The most prominent thing that happened during the “closed” session of the UN Security Council regarding the situation in Palestine

2021.05.19 – 01:47
The most prominent thing that happened during the "closed" session of the UN Security Council regarding the situation in Palestine

Baghdad – People   

France proposed Tuesday to its 14 partners on the UN Security Council a draft resolution on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.  

And the United States has been blocking for eight days, the Council’s adoption of any resolution on the conflict.  

Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun, who chairs the council this month, said, “During a closed session, a proposal made by our French colleague in the council was heard, and with regard to China, of course we support all efforts that facilitate the end of the crisis and the return of peace in the Middle East.”  

The Chinese ambassador added that “the text that his country proposed with Norway and Tunisia, and which the United States has rejected for more than a week, remains on the table of the Security Council.”  

On Tuesday evening, the UN Security Council held a new session on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the fourth in eight days, without reaching a joint statement, in light of Washington’s insistence that the text will not lead to containing the escalation.  

Meanwhile, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, announced that he had requested the organization “to launch an urgent appeal to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”  

“We cannot continue to live under this aggressive apartheid regime. This occupation must end, and we need the independence of our state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, to live in it with dignity and freedom,” Mansour said during a press conference at the UN headquarters.  

The general strike took place on Tuesday in the West Bank cities, including East Jerusalem, in response to popular and official calls “in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and rejecting Israel,” but this step was not without confrontations that left 4 people dead, according to Agence France-Presse.  

The Palestinian government announced the suspension of work on Tuesday so that employees could participate in the rallies that began at midday, while Fatah, in its statement, called on Palestinians to participate in marches and demonstrations from city centers.


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