Barzani sends a message to the international community to put an end to the problems and renew the request for Baghdad

Twilight News

48 minutes ago

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani on Monday to form a new government of the Kurdistan Region “strong and effective”, while renewing his request to resolve the differences and outstanding issues between Arbil and Baghdad through dialogue and understanding, called on the international community to put an end to the problems of terrorism and extremism in the region.

Barzani said in a congratulatory message on the occasion of the New Year: “Our people are now living in a new phase, and in order to achieve their lofty goals and noble values for which they have struggled for decades and made great sacrifices, they need to protect the gains made and increase their strength and growth. The past, through the exercise of democracy, renewed its desire for change and a strong Kurdistan, so it is necessary to achieve that desire within the framework of a strong and effective government that has the confidence of the people. ”

“Throughout the struggle, the people of Kurdistan have sided with peaceful means and dialogue, and now we renew our desire to pursue dialogue and understanding in order to solve all problems with Baghdad,” he said.

Barzani said that “I take this opportunity to express my concern about the fate of the Kurdish people in Syria, hoping that the current developments and changes there will not cause further displacement and suffering of the Kurdish people in Syria, and we declare with certainty that the existence of violence and denial.

He called on all parties to understand that our region can not bear all these problems, violence, terrorism, extremism, instability and domination, and that it is the duty of the international community to put an end to this anarchy, that the innocent peoples in the region should not again be harmed, traumatized and destroyed.



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