Abadi Office: Washington will hand over Iraqi pilots first aircraft F16 this mont


Abadi Office: Washington will hand over Iraqi pilots first aircraft F16 this month

Fallujah News / Baghdad … Prime Minister’s Office announced Haider al-Abadi, that the American side will hand over Iraqi pilots who are trained in one of the rules in the United States first F16 aircraft this month.
Media spokesman for the office Saad Sabri said he ‘was emphasized during the visit of US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to Baghdad recently the need to speed up the processing of security forces with weapons and equipment to the extent that they can make progress and the need to accelerate the pace of support’, pointing out that ‘the American side promised that he would be there support open ‘.
Sabri added that ‘the American side committed to deliver Iraqi pilots who are trained in one of the bases on US soil, the first F-16 during the month of December the current First’, stressing that ‘the plane will enter in the field of sorties, and after completion of the training the rest of the aircraft will be delivered.’



Parliamentary audit files to the inspector of the Ministry of Health

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BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) – the Committee on Health and Environment parliamentary said today it will begin audited suspicious files in the contract on the purchase of medicines and medical devices entered Iraq through the inspector general’s office and the Ministry of Health.

The committee member said Abdul Hadi Mohan’s ( IMN ) “The inspector of the Ministry of Health atrophic Abdul Hassan ineligible to manage Inspectorate Office in the Ministry of Health.”

He explained that “there are many corrupted files in the Office of the Inspector will be including the entry of medicines and medical devices from unknown origins files will be investigated by the next week.”

Previous al-Maliki government and referred the former Inspector Adel Muhsin of the Ministry of Health and erected atrophic Abdul Mohsen prox


Zamili: We started to investigate the reasons for the fall of Mosul, and call up officials, regardless of their position

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Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary of quitting
Author: HA, HH
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the causes of the fall of the city of Mosul announced, however, the organization (Daash), on Saturday, all directly Committee work to uncover the reasons for the fall of the city on the tenth of the month of June 2014, and stressed that the Commission will call all of proving responsibility for the “defeat” the army regardless of office, while pointing to call a number of security leaders, most notably former Assistant Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Abboud Qanbar corner and the former commander of the land forces Gen. Ali Ghaidan corner.

He said of quitting, in an interview to the (long-Presse), the Committee “began the initial investigation of the reasons for the fall of the city of Mosul, however, the organization (Daash) and we began with leaders and officials from the city,” stressing that “will call anyone emitter of bloodshed and the collapse of the army and refraction the military establishment on the tenth of June. ”

He Zamili, that “the Commission will call if you feel that there is a need anyone behind the events of the province, whether Vice President Nuri al-Maliki Ogerh to investigate him whatever his position and level of the mass of the party,” adding that “what happened in Spyker of blood and what happened in Iraq from security breaches caused by the refraction of the army in Mosul. “

He Zamili, head of the security and defense committee in the House of Representatives that “the names of candidates for achieving them are Associate former Army Chief of Staff Gen. corner Abboud Qanbar, the commander of ground forces, former Lieutenant General Ali Ghaidan and Maj. Gen. Mahdi al-Gharawi, and the governor of Nineveh Liberation of Iraq, as well as the commanders of brigades and regiments and officials of the Rapid Intervention and intelligence, terrorism and intelligence. “

Zamili and explained that “the investigative committee of the reasons for the fall of Mosul, consisting of seven to eight members, deputies have been added for the province of Nineveh, according to what to put in the Presidency.”

The Information Office of the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, denied on the eighth of December 2014, reports that the questioning of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during the next session of parliament on the fall of the city of Mosul, however, the organization (Daash), as he emphasized that the investigation of this file from the jurisdiction of the Authority judicial “exclusively”.

It is noteworthy that the organization (Daash) may impose its control over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014), also extended its activities beyond, to the provinces of Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Diyala, which led to a wave of displacement New in Iraq.


Parliamentary Finance: 2015 budget will be passed without Barriers

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nformation / specialI / ..
parliamentary Finance Committee considered, Saturday, that the budget next year, 2015 will pass without Barriers, as happened in the current year’s budget.
The committee member said Sirhan Ahmed told / information /, that “next year’s budget will be easily passed because there are a number of reasons the most important of the correct reading and advisement by the prime minister in addition to that there is consensus and agreement of Parliament to pass, as a result of the awareness that there is no winner of the delay in the budget. ”
He added that the “convergence of views between the political blocs in the moment as well the country’s need urgently to all money matters speed up the approval of the budget next year. ”
He continued Ahmed said “political rapprochement recent agreement reached between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, will impact on the course of approving the budget and avoid Almarqlat that occurred in the previous period, which led to disruption of approving the budget for the current year and pay people the taxes and introduced the country in large financial crises. ”
It was an economic advisor to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh announced on Saturday, for the budget presentation in the Cabinet meeting to be held next Tuesday after agreeing to increase oil exports to offset the decline Alosar.anthy / 25 K

Expectations largest decline in oil prices over the next year

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information / Baghdad / ..
ended in oil prices the week at a new level of decline, with the approach of benchmark Brent barrier of $ 60 a barrel, while the fallen US crude approaching the barrier of $ 55 a barrel, with expectations consistently decline with the beginning of 2015.
The current levels of oil prices, the lowest since the summer of 2009, which saw the top of the global financial crisis that led to the global economic recession curve of the world has not recovered from it yet.
With the end of this year, it seems that the global demand for oil will continue to decline, which means more than falling prices Oil in 2015.
For its part, the International Energy Agency cut its estimate for global demand of about 230 thousand barrels per day from the previous forecast, bringing the expected decline in global demand to 900 thousand barrels per day in 2015.
In its monthly Oil Market Report, lowered the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC), the global demand for oil by about a million barrels a day, which is below the level of demand for OPEC oil countries in 10 years.
The report said that demand for OPEC oil fell more than 280 thousand barrels per day from the previous forecast, and as global demand at 28.92 million barrels per day.
This means lower demand by more than a million barrels per day from the current production of OPEC ceiling, at 30 million barrels per day.
According to some experts and analysts that the crisis of the collapse of oil prices are subject intertwined factors are not limited to increased production from non-OPEC countries, particularly from oil shale in the United States, or for political reasons, or even pressure on Russia and Iran.
bent some concerned to review what has been described as an “economic recovery” following the crisis that hit the world, more than 5 years.
It seems that the structural imbalances that led to the global crisis in (2009/2008) did not experience any serious treatment, the world continued in attempts to “traditional reform” did not hold much, what threatens


Drain the legacy of al-Maliki will not only through his trial

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi began opening financial corruption files on timidly, fearing that its leader, the party and its predecessor is in power Nuri al-Maliki, the victim of a misunderstanding, but he soon became an outspoken size of the disaster that hit the Iraqi economy, and continues to threaten Iraq, a wealthy state fiscal deficits.
No longer embarrassed to be one of Nuri al-Maliki holds responsibility for what happened and is of corruption. Maliki had succeeded in creating a fake state on paper. The wealth of that country were not beyond the limits of paper records.

All development projects has been spent on more than one-third of the budget of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki in an era which lasted eight years, was a studies and architectural plans and roller includes films carried out in a manner photoshop. It means that the money spent has not yielded anything on the ground.

That was a project deals for looting public money in the country of thirty percent of the population is below the poverty line. That was a programmer and organized looting, so that the looted money out of Iraq under the cover of law to settle in the Iraqi officials in neighboring countries banks accounts.

This file will not be thorny. Inventory account and one that can scatter enormous layers of paper architecture built by al-Maliki himself. However, the restoration of hundreds of billions will not be easy. What is worse than that is that the guards that the State of the paper are still in their phantom.

The government of Iraq and change the president, it is still a hostage in the hands of al-Maliki, the men who are still able to pass the phantom trades under the complete absence of the regulatory regime, it became difficult created because of what witnessed Maliki era of abnormal proliferation of germ of corruption among different segments of Iraqi society. .

Haider al-Abadi have been surprised that his government has more than 700 Undersecretary of the Ministry, and more than five thousand general manager, in addition to crowds of advisers, some of whom enjoy the privileges of a minister. Thus, the head of the Iraqi government has entered discovery Kharafi this dark tunnel, you will not be safe in all circumstances.

Is Abadi fight his government, and any weapon? We have to pay attention to the fact that all those thieves are keen followers of the doctrine of religious authority in Najaf to show bias to them. Understand, from her point of view, the right of the owners. Just like jihadist service retirees who commissioned years stay comfortable in Europe Iraq tens of billions.

Abadi was a witness, himself, the systematic looting carried out by the Dawa Party in order to enrich its members illegal. Today there are hundreds of thousands of Iraqis retirees living in Europe is that they have served one day in the Iraqi state. Maliki’s State of paper no limits to the imagination. So it will be difficult for al-Abadi stop wasting public money.

It has become a ghost, the rule of law enacted by al-Maliki, right to steal a bit of Iraqis before they reach their mouths. Iraq plagued the vengeance of illiteracy will remain doomed to spending on illiterates call residing abroad to the party shows that the Mahdi. Is Abadi dare to hit a wall reference announcing his rebellion on the story right Montazeri Imam argument?

Artfully legendary Maliki succeeded in building their own paper, which was inspired structure of sectarian Default right, not up on a lie and only take it out on the doctrine. Will Haider al-Abadi, in this case, that linger in its decision-making. It means extra time to state-Maliki in order to accomplish plots. Drain the legacy of al-Maliki will not only through his trial.

The article expresses the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of free Iraq


Cabinet discusses the budget next Tuesday after agreeing to increase oil exports


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Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Saturday, for the budget presentation in the Cabinet meeting to be held next Tuesday after agreeing to increase oil exports to compensate for lower prices.
Saleh said in a statement to the Agency / information / “There are many points that were disruptive hinder Send a ministerial committee tasked with preparing a budget to the Council of Ministers.”
He added that “the Commission is nearing completion and it is hoped that the budget presented in the next meeting of the Council of Ministers to be transferred later to the parliament for approval.”
Saleh said that “this was offset declining oil prices by agreeing to expand oil exports to the maximum possible energy over the next year and the elimination of many of the unnecessary expenses and social benefits.”
The Cabinet announced earlier for the formation of a ministerial committee to amend the budget and the adoption of low oil prices in order to avoid the preparation of continuous decline, which may cause the budget deficit. “Finished / 25 / and


The arrest of Al-Rafidain bank manager on the back of a large embezzlement and former employee smuggled out of Iraq to collusion case

The arrest of Al-Rafidain bank manager on the back of a large embezzlement and former employee smuggled out of Iraq to collusion case
Tigris TV channel: the arrest of Al-Rafidain bank manager and book his movable and immovable property by the Integrity Commission against the backdrop of embezzlement escaped with a former employee at the same bank out of Iraq by the Najaf airport.
Private sources to’djlh ‘confirmed that the security forces arrested this morning Rafidain Bank Director – General Administration Mohammed Hussein al-Bayati, against the backdrop of a large embezzlement in collusion with the number of employees and customers of the bank, the Central Bank of Iraq administration said in a statement that the value of the amounts released from the bank instruments to a number of private banks amounted to 500 billion Iraqi dinars was withdrawn 11 billion dinars them and stop the rest of the instruments, noting that the banks that have been converted instruments are ‘Islamic country and the North’ with the exception of certain amounts to the banks is being dealt with currently work underway to restore the rest of the instruments using legal ways, while the Bank of Iraq on behalf of the Director Kamal al-Hassani said that the bank was able to book the money that had been stolen employee within 48 hours, while attributed the Rafidain Bank in the earlier reason for this breach to the adoption of the bank on the new electronic system staff could not get used to it.

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Deputy: Jubouri request from Qatar officials not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs

Saturday December 13 1 / December 2014 16:01

Vice said of the Union of Iraqi forces, said, “House Speaker Salim al request from Qatar officials not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs.”
The Jubouri had visited in the first of this month, accompanied by a parliamentary delegation Qatari capital Doha week-long during which he met with senior leaders and officials Qataris.
The MP said Mohammed al-Karbouli was visiting a member of the parliamentary delegation told all of Iraq [where] that “Jubouri request from Qatar officials not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs, and if they wish to help the Iraqi people would be through the government with the opening of its embassy,” adding that “Qatar has promised us open its embassy in Iraq in next January of the new year. ”
He Karbouli that “Parliament delegation touched mainly in his meetings in Doha about the security file in Iraq and the situation of the region.”
The al-Jubouri and his accompanying delegation had met on his visit to Qatar, a number of Alexúlan including the head of the Qatari Shura Council Mohammed Al Khulaifi and Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiyah and Qatari Prime Minister Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani discussed during their meetings to consolidate bilateral relations and the opening of the Qatari Embassy in Iraq.
He announced an official statement of the Iraqi Council of Representatives that al-Jubouri and Qatari Prime Minister “stressed that bilateral relations between the two countries Schhada wide open in the coming days.”
MP Karbouli, in a telephone interview from Qatar revealed during the time of the visit, [where] that “officials in Qatar, al-Jubouri, carried a letter to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi dealing with the prospect of the relationship between the two countries and security cooperation and economic and banking” .anthy 2.