Rafidain Bank in Dhi Qar confirms that the introduction of ATM Ptsfir currency depends on

Wed, 10 Dec 2014 Time: 19:50

Network news Nasiriyah / Ahmed Hassan:
Director of the Rafidain Bank in Dhi Qar Hussein al-Abadi said in a televised interview moved local TV Nasiriyah The introduction of ATM in the markets and the banks subject to the application of the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency, pointing out that the Iraqi currency is suffering from high inflation at the moment.


Parliamentary Finance Announces held a conference to discuss the Federal Government expenditure management

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: revealed Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi, Wednesday, that in twenty monthly qualitatively conference will be held for two days to discuss how to manage the expenditure by the government.

Tamimi said for “tomorrow Press”, “commissioned by the Parliamentary Finance Committee to prepare a conference on the topic of how to manage the financial expenditure by the federal government,” indicating that “the conference will discuss the three points they (How to reduce expenses and how to increase revenue in general, especially in other income, and also investments) administration. ”

And added that “the conference will also include urgent action must be taken by the government with the support of Parliament and other measures possible futures implemented in the medium and long term.”

Tamimi pointed out that “the conference will feature the best fifty personal economical Iraq, namely that it would be a qualitative conference, as it would be over two days (20 and 21 December the current first),” adding that “the first day will be the tossing and discuss with experts and the second day we host Reese Minister Haider al-Abadi with all ministerial cabin and offer them a brief process and not a plan put on the shelves and paper. ”

She emphasized that “the primary objective of the conference is to direct the government to skip steps towards implementation and be an easy process and put fiscal policy on the right track because it is really not on the right track.”

It is noteworthy that the state budget for the current year has not yet recognize ago that sent the government for nearly eight months to former House were not included on the agenda, while procrastinated previous Presidency for inclusion due to the lack of them political blocs agreement, nor that harassment continues while people wait for things to material related thereto, as well as the stalled projects.


Saleem al-Jubouri: Iraqi parliament adheres to document the political agreement

Iraqi Parliament Speaker said Saleem al-Jubouri that the committee formed within the parliament to follow and document the political agreement, and to find out who was a cause of a bug that prevents the application of the terms of the document, and whether there is a reverse of some political parties about the agreements made.
He explained in an episode on Wednesday (12/10/2014) from “Meet Today program that” the last meeting, which was collected and the President and the Prime Minister put on the debate issue of the National Guard and the amnesty law, balance and ablation table.
Jubouri and that the preparation of an amnesty law needs to project comes from the Council of Ministers adopted until the House of Representatives.
With regard to the issue of the National Guard, the head of the Iraqi parliament said it was possible that some political parties expressed a desire to renege on its agreement, but for him, any political party had signed on the formation of the National Guard and then amended and the decline is considered his breach.
The Iraqi official said that his country is suffering from a crisis not of refraction, noting that the reason for this crisis previous policies pursued, and the light is not fully deal objectively with the composition of Iraqi society.
He pointed out that those policies generated a state of tension began with demonstrations and sit-ins and then ended up cities and vast areas in the hands of “terrorist conclaves”, before it gets worse with the emergence of armed levers for political conclaves.
Independence of the judiciary
He announced Jubouri standing with the independence of the judiciary, however not make it hostage to any political party, whether Nuri al-Maliki or Haider Abadi, or others.
But he acknowledged that there are indications that what comes out of the judiciary affected the political mood, pointing out that from his position following the reform approach from the institution to which he belongs.
Turning to Iraq’s relationship with the Arab surroundings today, and in this regard, said that when he returned to Iraq, the Arab system and become a decision maker, when it will be able to bring about a state of balance in building relations with countries in the region.
In connection with the organization of the Islamic state , al-Jubouri said he threat to everyone, and it is necessary to build a strategic security vision by which they can save the region from the “imminent danger.”
Although he stressed that the air support in the war on Iraq, the organization was instrumental in stopping its expansion, it called for operational support on the ground, especially when talking about areas of Anbar and Nineveh.
Guest concluded, “today’s meeting” to say that a state political practice which generated congestion and dissatisfaction among people benefited state regulation even there for the same presence within the Sunni center specifically.


Allawi: national reconciliation must be to issue decisions and laws are clear

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Deputy President of the Republic, Iyad Allawi, on Wednesday, that national reconciliation must be to issue decisions and laws are clear, while stressing the need to re-bridges of trust between citizens.

He said Allawi’s office said in a statement, “Alsumaria News” received a copy of it, that the vice president “met with a delegation of tribal leaders south of Baghdad, and a delegation of the security and defense committee of the British House of Commons and a group of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, “noting that he” was talking about another situation that going through Iraq and ways of joint cooperation between Iraq and the United Kingdom and cooperation with the tribes to fight Daash . ”
The statement quoted the delegation clan as saying that the “state must do its homework support clans and work on the arm right and thoughtful manner to counter the threat Daash, and clans south of Baghdad was ready to cooperate with the current government and have to listen to the clans and suggestions which accurately in order to reach common solutions with The current government. ”

The delegation stressed the need to “get a joint coordination between the army and the sons of the tribes,” adding that “military strikes by the international coalition is not Balkavih It is necessary to work to support Iraq in the side of arming and training”.

The Office of the Vice President Iyad Allawi announced (December 2014) that the latter 3 began an official visit to the United Arab Emirates to discuss national reconciliation in Iraq file.


Saad: petro-dollar project is a constitutional right of the citizen will not be affected by austerity

2014/12/10 20:17

Saad: petro-dollar project is a constitutional right of the citizen will not be affected by austerity
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed the National Alliance member Susan Saad said petro-dollar project is a constitutional right of the citizen and help oil-producing provinces to promote economic betterment, noting that this project will not be affected by austerity conducted by the government on the budget.
She said Al-Saad said in a statement received {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “he legally the right of the citizen to obtain the rights and law 21 text explicit on this project and the government should take into consideration the economic situation, especially in the oil-producing provinces of the citizen, where its people feel very Bbgen about what is taken from the right. ”
She added that the people of these provinces are suffering from difficult economic conditions it is unfortunate that the government played down the significance of the petro-dollar project and the size of the quota.
It showed that this project will not be affected by the status of austerity, hoping that the Iraqi economy is put back to its natural state.
The cabinet voted in its regular held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Haider Abadi, head of the Council on the exchange of the remaining provinces of the petro-dollar oil-producing .anthy h


The assassination of al-Abadi …!

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10/12/2014 20:46

Falah Torch
Accept Dr. Haider Abadi fact threat to national reform project, and detect corrupt and “whales” mafia state sponsors of aliens and corrupt deals that captured the public money, and put the country on the path destitution, bankruptcy, years after the collapse of the services and the rule of chaos and crime.
Insists Prime Minister Abadi on the exercise of cleansing and the exclusion of “whales” big first, and then go down to the Madon, these metonymy known to those who are moving, not Mr. Abadi Too Cheap outspoken when he said; “regardless of their positions” in the state and the political establishment, and in this confirm what we went to him in more than appropriate, that the mafias, which he calls Dr. Prime Minister as “whales” are political mafias and Kmakih has influence and money and militias and security forces as well.
Positive attitude, which raises really impressive, Mr. Abadi within the project that Aligir and repair large and defy the will of the Atlin, which while referring to his determination to proceed with this approach even if it arrived the threat on his life …!?

The issue here is more than what is self and the personal and political to what is a national, in other words, that it threatens to Mr. Abadi assassination, it threatens to assassinate Iraq, after it became groping the path of reform and change steps and detect corrupt and restore public money to his family from the poor and the needy, homeless and displaced.
Quite frankly say that the threat of Prime Minister Haidaralebadi, poses a threat to the will of all Iraqis and trying to confiscate their rights and their future, and keep the state of underdevelopment and death that is sweeping the country ten years ago, the same miserable, which made Iraq’s oil and richest of the Middle States one of the poorest and spoiled the countries of the world.
These developments put the Iraqi Algradh all forces in a row, Mr. Abadi and his steps, and here we mean that the will of the masses and national political forces, religious and tribal and religious authorities and all the forces of the good society, should be lined with Mr. Abadi and supported by reasons of power and efficiency top order to achieve the national project argument involves the muggers and the leaders of the alien corrupt deals that were stolen billions of orphans and the poor and the bereaved funds, in addition to ten years of age Iraqis, and gave them in return types of humiliation and killing and bitterness live and administrative corruption and the behavior of looting and waste and scandals.


OPEC: Oil demand will reach the lowest level in 12 years during 2015

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December 10, 2014 17:50   Last Updated: December 10, 2014 17:50

OPEC: Oil demand will reach the lowest level in 12 years during 2015

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on Wednesday that global demand for OPEC crude next year will be lower than expected due to weak consumption growth and the boom of shale oil in the United States, indicating an increase in the supply surplus in 2015.predicted OPEC in its monthly drop in demand for oil to 28.92 million barrels per day in 2015, including at least 280 thousand barrels from the previous forecast. The organization pointed out that this level of decline was the lowest in nearly 12 years. In this regard Abhishek Dechianda oil markets analyst said that lower oil prices will cause a problem for the members of OPEC. He added that he does not Afajae to invite those countries to an urgent meeting early in 2015. The decline in the price of Brent crude below $ 66 on Wednesday, near its lowest level in five years. It is noteworthy that said Algerian Energy Minister Yousef Yousfi said Tuesday that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) may proceed In an emergency meeting before the meeting to be held in June to discuss how to deal with the increase in global oil supply and prices drop plans.


Allawi: reconciliation must be drafted resolutions and laws restore confidence among Iraqis

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Twilight News Vice President Iyad Allawi / said Wednesday he must make decisions in the laws of reconciliation file rebuild confidence among Iraqis.

altAllawi’s interview came during a meeting with a delegation of tribal leaders south of Baghdad, and a delegation of the Commission on Security and Defence of the British House of Commons and a group of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

He tribal delegation, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of Allawi that “the state should support the tribes are doing their job and work on the right arm and thoughtful manner to counter the threat Daash.”

The statement said that “the tribes south of Baghdad was ready to cooperate with the current government and it has to listen to the clans and suggestions which accurately in order to reach common solutions with the current government it is necessary to get the joint coordination between the army and people of the tribes.”

The clans that “Britain should stand with us real pause and military strikes by the international coalition is not Balkavih it is necessary to work to support Iraq in the side of arming and training”.

She clans optimistic to assume Allawi “national reconciliation file to reunite the people of Iraq,” and it provides support for Allawi “national reconciliation project.”

The British House of Commons delegation “Our responsibility is to recognize the Iraqi situation of these areas accurately and to provide assistance to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people in every way possible.”

Allawi stressed that “national reconciliation should be issuing resolutions and clear rules and rebuild the bridges of trust between citizens away from the sectarian impasse to achieve the principle of citizenship properly and effectively.”


Corruption hits the Iraqi security establishment strongly

10/12/2014 19:23

Reflected in the financial and administrative corruption in Iraq on all government institutions, what dire beyond economic disaster, to include the security of the country if the government was unable to rectify the matter, especially the negative effects seemed clear to the military establishment. Reveals a source in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, that “dozens of soldiers in military units in Anbar began to leave their units because of their salaries for three months.” The source adds that “The ministry has tried to remedy the situation Pttmin soldiers, but to no avail, and in turn, informed the commander of the armed forces, the prime minister, Haider Abadi, subject to remedy the situation before Tazmh and out of control,” explaining that “Abadi trying to find a suitable solution and accelerate the adoption of the budget to end crisis. “ The source asserts that “the withdrawal of the impact on the morale of the other soldiers, and disrupt the work of the military establishment.
This comes at a time when Iraq is witnessing a major financial crisis because of rampant corruption and lack helm sound management, which disrupted the adoption of the budget year 2014 until today, and that has been spent during the rule of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the country’s advances, while the Council of Ministers failed to agree on the draft The final budget for 2015 sees the strategic Iraqi security expert, confident Obeidi, that “the impending financial crisis will have very serious implications for the security situation of Iraq.” Stresses al-Obeidi, said in an interview, “the new Arab” newspaper which is published in London on the need “not to neglect the implications of the withdrawal of Iraqi troops despite the fact that this is still in its infancy,” he said, adding: “For those in charge of the military establishment to understand the gravity of that, especially in the development of Iraqi security such as the situation is deteriorating. “ And calls for al-Obeidi those responsible to “resort to any solution, whatever the consequences on the economic situation, the international Kalaguetrad or reliance on community banks, and so on, because Iraq is going through a financial crisis in all cases, but the security crisis that Szbbha financial crisis is a particular danger, and must correct them as quickly as time before out of control. “ It is considered that “the organization Daash would use this thing in his favor, and try to win the retreating soldiers at his side, and give them the best of which were obtained in the Iraqi army in the salaries and allowances.” For his part, warns MP for Anbar province, Mohammed al-Karbouli, of “the consequences of leaving the troops without salaries, especially in Anbar province, which is witnessing a difficult circumstance security.” See Karbouli, in an interview with “new Arab”, that “it is imperative to accelerate the central government in resolving the crisis, with the launch of an advance emergency urgent.” In the meantime, the lives of the “Islamic State”, (Daash), the period of financial prosperity because of its imports from the sale of oil from Iraq, Syria, amounting to about one million dollars a day, except for other imports, as is confirmed by experts in the affairs of the armed groups and talked by the Iraqi Oil Ministry earlier. And distributed organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, finally. “Gifts and gifts of real estate and the elements of the organization in Iraq and Syria, which will motivate them a lot in the fighting and lifting their spirits.”The Iraqi government is trying to find an excuse for not paying salaries to soldiers, as it finally vindicated, “checks and stand on the phenomenon of corruption that has developed in recent years and I knew that the phenomenon of ghost soldier