Rehab Alabboudh: Government steps during the last period reflect a desire to resolve the outstanding issues

7:44: 12/20/2014

Khandan – seen as an MP for the coalition of state law Rehab Alabboudh steps the government during the last period as reflecting a desire to resolve the outstanding issues internally and externally.

She Alabboudh in “Khandan” received a copy of it, that “anecdotal evidence by the new government during the period of the 100-day mission positive steps especially on the external level,” indicating that “the foreign visits by the Prime Minister and the rest of the presidencies to most countries of the region and other evidence of Iraqi openness with everyone and the desire to open a new page based on mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs. “.

She Alabboudh that “the government has been able in the internal affairs Although our observations on the recent agreement with the province. However, this move could have been implemented correctly without unfairness and injustice to the rest of the provinces is an important step to resolve the rest of the internal crisis.”


The Ministry of Finance resort to tax increases and the imposition of customs duties to reduce the budget deficit

The Ministry of Finance resort to tax increases and the imposition of customs duties to reduce the budget deficit

20-12-2014 12:20 AM

Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, said his ministry would resort to tax increases and the imposition of customs duties on goods entering the country, in order to reduce the budget deficit ratio.

Zebari said in a press statement seen by (news) said: ‘The ministry is working to reduce the budget deficit in 2015 through the creation of alternatives to oil such as increased taxes and tariffs Kmarkip on some goods entering the country, noting that the procedure followed by several countries rely on tax budgets, such as Britain and the United States’.

And between Zebari said that his ministry will work toward pressure on the special budget expenditures, to reduce the deficit, but this does not include pressure medicine and food. ‘

Zebari stressed that ‘the beginning of next year there will be a budget after the Ministerial Committee complement pressure and reduce the budget deficit and delivered to the Cabinet for approval and sent to the House for a vote.’

The draft is based on the price of $ 70 per barrel, but oil prices tumbled to below $ 60 a barrel. Iraq relies on oil revenues to finance 95 per cent of budget income.

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Abadi confirms Barzani support and assistance to the Kurdistan Peshmerga and commends Pantsaradtha

Twilight News / The head of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi on supporting the Iraqi government to the Kurdistan Region and the Peshmerga forces in the war against terrorists.


A statement by the Presidency of the Kurdistan region that Barzani received a phone call from Haider Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister on Friday evening, during which he expressed his congratulations on the recent victories achieved by the Peshmerga forces in Zammar and Chenkal. And break the siege of terrorists to mount Chenkal.

According to the statement, the Abadi praised the Peshmerga forces that have achieved victories on terrorists Daash, stressing supporting the Iraqi government to the Kurdistan Region and the Peshmerga forces in the war against terrorists, also stressed the coordination and joint relations between the two sides.

The Kurdistan Regional Guard forces (Peshmerga) they managed to lift the siege imposed by the organization “Daash” to displaced people in Mount Sinjar, arguing that it has achieved the biggest victory of them so far.

The process began Wednesday in parallel with intensive air strikes led by the United States aimed at more than 50 goals.

Zebari: Iraq is keen to fulfill its international obligations

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Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the federal government is keen to fulfill its international obligations and activating relations in various fields, especially economic.

A statement by the Office of the Ministry of Finance quoted {Euphrates News} “The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari met with a number of Ambassadors separately, Massimo Maruti Italian ambassador, and Ilya Morganov Russian ambassador, collectively and Samir Tunisian Ambassador, and charge d’affaires of the French Christophe Katsaan, was during the meetings Search developments in the political, economic and security situation in the country. “
The statement continued, “The two sides also discussed how to follow up bilateral cooperation between Iraq and their countries and bilateral contracts, committees and projects of investment issues.”
He said Zebari, according to the statement on the government’s keenness to meet its international obligations and activating relations in various fields, especially economic.

Abadi: new government united against Iraqis Daash


News / Iraq

Haider al-Abadi

Haider al-Abadi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi his intention to move forward in addressing the causes of the emergence of terrorism in the country, said in an article published in theWall Street Journal reported Thursday that the defeat of organizing the Islamic state (Daash) will not be achieved without a comprehensive government reforms, and national reconciliation, and the reconstruction of the economy and society.

Ebadi said in an article entitled “Iraq unified address Daash” The recent oil agreement between the central government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq is a historic agreement that ensures a fair distribution of wealth, and for the Kurds on the weapons they need in the face of Daash, and pointed out that his government opened up to the Sunni tribes in Daash-controlled areas.

Abadi added that the new government welcomes the accession of the Kurdish forces and Sunni tribes to fight against Daash efforts.

Abadi said that the authorities in Baghdad are working to impose state control over all armed factions, and refused to arm any group without government supervision, and stressed that the international community a great obligations must be fulfilled, of arming the Iraqi forces, and prevent the flow of foreign fighters, fighting Thought which encourages terrorism, as he put it.

Source: Wall Street Journal / Radio Sawa

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National Alliance to discuss the presence of al-Abadi accomplish without the budget “deficit” and the implementation of the government program

Twilight News / called the Iraqi National Alliance, which represents the Shiite blocs in parliament, to the need to expedite the completion of the financial budget for next year, and the implementation of the government program in all state institutions and departments.


According to a statement issued by the National Alliance reportedly for “Twilight News”, the political body of the National Alliance met in the presence of all parties in the Office of the Prime Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in the presence of Prime Minister   Haider al-Abadi Friday evening, in “an atmosphere of mutual understanding, and high sense of responsibility.”

The statement added that the conferees praised the “millions to visit the death of Imam Hussein (AS), and called for the need for the infrastructure that accommodate such a huge number, and organized properly provide.”

The statement continued that “the political body heard a report from the Prime Minister about the political and security situation.”

He added the statement that “the conferees supported the diplomatic opening for Iraq, and the positive atmosphere that emerged in neighboring countries policy through mutual on all levels of visits, which is a diplomatic achievement is important in gaining support for Iraq in a fair fight against Daash and terrorism, and to achieve the supreme national interest, and further policy openness to everyone in a balanced manner. “

According to the statement, “the coalition called for the need to expedite the completion of the budget, and strive to be free of disability, and sent to the House of Representatives,” he said, adding that the conferees confirmed “their determination to implement the government’s curriculum Pfaqrath all, according to the powers of the constitutional institutions.”

The statement concluded that the conferees discussed “political developments in the country, including the unified position Althalfa, and emphasized the support of the armed forces, the popular crowd, and praised the recent Pantsaradtha, being careful to provide the performance of national duties and requirements.”

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi receives phone call from US President Barack Obama

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Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi received yesterday evening a phone call from US President Barack Obama.
During the call, they discussed the political and security situation in Iraq and the region and the conduct of military operations against al-Daash terrorist addition to the achievements by the Iraqi government during the period of the (100) Day in the fields of politics and foreign relations and the fight against corruption and other sectors security.
Mr. Prime Minister, pointed out that the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd investigating victories Daash terrorist gangs, as the initiative is now the hands of the Iraqi forces, and the international community to provide more support for Iraq in its war against these terrorist organizations.
He stressed the importance of cooperation by all countries with Iraq in this war, which has become a danger threatens not only Iraq, but the region and the world.

Turning Dr. Haider al-Abadi to the government’s efforts to recruit the sons of the tribes in the areas occupied by the organization Daash and who are fighting side by side with the Iraqi forces to liberate their areas from the grip of terrorism in the provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin, Anbar and Nineveh, stressing the government’s keenness to fight abuses of citizens by elements criminal tucked in the ranks of the popular crowd and security forces.
In turn, US President Barack Obama expressed the readiness of the United States to provide logistical and intelligence and military support for Iraq in its war against terror Daash bands in addition to the training and development of Iraqi security forces.
US President Park regional tour by Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi to countries in the region, for the vision statement and went Iraq and its foreign policy, and rally the countries of the region against Daash gangs and understandable danger posed by these terrorist organizations in the region and the world.

Information Office of the Prime Minister
December 19, 2014

Daash falling in front of a unified Iraq

12/20/2014 0:00

Haider al-Abadi *
Iraqis are fighting international terrorism in all fronts. While we go forward to liberate every inch of our territory and every segment of our people from the control of the terrorist gang known as the Islamic state, which we call naming organization Daash, we are involved also in the treatment of cases of resentment that caused the emergence of terrorism.
At a time when military operations are considered essential for the expulsion of the terrorist gangs Daash of our beloved country, the achievement of full and lasting victory will not be without a comprehensive government reforms and national reconciliation and reconstruction of the economy and society. Because the exclusion and marginalization lead to extremism, the new government included in the composition of all the Iraqi people from the Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds and got all blocs and political parties to be represented in the government and the eradication of terrorism and its causes were keen without spare no effort to feel every sect and every race and every province that it is their interest to the survival of Iraq and its success.
Our government has recently approved a long-awaited historic agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government, an agreement which states that the king of Iraq’s oil for all Iraqis will be through the distribution of oil revenues in a fair sharing of resources and responsibilities to protect and serve the interests of all our people. As we face our common enemy, we are willing to fight shoulder to shoulder with our brothers the Kurds, which will be achieved through this agreement, which ensures access to weapons and support they need.
As retrospect relations with Sunni tribes located in areas under the control Daash organizing, arming, and we started and now they are fighting side by side with the Iraqi security forces. And because the Iraqis need to leave the past behind them and we are demanding changes to the Justice and Accountability Act to mitigate the impact of the de-Baathification law. Our goal is to facilitate the process of a large number of former government officials who have not committed crimes against the Iraqi people.
And because it is necessary to re-citizens’ confidence in the judicial system we have issued an order needs to be our security forces and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional protection of human rights of detainees in Iraqi prisons. Because there will be a central register of all detainees, are the reasons for the detention and the inclusion of proving the timetables for their trials.
As we continue to rebuild our security forces, we are committed to fighting corruption and inefficiency as well as we have to dismiss some 24 military commanders as well as 24 officers from the Ministry of Interior and there will be more of what is known Balvdaúaan the regulations salaries and corrupt officers and battalions of the army fleeing from the battlefield.
We are also working on the formation of the National Guard who will fight to the side of the Iraqi army. We will continue to provide support for efforts to fully train and equip Kurdish forces to ensure their work seamlessly with the Iraqi security forces.
As we continue to work with the United States and our international partners to train and equip tribal fighters, who are currently fighting side by Iraqi forces will be the integration of some individuals from these fighters whenever possible with or Guard security forces Aloutna.omen order to ensure respect for the rule of law, we are working to bring all Armed factions under the control of the state, there will be no groups or armed militias operating outside the framework of the state security forces will not allow any armed group outside the government’s control.
And support of the international coalition in close cooperation with the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi forces will continue to progress and restore the strategic corridors and edit the entire city from the control of the Iraqis today Alarhab.aada duty in defeating terrorist organizations more equipped and financed and organized in the world. But the challenge is greater than that of any country can defeat alone. We need air support and to train and equip our security forces and the cooperation of neighboring countries and allies to stop the flow of foreign fighters into the country as well as our need to support the international community through financial institutions, to stop the financing of terrorist organization Daash. We also need to help the international community in the relief of nearly two million refugees who have been displaced because of the terror organization Daash and civil war in Syria to within our borders and with the onset of winter, they and the people of the areas that have been released from the organization Daash in desperate need of aid Alansanh.ln we to defeat the terrorists who took advantage of discontent and failure, but the rebuilding of Iraq is safe, stable, and because the organization Daash represents a common enemy of the international community, the fight against extremism in all fronts should be our common goal.

Abadi economic adviser likely not to fall in oil prices below $ 55-60 rate

Abadi economic adviser likely not to fall in oil prices below $ 55-60 rate
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BAGHDAD / Zahraa Hamid

Stressed the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, on Friday, that Iraq is losing more than a billion dollars a year with each drop of $ single in the price of a barrel of oil, which issued, while the predicted price is not less than 55. The rate of $ 60 a barrel, most likely possibility rise and decline of the future role of the oil-producing companies from non-traditional sources.

The US crude and Brent crude prices have jumped simple unrealized gains after data showed a drop in US crude inventories last week, as US crude futures rose 54 cents at the settlement, or one percent, to $ 56.47.
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said in an interview and said to (the long-Presse), said that “any rise in global oil prices to serve Iraq Ksenh reduces the proportion of the deficit in the budget,” noting that “the decline in those prices hurt Iraq and exacerbate the budget deficit , especially since the economy depends 95 percent on oil imports. “ Saleh added that “the decline in the price of a barrel of oil dollars and one leads to the loss of Iraq more than a billion dollars over the course of one year, while the rise equally, adds to the treasury billion and $ 200 million or more per year,” noting that “the rise today in the price of a barrel Oil is important and gives a positive signal for improvement in global markets. “
Saleh continued, that “Iraq and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and Iran, the oil extracted from the traditional natural resources, and that the cost of producing a barrel of it up, on average, to $ 67,” returned that “the sale of oil, $ sixty involves a loss-producing countries.” He went on an economic advisor to the prime minister, said that “companies that produce oil from unconventional sources, such as oil sand and stone oil and others, suffered heavy losses when falling world oil price, because the revenues no longer cover the cost of production, which may give it from the market”, and increased Here, “America, China and other big consuming countries began, trying to rebuild their stocks, which generates plus oil, which could mean a request to start a new cycle of rising oil prices.”
Saleh asserted the necessity of “no dumping of optimism about the possibility of rising global oil prices, but as long as they have moved up, the get off the bottom will not exceed sixty or $ 55 per barrel,” and expressed hope that “the current wave the end of the fall in oil prices stage, and stability when current rates with the possibility of a future rise and decline of the role of the oil-producing companies from non-traditional sources. “
It is noteworthy that the price of oil fell more than a hundred dollars in the middle of the current year, 2014, to less than $ sixty now, especially after that overshadowed the increase in oil shale production of high-quality light, in North America on demand.
The Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, revealed in (the twentieth of October 2014), during a press conference after a meeting with religious Shiite, Ali al-Sistani, in Najaf and attended (the long-Presse), to discuss the issue of the budget three times, and we will work to provide balancing the advancing military spending as a fait accompli, noting that the budget in 2015, will be based on the 2014 current budget, due to the presence of the same problems, of oil from Kirkuk and stopped completely, as well as lower world prices, and expectations about to fall over, for this, the Council of Ministers decided to austerity.
The Iraqi Oil Ministry approved in (18 October 2014), the government has not yet determined the price of a barrel of crude to be adopted as a basis for the preparation of the budget next in 2015, indicating that efforts are currently ongoing in coordination with OPEC members, to determine the estimated taking into account the challenges and price fluctuations and global spare national economy, any negative impact, while experts called to the need to find alternatives to support the local economy and the adoption of the austerity policy and an end to disputes with the Kurdistan region of re-exports from the northern fields.

Abadi government intends to borrow from the Fund and the Central Bank Calls for Troy

Abadi government intends to borrow from the Fund and the Central Bank Calls for Troy

20-12-2014 12:17 AM

Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, for the government’s intention to borrow $ 5 billion from the International Monetary Fund, but the central bank pressed further ‘expenses pressure’ before heading to external borrowing.

He said the Commission’s decision, MP Ahmed Rashid flesh, that: the Government intends to address the large proportion of the deficit, due to lower oil prices, through the use of internal and external borrowing, as well as increase the combined oil production while reducing public expenditure ‘, adding that’ the government has conducted four amendments to the draft general budget to reduce the size of public expenditures, which amounted to the latest draft 148.274 trillion dinars. ‘

He explained that ‘the overall size of the operational expenses amounted to 103.370 trillion, while capital expenditures amounted to 44.904 trillion, while the budget deficit reached 36.428 trillion dinars.’

He pointed out that ‘the Iraqi oil is sold, during the last few hours, dollars with 53 per barrel’, stressing that this level of prices’ one of the real reasons that prompted the government to not to discuss the budget on Thursday, adding to the pressures of the Central Bank of Iraq need to deficit treatment before resorting to external borrowing. ‘

Hama said that ‘the International Monetary Fund, which the government tends to borrow from him, he has the conditions for lending states do not exceed the budget deficit in the country ceiling of 15 trillion dinars’, pointing out that it ‘intends to borrow $ 5 billion from the International Monetary Fund’.

It is said that oil revenues in the budget of 2015 is estimated B98.311 trillion dinars, while non-oil revenues are estimated B13.535 trillion dinars, come this revenue from the management of currency tax, sale and leasing of real estate the state, and religious tourism, and the profits of public companies, Kalmsafa, and some laboratories The self-financing companies Winning ‘.

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