A member of the parliamentary Economy: a meeting this week to find suitable solutions to support the economy

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A member of the parliamentary Economy: a meeting this week to find suitable solutions to support the economy

Sunday 0.07 1 December / December 2014 07:44


A member of the parliamentary economy and deputy for the coalition of state law, ten members of the coalition will hold a meeting this week to discuss finding suitable to support the Iraqi economy solutions.

Added Ahmed Salim told all of Iraq [where] we “Aqnsadah parliamentary Kganh we have taken the necessary resolve the economic and financial crisis faced by the country, including fiscal austerity measures, and we will adopt in the next stage on investment and privatization, and on the export of oil, which comes from the province and the fields of Kirkuk, as well as reducing export volumes current than it was before precedence due to falling oil prices. ”

He Canine Ahmed Salim said Alaaútla meeting will consider all opinions and ideas that arise in which to find solutions to the occasion to support Alaguetsad.anthy 2





Catheter and the retina of the process to the heart of al-Maliki in Lebanon because of the psychological pressure and nervous suffered

Hospital, he underwent surgery in which al-Maliki to Beirut
Basenyoz – Follow-up

Close to Nuri al-Maliki, Vice President of the Republic to site sources “Hammurabi” Iraqi revealed last make a heart surgery in one of the Lebanese Hezbollah in Beirut hospitals.

The sources said that al-Maliki Enter urgently to the Great Prophet Hospital of Hezbollah and indeed in the southern suburbs of Beirut on the impact of a sudden heart attack, during his official visit to Lebanon.

The sources said that the doctors admitted al-Maliki to the operating room and performed a catheter to the arteries and put the retinas to prevent any expansion of a heart attack successive process.

The sources added that this process is the fifth conducted by al-Maliki during the past three years, and doctors diagnosed this crisis is caused by psychological pressure and neurological and non-observance of healthy eating and daily sport.

It is noteworthy that Maliki’s team has dims the news media, saying only leaking news about the conduct routine checks to him.


Counterfeit money .. intentional sabotage of the national economy

Default Counterfeit money .. intentional sabotage of the national economy

Counterfeit money .. intentional sabotage of the national economy

Sat Dec 06 2014 four fifty-two |

(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad Shorja show between now and then forged money from several categories, including a neat industry are difficult to distinguish
from the original, refers to acquire promoters potential to be reckoned with,

aimed at gains are illegal and damaging to the economy Aloutna.ogalba leads counterfeit currency appearance, according to experts, to shake the confidence in the national currency,

especially with the presence of innovative methods to Trogera and print, while there is suspicion refers to the existence of political and third parties support these illegal activities,

in order to sabotage the economy Aloutna..ovq it says strategic expert and confident in an interview with al-Hashemi, the Sumerian News:

The falsification of the Iraqi currency being private Bmtaba, pointing to the existence of political outsiders behind Zlk.oiry Hashemi, that the security services deal with this matter was not at the required level,

affecting on Moatn.oyodh Hashemi economy, that some Iraqi currency categories being rigged and printing private Bmtaba, which means there are views behind it external management deliberately destroy Alaraca.oafatt Hashemi national economy,

to the existence of a political and foreign agendas behind this process, they require a large-scale possibilities noting that the case Mqsodh..otcol member Nora Economic Commission Albjara in an interview with the Sumerian News:

The Committee on the Economy and Investment, hosted last week, Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords and discussed with him on the Iraqi counterfeit currency trading in the local markets,

noting that there is no concerns over the economy, including as he talked about the bank’s governor Antrza.otadhav Albjara: that there are no large quantities affect the markets and citizens,

but we are afraid of distributed salaries to employees, pointing out that the new edition of the Class 10 thousand and 25 thousand dinars can not Tzoerha.otban Albjara that counterfeiting needs to be a mechanism

and the possibilities of characters capable of doing so, stressing that political outsiders behind Altazoir.oicol citizen Karim Abdullah process:

The presence of some denominations of counterfeit, is the worst thing to be in the street, being the largest affected them is simple citizen who does not have the possibility to get to know them, and therefore exhibit a loss in the event of Saloha into his pocket states that Aalm.obiv Abdullah,

that the fear of falling prey to cash counterfeit restores his memory to the era of bad nineties that made ​​all the shops and traders owners bring devices to check the money, and created a situation of mistrust currency then, pointing out that the case has changed today,

as well as the evolution of fraud rings methods, but that the current Iraqi currency sober Copyright It is difficult Achteragaha..aly it warned deputies and specialists in the financial and economic affairs

of the consequences of the excessive use of the dollar instead of the dinar in the provinces of Iraqi Kurdistan through trade and investment dealings and at different levels,

Aazin due to lack of confidence in Baghdad and the lack of security and economic stability in Alakulaim.oicol businessman Kurdish Shad Aziz for tomorrow Press:

The past eight months since the start of the political crisis between the center and the region, as well as security incidents in the province of Nineveh ,

traders began not to deal in Iraqi dinars and prefer to handle foreign currencies more stable, such as the US dollar and the currency single European Alioro.oadav dear: that this phenomenon did not come from a vacuum,

but rather because of erroneous financial policy of the Iraqi government, which caused damage in the local currency, as it can not rely on This currency as long as officials in the center hint from time to time the possibility of changing the currency or delete Asfarha, and not the provincial budget Exchange,

called to believe that foreign currency more guarantee for trade and investment transactions inside and outside and Alakulaim..mn part, confirms a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Najiba Najib for tomorrow Press:

that the Iraqi dinar is very scarce in the banks of the Kurdistanresult of the non-diversion of Baghdaregion as a d provincial budget eight months ago, which led to the difficulty of the employees’ salaries exchange dinars and thinking in salaries exchange in dollars,

as well as lower the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, and the lack of stability against other currencies, all of this pushed traders to replace their capital currencies Ajunbah..ama expert in financial and economic affairs Majid al-Hakim Between tomorrow Press:

that what the country suffered in general and the region in particular of security and political conditions and economic unstable reason sponsor to take back to deal in Iraqi dinar by some traders Kurds in the markets of the region

and the shift to dealing with foreign currencies as dollar and Alioro.oahar that Kurds warn and fear of the collapse of the Iraqi currency as a result of these conditions, and the possibility that the provincial government resorts to dealing dollar bailout of the deal until it issued its own new currency,

in the presence of weightings and indicators by officials as a need for independence and the declaration of the Kurdish state, as well as worsening and expansion differences between the center and the region even after the change of Maliki’s government,

which has been a stumbling block in front of re-wetting the political and economic atmosphere between the two sides. “newspaper the constitution


Steady decline in oil prices to a basket of OPEC and Brent with the Saudi announcement to cut prices


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Steady decline in oil prices to a basket of OPEC and Brent with the Saudi announcement to cut prices
December 2014 – 15:12 06
Business & Economy

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
recorded OPEC and Brent prices, the Sabbath, a continuous decline in oil prices Selthma, while attributed expert oil drop to speculation in the market. fell futures contracts for crude oil in the wake of the decision announced by Saudi Arabia that it would cut the price of oil exported by the United States and Asia, especially After the decision of OPEC last week to maintain production quotas unchanged, which gave the price of oil field more and more of the low. In the OPEC basket price dropped by to $ 66.27 per barrel, compared to last week, which recorded a more than $ 75 per barrel, while Brent prices also recorded a decline also up to $ 68.70 per barrel.

> OPEC: lower oil prices for the OPEC basket to $ 108.15 per barrel
> OPEC prices back down to $ 95 per barrel and experts attribute the decline to an oversupply
The price of oil has fallen clearly in recent months amid concerns about excess supply in the global market. He attributed the oil expert Hussein Allawi, in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, the decline in OPEC prices to “speculation in the market mainly, in addition to the OPEC decision to maintain production without reducing it. ” Allawi said that “it is supposed that oil prices go up at this time of year because the weather is cold,” he said, adding that “the organization last OPEC’s decision allowed the prices to go down more, which is expected to reach US $ 50 per barrel during the months the next. ” Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries “OPEC” and decided in November 28 last to keep the production ceiling at its current level of thirty million barrels a day after failing to examine other options, and showed the OPEC meeting in Vienna, there are differences between the members of the organization. It consists of OPEC basket 12 Khama, a mixture deserts of Algeria and crude Girassol Angolan Iranian heavy crude and Basrah Light Iraqi export Kuwaiti and Libyan Sidr and Bonny Light Nigerian maritime Qatari light and Saudi Arabian and Murban UAE and Mary Venezuelan Orient from Ecuador. The Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which was founded in Baghdad 1960 agreement between the five countries are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Venezuela, and is headquartered in Vienna, one of the largest supervising international organizations to regulate the export of oil and set the prices, and has a current membership of 12 oil exporter, has a whole between two-thirds and three-quarters of the world’s reserves oil.


Nujaifi Washington discussed with officials in the Pentagon and Congress how to eliminate daash


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Nujaifi Washington discussed with officials in the Pentagon and Congress how to eliminate daash
Nineveh Governor atheel Al-nujaifi, met with officials in the Pentagon and US Congress during his visit to Washington. Discussed how to eliminate the “daash” and expelled from Mosul and other regions.

He said Tehran via Facebook that “my visit to the Pentagon headquarters, I met with Mr. Matthew Spence Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East and discussed our vision in a bridge to access the National Guard law under Iraqi legal contexts, and the importance of arming the volunteers in our governorates to speed up elimination daash”.

“The meeting with the head of the National Security Committee in the u.s. Senate, Senator Mack McColl of Britain and my contacts with the group, Sen. John McCain, Chairman of the Senate arms Committee who was outside during my visit to Washington, is one of the stations in this visit. ”

He noted that the lmackol wemkin invited to visit camp regain control of Nineveh province from the hands of guerrillas daash, so “for real’s preparations for the people who wants to free his and needs to support arming, training and funding”. He noted that “everyone promised to provide all possible support and asking the u.s. Administration to support the arming of volunteers from these provinces.”


Araji: Government of the Territory were serious and well-intentioned to end differences

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Araji: Government of the Territory were serious and well-intentioned to end differences
Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji said that the Peshmerga forces are the guards of the Kurdistan Region and under the Constitution, the salaries must be ground troops allocations.

Araji said in a statement, said he was forming committees to finish the outstanding points of contention between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, to complete its work within 6 months, “he said, adding that the government of the territory was a serious and well-intentioned to end differences.

Said al-Araji said Kurdish delegation that visited Baghdad recently confirmed that the Kurds part of Iraq and want to be part of the solution, and that the Federal Government was keen to end this dispute to be through constitutional means and an investigation of the national interest for two reasons, the first investigation of national reconciliation and the second enhance revenue State through the oil agreement. ”

He thanked the delegation Araji Kurdish negotiator on the flexibility shown by during the negotiation in order to achieve agreement, and we all seek to end the differences to maintain the unity of Iraq, stressing that such an agreement will speed up the process of liberalization of the province of Nineveh.


Statement from the Office Of PM Abadi.

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We express our surprise to media declarations on immunity for American forces.

The remarks attributed to the US Ambassador are unfounded and surprising as there are no US troops in Iraq, there are only these instructors have diplomatic immunity because they are among the Embassy staff, and this consent was of the previous Government and were not current.

And that Mr. PrimeMinister Haidar Al-Abbadi said on more than one occasion that the country does not need a foreign ground forces and our security forces and the leadership of the popular crowd, achieved great victories in organizing terrorist daash.

Some are trying to exploit these themes, although denied by the US Embassy to personal goals and effects of public opinion and the political blocs after a campaign of reforms undertaken by the Prime Minister.
We invite everyone to make sure information is raised in the media before the launch positions, as the current Government adopted the principle of transparency and openness in any steps taken, and it will spare no effort to inform the public on the steps.

The Prime Minister’s information Office
6 December 2014


Najib: budget to parliament this month table and there are an extraordinary session to discuss


Najib: budget to parliament this month table and there are an extraordinary session to discuss
Agency eighth day
December 6, 2014, 16:39
BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

Confirmed member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Najiba Najib, Saturday, that the draft budget bill for fiscal year 2015 will reach the House of Representatives during the current month.
Najib said that “despite being unconstitutional (because of the end of the current legislative term), but the House of Representatives will hold a special meeting if the arrival of draft financial budget law to him, to make him the first reading of this month.”
Najib explained that “oil constitutes 95% of the sources Balancing Iraq, has seen prices in the global market decline, in addition to the loss of control over a number of areas in Iraq for the benefit of the organization Daash,

all of this affects the lower the percentage specified for Iraq’s budget for the year 2015”.
The Council of Ministers and the Presidency decided last week to reduce Roatbhma half, to coincide with a large budget deficit for 2015 being studied by the government an estimated $ 40 billion.


Law plans to reduce the salaries of deputies


Law plans to reduce the salaries of deputies

Published on Saturday, 06 December / 1 December 2014 14:31

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN )

MP for the coalition of state law, Hussein al-Maliki’s determination mass reduction parliamentary paid to remedy the economic crisis in the country , as well as reducing the number of Hamaiadtha.

And deliberated news announcement block state law reducing the salaries of deputies in the parliament as a step to support the government’s move to
remedy the country’s economic crisis
He said al-Maliki’s (IMN) “The State of Law bloc will submit a proposal to reduce the salaries of employees in senior positions, for the loan of the Iraqi government, until out of the current crisis , as well as another proposal to reduce the number of protections for officials
. ”
He added that “the proposed bloc made ​​three months ago, which is serious in its implementation in support of the economic situation in Iraq
. ”
The decline in the economic situation in the country significantly, especially after the fall in oil prices in the world.