Pompeo reaffirms Washington’s support for Iraq in war


2018/12/22 12:43 am
وزير الخارجية الأمريكي مايك بومبيو

 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
(KUNA) – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed Friday with Iraqi President Barham Salih the “recent regional defeat” of the so-called “Da’ash” in Syria. 
“He reiterated US support for Iraq in its ongoing fight against Fallujah to build a more stable and prosperous future,” State Department deputy spokesman Robert Paladino said in a statement. 
“The minister also stressed the importance of our bilateral long-term partnership based on the US-Iraqi strategic framework agreement and the need to support economic development and independence in Iraq.” 
In November 2008, the two sides signed the Strategic Framework Agreement for the Common Defense and the Enhancement of Security and Stability in Iraq in order to deter all threats against Iraq’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity through the development of defense and security arrangements.



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