Hakim praises to reduce the salaries of the three presidencies and calls on members of parliament to a similar step

Hakim praises to reduce the salaries of the three presidencies and calls on members of parliament to a similar step
Friday, 05 December / 1 December 2014 00:27


The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim step of the Presidency of the Republic and the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers to reduce their salaries by 50%.

Hakim, according to a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “the members of the House of Representatives to reduce their salaries in half,” returned the “symbolic message of the people to the effect that in harmony officials with economic exceptional circumstance experienced by Iraq because of low oil prices, stressing the feminine ranging from senior officials spending. ”

But he stressed during Msajrih visitors from the people of Muthanna toward the city of Karbala to perform forty visit Thursday to the need for general corruption and the corrupt and control stand in the security and civilian establishment.

He called for “direct general spoilers cry there is no justification for corruption, there is no room to cover them,” referring to “the importance that demonstrate the political forces of its potential in the fight against corruption,” pointing to “Today we live in a rehab anniversary of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him his argument like me is not sold like him.” .

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council that “the nation that runs from the roots will not be broken and will investigate for themselves what it deserves,” recalling “in Samawah revolted and its men timeless and attitudes generally oppressors,” stressing “the importance of a matter of integrity and truth, calling everyone that they really Hsinyin in commitment and his combative behavior and pivoting around him because he Mohamed approach [Y] and his family peace be upon them. ”

The Council of Ministers and the Presidency of the Republic and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided during the last two days, reducing their salaries in half to coincide with a large budget deficit for 2015 being studied by the government an estimated $ 40 billion.

As citizen Bloc announced the reduction of its members’ salaries to Nasv.anthy






AP Interview: US Troops to have Immunity in Iraq

VIVIAN SALAMA – Associated Press – Thursday, December 4, 2014
BAGHDAD (AP) – Washington has an agreement with Baghdad on privileges and immunities for the growing number of troops based in Iraq who are helping in the fight against the Islamic State group, the new US ambassador said Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with The Associated Press, Stuart Jones said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has given assurances that US troops will receive immunity from prosecution. Under Iraq’s former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, that issue was a major sticking point, ultimately leading to the decision to withdraw all remaining US troops in late 2011.

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Kurdish lawmaker: the agreement between the center and the region a first step towards the application of Article 140

Khandan – MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc Bakhtiar Shaways agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan region as positive for both parties, noting that the agreement the beginning of the application of Article 140 of the Constitution.
Shaways said in a statement: “Khandan” received a copy of it, that “the agreement between the governments of the center and the region is a good start to open up new prospects for communication and understanding between the parties and to strengthen relations between them,” noting that “the Convention in spite of its importance to both sides, but it will not bear fruit unless is applied on the ground, especially since our previous experience is good with the previous government, which did not apply a bit of the past agreements, “he said.” We as representatives of the people we asked the former president of the Kurdistan Regional Government visited Baghdad to resolve the differences between the parties, has been proven by this Agreement validity of what we emphasized it. ”
He Shaways: “The Convention contains several positive points for the Kurdistan notably with regard to Kirkuk and other disputed territories, this is the first time in the agreements between the province and the center referred to Kirkuk with respect to oil production, that the federal government take the opinion of the provincial government in this area, and this is somewhat contribute in the resolution of disputes relating to Article 140 Kurdistan these areas, because of the administrative side and the military spokesman in the hands of the Kurdish Peshmerga and the administration. ”
And between Shaways: “The federal government approved by the Convention to these areas under the control of Kurdistan, and I think that the Arab powers want the day of the Kurdistan Regional Government application of Article 140”.
He stressed that: “For the first time since the fall of the former regime, the federal government recognized that the Peshmerga forces are part of the Iraqi defense system, and this is a step in which respect and appreciation for the sacrifices of the Peshmerga.”
He explained Shaways: “This agreement will facilitate the House of Representatives and the political blocs all discussion of the draft oil and gas law as soon as possible, because this agreement included some sort of agreement in principle on this important law, which was delayed for more than six years, and the agreement also contributed to the establishment of the right region in the fiscal federal budget by 17 percent and acknowledged that this figure is correct and should be installed, despite attempts by some political parties and various characters during the previous sessions to reduce this percentage, also included the return of all entitlements of the province of the last period, including the provincial employees’ salaries. ”


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US intel guy said threat to UK/EU is higher than to US. UK guy agreed and said arrests are increasing because threat is so prevalent
9:34am – 4 Dec 14

Had interesting (separate) conversations with intel guys from UK, US in past week. Both said terrorist ‘chatter’ was at highest ever levels
9:33am – 4 Dec 14

Both also said that they expect daesh franchise to spread beyond Iraq/Syria. Reminded of this when reading Libya camps news today
9:37am – 4 Dec 14

Abadi announces launching security operation to liberate all Iraqi cities occupied by ISIL

Abadi announces launching security operation to liberate all Iraqi cities occupied by ISIL

Thursday, 04 December 2014 14:52

Ebadi declares launching military operations to liberate all areas occupied by ISIL

Baghdad (AIN) -The Prime Minister, Hayder al-Abadi, declared to launch wide military campaigns to liberate the areas occupied by the terrorists affiliated to what is so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in cooperation with the Iraqi tribes in Anbar and other provinces. \ End \

House of Representatives held a special meeting to discuss the budget year 2015

House of Representatives held a special meeting to discuss the budget year 2015

Ibtisam al-Hilali

04/12/2014 12:15

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: MP revealed by the Committee on Economy and Investment Ibtisam al-Hilali, on Thursday, the Cabinet will send the general budget for 2015 in less than ten days to the House of Representatives, which held a special meeting to discuss it.
She Hilali for “tomorrow Press” that “the competent ministerial committee to follow up the draft budget of the federal law would end its business within the next few days, and then display the budget to the Council of Ministers to be sent to the House of Representatives.”
“The budget would be supportive of the security and the health and education sector,” noting that “this budget came in line with the conditions faced by Iraq’s security challenges with the decline in world oil prices.”
It is noteworthy that the state budget for the current year has not yet recognize ago that sent the government for nearly eight months to former House were not included on the agenda, while procrastinated previous Presidency for inclusion due to the lack of political blocs agreement had been returned once again to the government, nor that harassment continues while people wait for things to material related thereto, as well as the stalled projects.
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House of Representatives held its headed by al-Jubouri, and the absence of 153 deputies and adoption of the budget postponed again
House of Representatives held a session chaired by the receipt of the budget law and the presence of al-Jubouri, 210 deputies





Qatar to inaugurate embassy in Baghdad, says MP

Qatar to inaugurate embassy in Baghdad, says MP

Thursday, 04 December 2014

Baghdad (AIN) –MP Mohammed al-Karbouli of the Patriotic Powers Alliance pointed out that Qatar studies the idea of inaugurating its embassy in Baghdad next January.”
MP Karbouli who is a member of the parliamentary delegation chaired by Speaker Salim al-Jubouri visiting Qatar now stated to AIN “Qatar also studies depositing a sum of money in the Iraqi banks to support the Iraqi economy.” /End/


MP Shinkali: Erbil, Baghdad oil agreement to speed up endorsing 2015 budget

MP Shinkali: Erbil, Baghdad oil agreement to speed up endorsing 2015 budget

Thursday, 04 December 2014

Baghdad (AIN) –MP Majid Shinkali of the Kurdistani Alliance assured on Wednesday that “Erbil- Baghdad recent agreement will speed up endorsement of the 2015 federal budget law draft.”

MP Shinkali said to AIN “The government will hand over the federal budget law draft to the government in few days,” considering the endorsement of the budget law draft as “An easy task due to the recent oil agreement between the Kurdistani Regional Government and the Central Government.”

He confirmed that “The 2015 budget law draft will include 108,000 employment chances.” /End/


Nیچیrڤan Barzani review Erbil and Baghdad agreement before the Council of Ministers

Nیچیrڤan Barzani review Erbil and Baghdad agreement before the Council of Ministers

[21:08] 14 / Dec / 04
Nیچیrڤan Barzani review Erbil and Baghdad agreement before the Council of Ministers
Erbil كانون الاول / ديسمبر 4 (PNA) – Ministers of the Kurdistan Regional Council, on Thursday, December 4, the morning of the 2014 meeting ordinary course headed Nیچیrڤan Barzani, president of the Council of Ministers, and the meeting was special about the visit of a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad and that the agreement reached by the parties in the government of the territory Kurdistan and the federal government to address the problems between them.

This During the meeting, the prime minister highlighted the meetings and meetings and talked about these meetings, said: “In general, positive meetings in Baghdad with a new atmosphere, and they were creating problems sometimes, but this time Astdrqua that problems tend to treatment, were positive and tried to to be lenient to address them. Discussions were very open, and we talked very seriously together. and turned for that they are looking for treatment and they know that the situation may Ngiller and need solutions, especially Haider al-Abadi was lenient understanding. He added: Our priority has always been reached with Baghdad to address the problems, They also understand that we want to boil solutions and understanding reached.

He added that Iraq is going through a very difficult financial circumstances and that the export of oil stops the latest of many problems, and in the previous line have spent large sums of money, where we do not know clearly why these amounts spent? And the Convention for all of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. He described the agreement as good, but he reiterated that “we say with confidence that it does not reflect all of our ambitions.” He also talked about the federal government wants to put the budget on the basis of the sum of (70) per barrel of oil, he wondered Is the Kurdistan Region will deliver oil to SOMO or not? And Ojbnahm frankly: We will hand over only those that meet the quantity.

He also explained that the agreement will be placed in the context of the budget law during the period of one year, but we put a good basis. Under the agreement, we’ll deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to the Iraqi government, and we will pass them to the amount of 300 thousand barrels of oil through the line of the Kurdistan Region tubes. Since (11 years) call for granting Khrgiat Alپeshmrگh forces, and did not accept, but now the Khrgiat Alپeshmrگh placed within the federal budget, and this was a great success. On the issue of territory loans, he explained that the federal government owes to the region amount (16) trillion dinars, was installed in the Ministry of Finance to the federal government’s report formally, in addition to the debt of foreign oil companies which have not yet paid.

Regarding the role of Alپeshmrگh, Nیچیrڤan Barzani confirmed that Haider Abadi, expressed his appreciation for the role of Alپeshmrگh, as well as for inspection of aircraft loaded with humanitarian and military aid to Erbil, invited the federal government to inspect the aircraft the same mechanism used in Baghdad.

Nیچیrڤan Barzani also highlighted that it is the practical side of Iraq need to Kurdistan region, if it does not adopt the Kurdistan Regional Government that oil infrastructure, Iraq was not able to do anything now to the Kurdistan Region. Nor can the region do anything for himself. He explained that the work is being afoot to link Kirkuk oil pipeline territory, and that this process requires a work of art.

He also pointed out during the next phase of talks to address the problems, will each ministry related problems between Erbil and Baghdad, to work on the files. He also expressed his thanks to the Council of Ministers and the Parliament of Kurdistan political Parties and team talks who were helpful and very much supportive.

He also stressed that with the start of the new year, the Convention will enter into force, he said, do not want to spend more than the rest and be an asset, so will the Ministry of Finance set of reforms to reduce the Alkhrgiat.

Finally, the Prime Minister spoke about his visit and his accompanying delegation to the President and Chairman of the House of Representatives and the heads of the Iraqi political blocs, and all who have shown their support for the agreement and understanding between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government.

At the end of the meeting a number of the ministers spoke about the importance of the Convention and highlighted the rapid repercussions on the level of the Kurdistan region, which will have a direct positive impact on the Kurdistan markets and increase the share of those oil companies operating in Kurdistan between 7 “% to 15%. As described Convention as the success achieved by the Kurdistan Regional Government and the oil policy of the government.

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