US Department of Defense: Daash stopped the attack and turned into a state of defense

Daash organizing fighters in Mosul in June 2014

Daash organizing fighters in Mosul in June 2014

A spokesman for the US Department of Defense John Kirby said Tuesday that the international coalition forces were making progress at the level of military confrontation with the organization of the Islamic State (Daash) that stops the attack and turned into a state of defense.

Kirby said that coalition forces were making progress in the military path against Daash though he acknowledged that the organization has made progress in the western Anbar province.

More in Zaid Benjamin report reporter “Radio Sawa” in Washington:

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Senate OKs Tony Blinken for No. 2 job at State Department



July 28, 2014: Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken speaks about Russia, Ukraine as well as the Middle East conflict during an appearance at the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington. (AP)

The Senate voted on Tuesday to approve President Obama’s nominee to be deputy secretary of state, despite criticism from Sen. John McCain and other Republicans.

Tony Blinken, who is replacing William Burns, who retired, joined the White House in 2009 as a top aide to Vice President Joe Biden. He later became Obama’s deputy national security adviser and a key player on foreign policy issues, including the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

The vote was 55-38 to confirm Blinken.

During his confirmation hearing last month, McCain asked Blinken whether he was wrong two years ago when he said “Iraq today is less violent, more democratic and more prosperous.”

The nation is embroiled in conflict again today.

“Not only is Mr. Blinken unqualified, but he is, I believe, a threat to the traditional interests and values that embody the United States of America,” McCain, the incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Tuesday.

Blinken said he stood behind his assessment of the situation in Iraq during that period of time.

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., outgoing chairman of the Foreign Relations panel, disagreed and called Blinken a qualified and accomplished national security and foreign policy expert. “Tony Blinken is a tireless and able public servant who has served the nation well,” Menendez said.

Pentagon sending 250 MRAPs to Iraq at no charge for Islamic State fight

A Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP) is unloaded from a C-5 Galaxy on Sept. 25, 2008 at an air base in Southwest Asia. (Image: U.S. Air Force)
A Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP) is unloaded from a C-5 Galaxy on Sept. 25, 2008 at an air base in Southwest Asia. (Image: US Air Force) more>

Iraq will receive roughly 250 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles from the US in 2015 – for free – to deal with roadside bombs set by the Islamic State group.

Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, confirmed the MRAP deal, which would be done as part of its “Excess Defense Articles” program.

During the course of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, nearly 28,000 MRAPs were produced at a cost of about $ 45 billion, reported.

The decision to send Iraq MRAPs comes just one month after the Pentagon announced that it would be sending its Joint IED Defeat Organization to the country to train security forces.

The Islamic State killed more than 800 Iraqis and wounded close to 1,300 in October, Defense One reported Nov. 6.

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German girl kills 20 militants from Daash

German girl kills 20 militants from Daash

Warren, of a nurse in Germany to fight in the ranks of women’s protection unit, which was formed in 2012, to defend the Kurdish areas in northeastern Syria, against militants Daash.
Damascus despite the fact that the presence of women is common among the Kurdish troops, but the formation of women’s unit is unusual in the Muslim world, but the goal of the volunteers is to fight any group threatening the Kurdish populated areas, in the “Western Kurdistan,” The People’s Protection Units assumed control a large part of northern Syria, which represents the majority of the Kurds.

Says Warren Kurdish fighter, fighting in Tel Panthers northeastern Syria, said that “this bloody war, but we fought, we must protect our women and children and the only one you will not defend us.”

She said Warren, who was born in Germany and grew up where she “got her reward semiautomatic pistol automatic Russian-made type Makarov, after killing 20 militants of the” Islamic State “Daash, and known among her peers as one of the most dangerous snipers in the group.”

She said one of the six other women in the apartment Tqmn Alsgarhnevshama Warren “We want to be a role model for the Middle East and the West, we want equality for all.”

For his part, peace support and rights at the Institute for the study of the rights of Columbia University’s Rights in New York, the program director, David Phillips: “These women they Otherhen clear,” he said, “are of the fiercest fighters and most of them effective, and many of them widows Thvizen strong motivation on the battlefield due to their loss Personal. “

The United Nations estimates that about 7,500 women joined the Women’s Protection Unit, which was formed in 2012, as part of the People’s Protection Units, in defense of the Kurds “Western Kurdistan” in northern Syria area.

It is noteworthy that Warren was born in Cologne parents Kordian, and graduated from nursing school and was working in Germany when the conflict began in Syria, appeared pro-democracy movement and then later developed into an armed uprising sparked clashes in the region

Reduce the budget deficit to 23 trillion dinars

12/17/2014 0:00

Month’s salary to self-finance companies in the industry
BAGHDAD – morning – Alaa al-Tai
Ministerial Technical Committee concerned able to redraft the 2015 budget to reduce the deficit of 47 trillion dinars to the half after a reduction of 23 trillion dinars of special ministries and state institutions expenditures within the budget next year.
This came during the committee members read their report at the Cabinet meeting, which was held yesterday.
The Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Ministers for administrative and financial affairs and a member of the Technical Committee Obeid replace the “morning” that the budget will include allocations for the displaced more than a trillion dinars added to the assigned by the Ministry of Displacement and Migration amounts.
He said the ministerial committee will continue to hold its meetings until the resolution and the preparation of the final report on the federal budget for 2015, noting that the current budget underwent to reduce expenses and compressed, where this mechanism included all state institutions in an attempt to reduce the deficit caused by low oil prices, noting that the figures will be a real and not speculative, after taking into account the financial crisis has been caused by low oil prices and reduced the amount of oil exports as a result of the fall of some areas, however, “Daash” gangs, along with the high volume of expenses of the armed forces and the security ministries imposed by the circumstances of the war in the country. “
And what resulted in the Council of Ministers regular session held yesterday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said a statement from al-Abadi’s office, received a “morning,” a copy of it, he was at the meeting to approve the payment of one month’s salary for companies self-financing of the Ministry of Industry of the Ministry of Finance.
The council also approved a project of the Federal High Court Act and the amendment of Article (12) of the project to be a quorum of two thirds of the presence of the court.
The Cabinet authorized the State Department to continue to negotiate with the Iranian side to reach a final and comprehensive solution on the common border rivers and deviation Shatt al-Arab path towards Iraqi territory.
It was agreed to form a committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Environment to deliver a building to the Ministry of Environment.
The Board approved the establishment of the Ministry of Finance to deport request of the Ministry of Justice to the budget in 2015, regarding the insurance amount (8,435,470,800) dinars, for the purpose of fulfillment of obligations with the contracting companies with the restoration and rehabilitation of prisons based on resolutions digital Council of Ministers (378) for the year 2012 and (322) for the year 2013.
The Council decided to exclude the Ministry of Displacement and Migration of the fifth point of the publication of the Ministry of Finance and the powers of a number of exchange (119 995) in 12/30/2013, and the exception of the Implementing Regulations of the Federal budget for the year 2013.

Speaker, Iranian FM mutual cooperation between Iraq, Iran


Baghdad (AIN) –The Speaker of the Parliament, Salim al-Jobouri, visited the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohamed Jawad Therif, in Tehran on Tuesday.

Jobouri’s media office reported in a statement received by All Iraq News Agency ”The two sides discussed the recent regional updates and the participation of cooperation in sustaining security and economy in the area.”

”Jobouri assured that the whole area is facing many challenges represented by terrorism which requires more cooperation among the States,” the statement concluded. \End\

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