area of ​​capacity building in the country, and the price of the Minister of Finance of Egypt positions advanced in support of the national unity government and the fight against terrorism.
He also stressed the government’s keenness to provide the required assistance to the brothers in Egypt, according to the possibilities available.