Government Abadi tend to impose taxes to cope with the economic crisis in Iraq

28-12-2014 08:36 AM

Combined developments on Iraq, perhaps pay in the next year in 2015, to impose taxes on citizens for the first time, especially in light of the fall in global oil prices and increased military spending, and the losses inflicted on the organization of the Islamic state attacks the oil and gas sector and trade volume.

Detection and Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, recently, for the start of his ministry and work to reduce the budget deficit in non-oil alternatives such as increased taxes and tariffs on goods

Entering the country, but that this pressure will not include medicine and food.

He acknowledged the Iraqi Council of Ministers, weekly, year 2015 budget, a $ 123 trillion Iraqi dinars ($ 107 billion) and the price of a barrel of oil to guess the value of $ 60, and referred to the House of Representatives for a vote, surpassing the 2014 budget, which spent without approval.

It is expected the new draft budget deficit of $ 23 trillion dinars ($ 20 billion), and confirmed member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Ali Mohamed, the Government’s intention to impose taxes on some public services and raise the government support them, such as electricity and water, and some oil derivatives and mobile phone services.

Mohammed said that the government will go also to increase tariffs on some imports, especially electrical appliances, in order to reduce the fiscal deficit to balance next year, expressing concern that the Iraqi slide poor and middle affected by those decisions.

Oil prices tumbled more than 48% in the past six months, and came down from the levels of $ 115 a barrel last June, to less than $ 60 a barrel transactions in December / this December, which means that the OPEC member Iraq has at least 190 million dollars per day of oil revenues, as production in the medium up to the limits of 3.5 million barrels per day.

He called Muhammad, the Iraqi government to think of other alternatives Kalaguetrad from international banks or the adoption of the bond sale system and transform state-owned state enterprises into joint stock companies to attract a lot of private sector investment.

A member of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce, Falah al-Tayeb: Everyone’s worried about the steps that the government intends to do, it will be the only Valmtather employee and the laboring class of

Professions and trades owners who work daily wage.

He adds Tayeb: ‘with the continuation of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate unchanged against the dollar (1200 dinars to the dollar), the decisions that will lead to a rise in poverty in Iraq ratio, and thus the recovery and expansion of crime and social problems, which will be accompanied by such procedures scary rise in consumer prices.

State Committee for poverty alleviation in Iraq and said, in statements published in 2012, that 38%

Iraqi citizens at least live below the poverty line.

The total Iraqi population of about 33.4 million people. Government data indicate that the number of poor people in rural areas than in cities, lesbian, the Iraqi government and sets the poverty line based on the calculation of the cost of the basic food needs of the per capita of $ 34.25 thousand dinars per month.

Although Iraq spends about $ 5 billion a year on food distributed to the population, but the economic and social conditions and lawlessness, pushing millions of Iraqis into poverty.

For his part, said the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Masood Haider site ‘new Arab’, the deficit treatment can not come by throwing the ball in the court of the poor, especially that no one knows whether these proposals have been studied and consultation with with specialists or not .

Haider pointed out that the imposition of taxes and fees calculated as a proportion of total income for citizens, and its impact on the purchasing capacity of individuals, depending on their income levels, it is possible to impose taxes, duties on certain goods and services, but will lead to increased prices in the commodity chain and thus reduce the purchasing capacity of a pensioner who does not exceed his monthly salary of 400 thousand dinars, while high-income earners will be the impact on them is remarkable.

And criticizes the observers, the lack of the Iraqi government, to data on its citizens income rules, and that there are significant differences between classes of people, while the salary exceeds some ten million dinars per month, it seems millions in the list of unscrupulous income, which requires government intervention and restructuring of the salaries of citizens, according to observers.

He pointed out that the cancellation of one paragraph, expenditure items in the budget, give a yield more than this trend, such as the abolition of contact on Mobile granted to all officials of the Director of the Department or less and up to the highest levels in the state, or government vehicles operating expenses for personal purposes of the bill.

Haider said, that the real problem lies in the deficit, as the expenditure is growing day after day without

Control of the paragraphs, while oil revenues go down without treatment, due to the poverty of processors or the desire not to prejudice some expenses.

It is scheduled to discuss Iraq’s parliament this weekend, the federal budget for the state that the majority of its funds go to the ministries of defense and interior, as well as monthly and fund terrorism victims staff wages.

And calls for the President of the independent Integrity Society Firas al-Baghdadi, the government has to move away from what affects the lives of citizens and the search for the heads of corruption and parts and work on the restoration of Iraqi funds frozen out of the country, as well as reducing the salaries of members of parliament and the government, amounting to a monthly 20 million dinars (17 dollars) per person of them.

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Nیچیrڤan Barzani receives US Senator McCain

Nیچیrڤan Barzani receives US Senator McCain

[7:06] 14 / Dec / 28

Erbil كانون الاول / ديسمبر 28 (PNA) – Nیچیrڤan Barzani received the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, on Saturday, December 27th, 2014 in the capital city of Arbil, a member of the US Senate, Senator John McCain and his accompanying delegation. Which included a number of military advisers, mattresses, Acting US Embassy in Iraq and Consul General of the United States of America to the Kurdistan Region.
During the meeting, McCain congratulated victories Alپeshmrگh forces on the battlefield against terrorists Daash in various regions of the Kurdistan Region, also commended the political leadership and the efforts of the Government and people of the Kurdistan Region to address the brutal attacks Daash and resistance. He also expressed his sympathy to families of the martyrs of the war against terrorism, who fought with honor for these terrorist force, pointing out that the Kurdistan Region enjoys a high stature in terms of the protection of human values ​​and foundations, where he earned the Kurdistan Region thanks to the valiant resistance of terrorism replace the respect and admiration of the American people and the world at large liberal.

McCain also said: We came here to look closely at the situation, and the military side we had a meeting with the military leadership, and note that people are leading the liberal battles, which earned them the confidence of everyone. On the humanitarian side also expressed thanks to the Government and people of the Kurdistan Region, who were able to receive limited their capabilities and embrace the various components of the region, particularly Christians and Yezidis, and alleviate their suffering because of this humanitarian catastrophe that befell them as a result of terrorist attacks and provided them with assistance. Stressing that the United States will do its best in order to continue to provide humanitarian and military aid to the Kurdistan Region.

For his part, and as well as welcome and expressed his pleasure to visit, Nیچیrڤan Barzani, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region spoke about the significant role of the forces Alپeshmrگh in eliminating the terrorists, expressing at the same time thanks to the United States of America, which stood out from the start with the people of Kurdistan and its launch air strikes, which was a significant impact on changing the balance of military power in favor of Alپeshmrگh forces to defeat the terrorists and raise the morale of the people. It also reaffirmed the continuation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the protection of these national and religious minorities, which went to the Kurdistan Region, and will make every effort to protect them and provide them with assistance, but do not doubt that the Kurdistan Region needs more than military and humanitarian aspect of international aid, and we expect the US American United to play their role also in this area.

In the axis of this meeting, which was attended by Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister and a number of ministers in the Kurdistan Regional Government. The two sides trading relations between Erbil and Baghdad and the agreement reached by the province and the federal government government, and highlighted the Kurdistan Region relations with neighboring countries, as well as the evaluation of the situation in Syria in general and the situation in Kobanî in particular, and discuss ways of supporting Alپeshmrگh forces in Kobanî that turned the balance of power. And the price of a high position delegation of

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Kuwait, Iraq presents 300 armored personnel carrier as a goodwill gesture

Kuwait, Iraq presents 300 armored personnel carrier as a goodwill gesture

BAGHDAD – morning Khalidi

The committee member said Majid Ghraoui in a statement yesterday that the (United States of America will be presented to Iraq 61 Abrams tank within the signed military agreement earlier between Baghdad and Washington), adding that the (Kuwaiti government submitted to Iraq 300 armored personnel carrier people as a gift to strengthen the security forces stand to confront gangs organizing Daash) pointing out that the (US tanks and armored vehicles Kuwait will come to the country early next year) .okhevc yesterday reports (by Washington to withdraw 3,100 armored vehicle anti-mines of Afghanistan and stored in Kuwait and showed that there is a decision to charge part of the equipment to Iraq to face Daash without specifying the quantity). On the other hand the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary confirmed that the Commission of Inquiry on incidents of Mosul, impartial and will re-investigation with officials covered up for them the previous government, and indicated that they will refer any involved to justice no matter what his or Hzbeh.oukal Chairman of the Committee of quitting in a statement yesterday that the (Commission on Special Investigation incidents of Mosul exercised its neutrality and would investigate with some officials who covered up for them the previous government). He pointed out that (there are those who try to influence the work of the Commission towards the course of the investigation a character through pressure). He added Zamili that (there are figures in the security establishment is working with foreign bodies and other Daashah will be unearthed and forwarded to the judiciary) .bhsp statement noted that he (has referral recommendations on the issue of smuggling of prisoners and not fleeing and condemning security leaders did not take legal action against them because of their coverage of the previous government).

He stressed on the Zamili (re-investigated at this stage and bring them to justice for trial). Noting that (the Commission will refer any involved the fall of Mosul to the judiciary) .mfatta that (there are trying to expand the investigative committee from all sides, parties and blocs to try to put pressure on the results of the investigation at the time that the Commission is going the approach of neutrality and non-bargaining).Stressing (we are moving in the realization of the right through negligent accounting and all of involvement with them whatever his nationality or his or hold them accountable and eliminate the sponsor).

McCain: heading into a new agreement with Baghdad to ensure the immunity of US soldiers

McCain: heading into a new agreement with Baghdad to ensure the immunity of US soldiers

BAGHDAD – Hussein Star

US Senator John McCain revealed the formation of a power-strong National Guard from 4000 volunteer training duration of 6 weeks, stressing that the process of liberalization is heading to Anbar after the first Mosul. McCain said in an interview with the media, including the (time) yesterday, before arriving in the province of Kurdistan (the National Guard will begin soon and will be a strong 4000, which will need volunteers to 6 weeks for training on contemporary security system). Added McCain (I heard from the government and political parties, many of the appointments on the liberalization of the provinces), stressing that (first direction after the evaluation is moving towards Anbar and Mosul). He praised McCain (b steps the Iraqi government in the fight against corruption in the security services and the reduction of aliens in military institutions) remarkable that (the United States need to be active and able to build and re-build the structure of the military government security forces). He revealed McCain (quest to sign a new agreement to ensure the immunity of American soldiers who are training the Iraqi army), explaining that (strategic framework agreement did not work recognized by former US Ambassador Ryan Crocker and former defense ministers).McCain and arrived in Irbil from Baghdad which he had met with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, as well as a number of clan elders. The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, had confirmed to McCain that the organization Daash received blows and defeats by stationed in the battlefields of Iraqi forces, pointing to the need for more support from the international community to eliminate the risk of terrorism, while across McCain for his country’s support for the Iraqi government and the new orientations. Ebadi said in a statement yesterday after a meeting with McCain in Baghdad in a lightning visit the (terrorist gangs Daash received blows and defeats by our troops stationed on the battlefield), confirming (the need for more support from the international community to eradicate the threat of terrorism). He added that (there is openness in foreign relations of Iraq and the cooperation of the countries we visited and officials who visited Iraq and their willingness to help Iraq in all fields, especially with regard to the war against al-Daash), stressing that (Iraq’s desire to build a relationship of cooperation with the international community and countries in the region based on based on shared interests and mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs).The statement said that he (During the meeting, they discussed the political and security situation in Iraq and the region and efforts to fight al Daash victories achieved on these terrorist gangs future between the two countries in various fields) and cooperation. For his part, McCain (his country’s support for Iraq and the government of the new directions in the fight against the terrorist organization Daash).

Conscious / Defense Announces reduce expenditures to budget support

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Conscious / Baghdad / FS

Defense Ministry announced on Saturday, taken from a number of serious measures to reduce expenses to get to the rationalization, noting that this step in support of the government.

He said ministry spokesman Brigadier improve Ibrahim in a statement received (news agency, media / INA) a copy of it, that “the defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi has taken a number of measures that will help in reducing expenses, to get to the rationalization,” adding that “al-Obeidi, reduced expenses deputations from 12 million to 6 million, as well as another set of expenses. “

“The ministry is taking these steps to support the government on the one hand, and to contribute to support the general budget of the country by reducing expenses.”

After the pressure of Basra, al-Abadi arrive Monday to hold a coordination meeting of the provinces

Sunday 28 December 2014 – 0:06

Coordination meeting of the league to the provinces with Abadi / archive

A government source said that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi decided to hold a coordination meeting on Monday in the provinces of Basra, while considered the visit to the province, is the first since he took office.

The most likely source of cross-talk radio tow that the choice of al-Abadi of Basra at this time specifically came to calm the situation and reduce the intensity of the media discourse pursued by local government parties, particularly the Presidency of the Council of Basra.

He pointed out that “the meeting will be attended by governors and chairmen of the various Iraqi provinces except for the Kurdistan region.”

The head of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona has waved through radio tow earlier sue the government Abadi, if not accounted for five revenue of oil dollars within the budget of 2015 the fact that sooner is against the law, as revealed during the conference on Saturday, held on to collect the signatures of about two-thirds vote of the the province of Basra to demand by making territory on the back of the continued marginalization of the center government to the demands of the people of Basra.

190 arrest warrant for crimes involved Spyker

12/28/2014 0:00

BAGHDAD – Qassim Hilfi
Judicial Authority issued 190 arrest warrant against the killing involved Spyker camp in Salahuddin province, soldiers, while confirming the arrival of a number Alakhbarat for missing people in those crimes to more than 1,000 news yet.
He said the first judge in the Central Investigating Court Majid al-Araji, the “morning” that the number of arrest warrants against the crimes involved the implementation of the camp (Spyker) reached a memorandum of 190 depending on the confessions of the accused were arrested, while the number of registered Alakhbarat arrived for missing the 1095 news.
He stressed that the court did not find evidence to support the finding new survivors in the areas of implementation of crimes so far, revealing the possession of the court to base important data grabbed from which leads the task related to the agents of the crimes and the manner and places of execution and hide the bodies, warning that it did not prove the involvement of charge or to any of the security forces so far, stressing that it does not accuse specific clan fault act committed individual or individuals of them, pointing out the possibility of access to the bodies of the victims as if liberated areas under the influence of “Daash.”
He pointed out that the vast majority of those who were sentenced to throw judicial warrants are still involved in the implementation of the terrorist organization crimes in Salahuddin province.

Iraqi parliament opens an investigation into the smuggling of prisoners at Abu Ghraib during the reign of al-Maliki

28-12-2014 12:18 AM

Revealed to the Security and Defense Committee on Parliamentary open investigation into the smuggling of prisoners of Abu Ghraib, and the disclosure of the names of those involved the smuggling of prisoners during the reign of the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki file.

The Chairman of the Committee, of quitting, in a press statement, that ‘the Commission will follow the investigative proceedings to the issue of smuggling of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, and will work to expose those involved in the crime’, adding that ‘such a crime can not go unpunished for those involved with, and procedures investigative accurately will continue until the knowledge of those involved. ‘

Furthermore, pointed out that ‘the investigation will not only be limited to the case of Abu Ghraib only, but will include the issue of smuggling of coronary prison inmates as well, and will reveal the truth and to prosecute those involved, and to take all legal proceedings against them.’

The Kurdish leader, and a member of the previous commission of inquiry in the case of Abu Ghraib prison, Shwan Mohammed Taha, was revealed at the 24 December / December this site ‘new Arab’, the existence of a relationship between the activation of the organization ‘Daash’ in Iraq, and the smuggling of prisoners Abu Ghraib in July of 2013 and the events of Mosul and the subsequent fall of the Iraqi provinces in the hands of the organization.

He stressed that the smuggling of prisoners was carried out according to the plot ridiculed her the possibility of the state, revealing cut the Ministry of Defence Forces road on the Commission of Inquiry, and blocking access to the prison to open the file, but after switching cadres prison indigenous and replace them with new Bmentspin are not aware of the incident, in order to hide the truth.

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