The popular crowd confirms the imminent launch of the last phase of the liberation of Hawija

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The commander of the 88th Brigade in the popular crowd, Sheikh Wens al-Jabara, confirmed Thursday the launch of the liberation of Hawija, the last terrorist stronghold in the province of Kirkuk, while noting that the brigade’s fighters completed their readiness to fight.
Jabara said in a press statement that “the fighters of the 88th Brigade completed their readiness and received the necessary training and equipment in preparation for the launch of the final phase of the liberation of Hawija.”
Al-Jabara added that “the 88th Brigade, which is deployed in a line of fire near Mount Hamrin, is waiting for orders to achieve the target towards Hawija.” He added that “the launch of the operation is very close because the Iraqi military leadership is keen to save the remaining people in Hawija and its villages as soon as possible.”



The Tigris operations announce the number of forces participating in the liberation of Hawija


The commander of the operations of eastern Tigris, Major General Ali Fadel Omran, on Thursday, the completion of all preparations and preparations for the liberation of Hawija district, the last strongholds of “Daqsh” in Kirkuk, while confirming that 40,000 fighters from the popular crowd and security forces will participate in the process.

“Forty thousand fighters from the popular mobilization, the Iraqi army, the federal police, the rapid response, the 9th Armored Division and the counterterrorism force will participate in the liberation of Hawija,” Omran said.

“Imran said that” the liberation process will be quick because of the collapse of gangs of criminal advocates within the judiciary, “pointing out that” the elements of Da’ash began to escape, especially in the ruling areas they control in Hawija. ”

The fight for the liberation of Hawijah begins on three axes on Friday


The fight for the liberation of Hawijah begins on three axes on Friday

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A security source in Kirkuk said Thursday that the liberation of Hawija will begin tomorrow from three axes.
The source told “Al-Ghad Press” that “on Friday will see the launch of the liberation of Hawija from three axes.”
It is noteworthy that the deputy chairman of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes confirmed, earlier in the day Thursday, that the decisive hour in the district of Hawija nearing the launch, indicating that the forces of the crowd conducted a survey over the mountains of Makhoul during the past few hours.

The Central Bank denies the suspension of dealing with the Territory


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The Central Bank of Iraq denied media reports on the suspension of the bank financial transactions with banks in the Kurdistan region after the referendum on secession.
An official source said that the measure would harm the national economy, “especially since more than 30 percent of the total hard currency in the country is in the banks of the Kurdistan region.”


Regional Government: Baghdad’s decisions are collective punishment and ready for dialogue

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announced the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, its readiness to dialogue with the central government to resolve outstanding problems, pointing to its rejection of the decisions of Baghdad, saying it “collective punishment” against the citizens of Kurdistan.
A statement issued by the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, said that Erbil will take all legal procedures to challenge the decisions of the House of Representatives, considering them “illegal and illegal,” noting that the government of the region reassures neighboring countries and countries of the region that the referendum will not be a risk to its national security by Form.
The statement added that the decision to close the airspace on the Kurdistan region is also illegal, and is contrary to international law and the Chicago International Air Charter, which states that “can not be any form of airports in political conflicts,” pointing to the readiness of the region for dialogue with Baghdad on outstanding issues .
He explained that the referendum was held in a democratic and civilian environment through which the demand of the people of Kurdistan to the whole world, stressing that the process does not violate the Iraqi constitution and international laws, and human rights charters.
The government confirmed the continuation of the Kurdistan region to abide by its relations with the peoples of neighboring countries and the world on the basis of mutual respect and common interests.
The Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, asked yesterday, to cancel the results of the referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region from Iraq, where he said, “This referendum should be canceled and start a dialogue within the framework of the Constitution, we will not engage in any dialogue based on the results of such a referendum.”

Defense Minister: The stages of liberating the occupied lands are going according to the plans prepared for them


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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Minister of Defense Irfan Mahmoud Al-Hayali said that the stages of liberating the occupied lands are proceeding according to the plans prepared for them, taking into account the humanitarian aspect during the liberation.
“Al-Hayali received at his office this morning the head of the parliamentary security and defense committee, Governor al-Zamili. During the meeting, they discussed the latest security developments and the conduct of liberation battles in the Anbar and Hawija areas,” the ministry said in a statement.
The Minister of Defense, according to the statement that “the stages of the liberation of the usurped land goes according to the plans prepared for them taking into account the humanitarian aspect during the liberation, and the emphasis on the need to preserve the property of citizens and stay in their homes.”
Al-Zamili also praised the “courage of the Iraqi army heroes in liberating the regions from dodging and urging the terrorist.”


URGENT Human frogs are surprised by the tremors and control the area of ​​the Hawijah


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(Baghdad: al-Furat News} Special forces carried out the name of {human frogs} a qualitative process in transit to the province of Hawija.
A source of security told the {Euphrates News}, “The heroes of the rapid reaction carried out a qualitative process of crossing the Tigris River to the Abbasid area of ​​Hawija and participated in this process, the second brigade and intelligence brigade Thunder Regiment of the secret {human frogs], the first participation and their role is effective in addition to The secret of snipers and the secret of special missions. ”
“Dozens of people were killed and the city was controlled by the Air Force,” he said