Abadi is unable to complete the process of reforms for fear of whales call


07-12-2014 12:06 PM
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Since he assumed the presidency of the Iraqi government last September, and Haider al-Abadi focus of attention of everyone internally and externally he fumbles walks his way carefully for fear of committing mistakes frustrate hopes the authority to correct the fatal mistakes of his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki, who lived Iraq during his period of 8 years lasted for days lean.
Observers say the steps Abadi, the prime minister is in trouble now after the reform steps bold taken in recent weeks that he can not first exclude all corrupt state institutions, military and civilian once given the difficult conditions that prevailed in the country .. versus secondly popular demands urgent to complete this process.
Observers point out that the slowdown Abadi in his career this reform may lose the popular tally and provoke him in the form of public opinion, which would lead to a relapse of his popularity. They say that the continuation of the reforms on the other hand will bring Abadi from Walker snakes and intervention in an unequal battle with al-Maliki and his followers they still make up so far no significant strength because Mtnfve Islamic Dawa Party still live Naim what lavished on them master Maliki positions and land and real estate and commercial deals to earn their loyalty In addition to implicating him they became serious corruption issues linked to its fate, leaving Abbadi lonely swim against the stream less sweeping Khosarath not return a call for representatives who arrived in office under Avcth.
Observers He adds that there is another dilemma facing Abadi, where he is currently facing blackmail some politicians who seek to exploit and put the embarrassment this in order to force him to make concessions to them, which makes it an open back Maliki and his followers in the face mafias corruption and influence also .. also comply Abbadi of the Kurds and their demands is Constitutional lose by being wide popular support enjoyed by so far. According to the writings of site
Therefore, observers believe that the al-Abadi said fumbles carefully reservoirs each step travels in order to correct the legacy of the past corrupt and be careful in the profit and loss accounts in each one of these steps .. and assert that it is not in front of al-Abadi, in this case only the showdown people and address it directly to his motives and causes every measure provides him all of its aspects and its aftermath the people to be synonymous with his supportive of the steps .. It is a companion will support the external position which enjoys broad support not received by the former head of government since the change experienced by Iraq in 2003 .. which is expressed by the US Secretary of State John Kerry in Saeb and accurate when he said NATO ‘NATO’ conference held in Brussels last Thursday (Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi wowed everyone Bouktoath reform in addition to that it has taken steps to root out corruption and unite Iraqis), a word of Iraqis are looking forward to their destination because Abehrhm Abadi also his ability to overcome all these difficulties faced by them and bring some Mitmahon him and look forward to him 11 years ago.





Kerry: Government Abadi exceeded “sectarian”

12/08/2014 07:30

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Take US Secretary of State John Kerry, that the Iraqi government headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi successfully overcome sectarian and respond to organize “Daash”, as pointed out that the region is witnessing “an epic struggle.”

Kerry said in a speech during the “Saban” conference in Washington, “the Iraqi government headed by Haider al-Abadi succeeded in sectarian exceeded and to address the organization Daash,” pointing out that “This organization is not related to Islam irrelevant, since the Busby and selling of girls between the ages of 10-13 years. “

Kerry added, “The region is witnessing an epic struggle, and we have made during the past two months, significant progress against Daash,” adding that “the international coalition grew by our diplomacy and our relationships.”

US President Barack Obama confirmed last Friday that the international coalition led his country to fight al “Daash” in Iraq and Syria is making progress against the organization.

Raises attempts to organize “Daash” to impose its control over Syria and Iraq concern to the international community, as expressed several countries, including Arab and foreign “concern” about the attempts by the organization to control the two countries, before the international coalition led by the Washington air strikes several sites of several of the organization in the areas of scattered from Iraq and Syria.


Baghdad expects to eliminate state regulation by 2016

إبراهيم الجعفري (يسار) خلال مؤتمر صحفي مع نظيره الإيراني في طهران (غيتي)
Ibrahim al-Jaafari (left) during a press conference with his Iranian counterpart in Tehran (Getty)

Iraqi Foreign Minister, said Ibrahim al-Jaafari, theorganization of the Islamic state may become of the past by 2016, adding that the Iraqi government is working to clear all Iraqi territory, which he called terrorism by this date.

He said in a press statement that whenever escalate “terrorism” in the country are crumbling and respond to terrorist cells in the town again, praising the role of air strikes launched by the international coalition to organize the goals of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

For his part, the Iranian foreign minister said Mohammad Javad Zarif, it described with friendly states in the region, began to review their policies after they arrived at the conclusion that state regulation is a danger to everyone in the region.

He Zarif -khalal a joint news conference with his Iraqi counterpart in Tehran that it must Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to stand as one hand in the face of state regulation, the first being a danger to Iraq and the region.

In the meantime, the President of the Council of Nineveh province (western Iraq) on Sunday that twenty thousand fighters from four sides will participate in the process of liberalization of Mosul (Nineveh province).

“The four sides will participate in the implementation, namely: the international coalition and the central government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the local government in Mosul, “revealing that” the most significant point that has not been resolved in the plan is to determine the leadership of the liberation of Nineveh. “

Zarif: we will stand with Iraq to eliminate Daash

Zarif: we will stand with Iraq to eliminate Daash

Iran’s foreign minister confirms that his country is willing to establish friendly relations with the various neighboring countries, and terrorist groups pose a threat to the region.
TEHRAN confirmed Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, parking next to his country of Iraq, even the elimination of state regulation, “Daash.”

Zarif said, according to the news published by the official news agency IRNA, that all the Iraqi people want to fight against the terrorist organization and stand in front of his threats, pointing out that Iran is interested in establishing friendly relations with the various neighboring countries, and terrorist groups pose a threat to the region.

In a joint news conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who came to Iran to participate in the “World Conference in the face of extremism and violence,” which lasts for two days, Zarif said that Iran will stand with the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, Arabs and all spectra of the Iraqi people, according to reports by agency IRNA.

Urgent ….. Jaafary: Weapons from Gulf States arrived in Iraq

Sunday, 07 December 2014 23:41 | | |

Follow –Up (AIN) –The Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafary pointed out “Some Gulf States presented weapons and ammunition to Iraq and the first group of these weapons has arrived in Iraq.” /End/


Parliamentary Integrity is preparing to open 50 corruption of the previous session file .. intends to call al-Maliki and al-Dulaimi

 Submitted by Big Sekz-

Iraqi Army reviews the Russian bombers (TOS-1) received by the nape of his base in Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)
Author: BS
Editor: BS, HA 07.12.2014 twenty-six past ten p.m. number of readings: 303

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Has not ruled out the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, yesterday, calling the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, to be held accountable on the presence of 50 000 space in the Department of Defense. Confirmed possession of new evidence allows it to open 40 files were closed in the previous session include armament contracts in the defense, interior and file of school buildings and the central bank, banks and real estate civil state.

The Committee on Parliamentary Integrity announced, last November, the formation of sub-committees to open all files of corruption raised in the previous session, expressing its intention to prosecute “all corrupt and negligent and bring them to spend.”

In this context, Ardalan Noureddine Mahmoud, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee “long”, that “there are many files that have been closed in the previous session due to lack of evidence says will be verified yet provides new evidence on them,” asserting that “the distribution of the members of the Committee on These files among themselves to be studied and evaluated before deciding on it. “

Mahmoud, adding that “our committee is still scrutinizes considering this new evidence to confirm Sedktaha then will open these files and check with the negligent officials,” noting that “all files that have been shut down may not be according to the law opened again, but the availability of new evidence.”

A member of the Integrity Committee “and the presence of new files will be opened soon after calling a large number of officials in the Integrity Commission, including the Director General of the Ministry of Commerce and the General Traffic inspector general at the Ministry of the Interior during the last month.”

Attorney Ardalan Noureddine to notes that “these files include contracts entered into by the Ministries of Defense and Interior and other ministries and that of the most prominent new files that will be opened is 50 alpha space in the Ministry of Defence file, as well as retired astronauts file.”

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi revealed at the end of November last month about the presence of 50 thousand space in the Ministry of Defence asking Parliament to cooperate with the government to achieve economic reform and efforts to combat corruption.

It stresses a member of the Integrity Committee that “all officials involved file astronauts will be summoned to parliament to check with them,” revealing that the committee “was distributed to members of the sub-committees, including the one made up of three of them to check these files before them.”

 MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc did not rule out that the call includes the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki and Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, or any officers involved aliens file in the Department of Defense.

And about which files will be re-opened refurbished, Ardalan Noureddine explains that “previous files of up to approximately 40 file where suspicions of financial corruption and administrative, either with regard to the new files are under the supervision of the sub-committees within the Integrity Committee is decides to open these files.”

Salah al-Jubouri, in turn, the other member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirms “the distribution of the members of the committee to review the files of all ministries and provinces,” noting that these files where suspicions of corruption was not possible for us to make sure of it. “

He adds Jubouri, told the “long”, that “the most important files that will be opened is the issue of displaced people after hosting the Inspector General of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, financial and retirement Director body as well as the alien file and theft which recently acquired the Rafidain Bank.”

The Transparency International, based in Berlin-based published in the (December 2014) 3, its annual list of the most corrupt countries in 2014 were four Arab countries are Somalia, Sudan, Iraq and Libya are among more than a dozen countries corrupt in the world.

He said al-Jubouri said, “than the previous files that will be opened, including weapons of detecting explosives and all arms contracts file in Zarate defense, interior and also school buildings and the central bank, banks and civil Real Estate State File”, stressing that “the sub-committees will prepare a detailed report on all these old and new files will be taken legal proceedings to transmit them to investigate. “

On expected to occur in the Integrity Commission as part of the reform process carried out by the government changes, Salah al-Jubouri said, “We want to end the management of independent bodies and all locations and positions in the Iraqi state by proxy and subject to the application of the law and the Constitution,” adding, “not to vote on the heads of these positions and locations by the Board of Deputies make sections of financial and administrative corruption


Accountability: money belonging to the former regime, Switzerland, estimated at more than $ 500 million

Accountability: money belonging to the former regime, Switzerland, estimated at more than $ 500 million
9:27: 12/07/2014

Khandan – Supreme Commission for Accountability and Justice revealed the presence of the money to the former regime in Switzerland worth more than US $ 500 million will be returned to the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance.

The Vice-President of the Commission Bakhtiar Omar told the “time” that the (legal staffs of the body revealed the presence of the money to the former regime in Switzerland in excess of US $ 500 million belonging to the brother of Saddam Hussein, Barzan al-Tikriti, including gold bullion worth 100 million dollars and hours of hand and land between the French-Swiss border The homes and properties and villas precious and commercial companies and fake).

He added that the (body handed over the file to department of recovery for the purpose of stand-up and convert the amounts recovered from Switzerland to the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance if international action is completed), explaining that the (system’s money scattered in Lebanon, Jordan, Switzerland, France, Britain and millions of US dollars).

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Reports: US mercenaries to fight «Daash» Iraq and pay $ 1750 a day

2 hours ago | wrote: Antar Farahat
مرتزقة بريطانياMercenaries BritainPhotography: Agencies

Publishing site «Warrior Scout» American, Sunday, report on, especially in the state of North Carolina, the US security company, is campaigning recruit fighters to former special forces to be sent to Iraq, apparently in preparation to send numbers of mercenaries to fight al «Daash», similar to what was done by the former administration of US President, George W. Bush, by employing mercenaries and private security companies to fight during the invasion of Iraq and subsequent years of occupation.

The site said «Warrior Scout» The remuneration supply ranges between 1250 and $ 1750 per day and the duration of the work between 6 to 8 months.

The outgoing US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, told a group of US military experts in Baghdad, early November, that there is a US proposal for the Iraqi government to send thousands of US troops to liberate al-Anbar province, west of Iraq, from the grip of «Daash» and handed over to the Iraqis.

But one American Iraqi army trainers, who attended the meeting Hagel, said that «the defense minister was not sure of the Iraqis to accept this proposal, and that the alternative is to increase the number of experts to train the Iraqi army. However, this latter solution may take years, even though it most Iraqis accepted. »

He said the US military expert, in an interview with Channel «Sky News Arab»: «the most likely scenario is based on private security firms and former military, or what is known as the (mercenaries)».

He added: «It is expected that the Iraqis refuse the entry of thousands of American soldiers to their land, while the second proposal will take a few years, so the best solution may be to rely on the US military experts as well as mercenaries of the nationalities of the other non-US».

He continued: «American experts will follow up the situation of the command center field and put plans in coordination with the Iraqi army, and then they give the plans for these private security companies, which the elements of the battle on the ground management and give instructions to the Iraqi army».

Explains request Employment Supplement news site, issued by the private security company «Raidun Takteix», that applicants will undergo training, in 2015, before being sent to Iraq by mid-February or March, and the company expects, to approve the contract with the party concerned, the end of this month.

The site said «Warrior Scout» The remuneration supply ranges between 1250 and $ 1750 per day and the duration of the work between 6 to 8 months.

The previously used mercenaries of US troops from private security companies heavily in Iraq and the number reached at some point to tens of thousands, and in particular of «Blackwater» company, which convicted of numerous charges of human rights violations, torture and kill unarmed Iraqis.

In 2007, four of the militants «Blackwater» 14 Iraqi civilians were killed and wounded 17 others in Baghdad, and was convicted of four by a federal grand jury mercenaries on charges ranging from murder and error, an incident that led to the imposition of restrictions by Iraq on the work of mercenaries belonging to security companies own.

Despite reports that the current Iraqi government, headed by a single-Abadi, stationed in Iraq, US forces granted special immunity to avoid prosecution, if they committed a similar murder, but Iraqi officials stressed that no immunity for US forces is that the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, awarded the American soldiers.

The British newspapers confirmed that British mercenaries headed to fight al «Daash» in «eye Arabs», Kobanî Syrian, beside protection units Kurdish people in the city.


NATO conference responds to the demands of Iraq

By Zubair is Hearing Hours ago

Roudao Arbil

Announced Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, Sunday, that participation in the NATO (NATO Conference of the States), responded to the demands of Iraq, arming and equipping the army with sophisticated weapons, and to prevent the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq to join the ranks of the organization of the Islamic state “Daash.”

Obeidi said in a press release: “The countries participating in the NATO conference to combat terrorism responded to our demands concerning the development of the Iraqi military system by supplying and arming the Iraqi army with weapons and advanced training of security forces and help dry up the sources of terrorism.”

He said al-Obeidi: “As has been the response to prevent the flow of foreign fighters and stop funding the organization Daash sources, in all respects,” explaining that the international coalition will not work against the “Daash” If only on the military side was adopted.

An Iraqi delegation headed by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and with the participation of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, and Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, last Wednesday participated in the International Conference on Combating Terrorism, which was held in the Belgian capital, Brussels, and was attended by more than 60 Arab and foreign countries.

Council disrupts Baghdad office hours Wednesday and Thursday next

Date: 12/07/2014 20:19pictures / news / img / bvngftryewr324.jpg

Information / Baghdad / ..
Decided Baghdad Provincial Council, Sunday, disable the official working hours on Wednesday and Thursday of this week on the occasion of visit forties, stressing that the decision excludes service departments in the capital.
He said council member Fadhel Shuwaili told the reporter Agency / information /, “The Baghdad provincial council has decided to disable office hours on Wednesday and Thursday of this week on the occasion of visit forties,” noting that “this decision was made after studying with Baghdad operations maintain the security and safety of visitors” .
Shuwaili and added that “the decision excluded the service departments of this decision,” stressing that “the decision includes all departments and state institutions in the capital and not of the Council of Baghdad circles only” .anthy / 16 R.
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