Brett McGurk: Barzani called for a referendum alternative and we offered our alternative in coordination with Baghdad and some parties



By Omid Abdul Karim Ibrahim 9 hours ago
ممثل الرئيس الأمريكي في التحالف الدولي، بريت ماكغورك
Representative of the US President in the International Coalition, Brett McGuck

Rhodeau – Arbil

“We have brought together the president of the Kurdistan Region, his deputy and the prime minister, and we have held meetings in Sulaymaniyah with the leaders of the Kurdistan National Union and the Movement for Change,” said the representative of US President in the International Coalition, Brett McGuck.

“We are happy that there are no political differences and problems on the front lines against Zahed,” McGork said at a news conference on Thursday.

Pointing out that “coordination between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi forces contributed to the elimination of the Daash, and that the Peshmerga forces faced an organization advocating heroism.”

The representative of the American president in the international coalition, “We have full confidence in my faith, and we have a lot of meetings, as we discussed with President Barzani many important issues, especially the referendum.”

“We have confirmed that the United States and the international community will not support the referendum. The alternative to the referendum was presented during the meeting, in partnership with Britain, France and the United Nations,” McGork said.

Noting that “the alternative emphasizes the need to negotiate between Erbil and Baghdad to solve the problems, and we know that the referendum is not an individual decision of President Barzani.”

“We want a disaster not to happen, and we want the focus to be on an urgent fight, and the referendum must have international legitimacy, but no international force supports this referendum. This is a danger, and we must continue dialogue on this file to find solutions,” he said. Good solution “.

Stressing that “the need to activate the parliament, and we hope that the political parties stand together, President Barzani called for the alternative, and we have offered our alternative in coordination with some parties as well as with Baghdad, and must respond to us as soon as possible, and if the referendum will bring with him many problems.

“This is not the position of America alone, but the position of many parties including Turkey. The meetings were positive and fruitful, and I think the alternative will solve many problems,” said the US president’s representative in the international coalition.

Urgent : Kurdish referendum delegation to visit Baghdad next Monday


Editorial date: 2017/9/14 21:29 • 408 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Ashwaq dry, the visit of the delegation of the Supreme Council for the referendum in the Kurdistan region to the capital Baghdad next week.
The Jaf told the {Euphrates News} that “the Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad next Monday to continue its dialogues on violations of the Constitution, which is 55 articles and also inform embassies and diplomatic and foreign missions on the importance of the referendum.”
On the receipt of the Kurdish leadership from Western countries for an alternative to the referendum said: “We expect the opinion of the leadership of the region in the alternative, if not good, then proceed to the referendum,” asserting “can not be expected this alternative.”
Dry and strongly criticized the parliament ‘s vote today on the dismissal of the governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim , “adding that” what is happening in parliament , ordered overnight to eliminate any dialogue and Baghdad seeks behind this. ”
Confirmed” We are not with the escalation and tension, but Baghdad do so , “noting” I do not see an alternative Better than the referendum to get rid of this slavery to the Kurds, “asserting”
“The Iraqi parliament is putting itself in an embarrassing situation, and the decision to remove the governor of Kirkuk is illegal.”
Al-Jaf said that “the disaster of Iraq today that the legalists and politicians interpret the Constitution politically and moody and this is what brought us to him today, and that is why there is no explicit constitutional provision gives the parliament the power to dismiss the governor and unfortunately, the decisions of the House of Representatives made the Kurdish people insist on going to the referendum.”

Barzani: Kurds will abandon the referendum for a better alternative

The head of the Kurdistan region (outgoing) Massoud Barzani, on Thursday, he told the super powers that the Kurds will abandon the referendum for a better alternative.

“The removal of the governor of Kirkuk, Najmuddin Karim, ended the partnership with Baghdad,” he said during a mass rally held today in Zakho district of Dohuk province, stressing that “the escalation of the Iraqi parliament cuts through negotiations with the central government.”
Barzani said that “there is no balance, no consensus and no partnership with Baghdad after the failure of all attempts with it,” adding, “We do not threaten anyone .. Those who go beyond Kurdistan, the field is open.”

“The president of the Kurdistan region that if there is no alternative we will go to the referendum, so be it,” adding that “the political majority cut the salaries of the Peshmerga and disbursed a million dollars for popular mobilization.”

On the other hand, Barzani added that “the burning of flags is not of our faith and morality,” explaining that “all religions and sects must be protected in Kurdistan.”

Barzani pointed out that the Iraqi constitution emphasizes the maintenance of a free federal Iraq and not compulsory, adding that “and with the will of the Kurdish people, independence is guaranteed,” as he put it.

Makkurk’s policy : We have presented the alternative that Barzani wants and to hold the referendum whether or not it is in his own hands


McGröck: We offered the alternative that Barzani wants and to hold the referendum whether or not he is alone
 Twilight News    
 19 minutes ago

US President Donald Trump’s envoy, Brett McGrck, has offered an alternative to holding a referendum in the Kurdistan region, and he called on Kurdistan for not doing it because “the time is not right”.
The President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, on Thursday, with representatives of the United States of America, Britain, France, Germany and the United Nations to discuss the subject of the referendum of the Kurdistan Region and political developments in Baghdad in this regard.
“We presented to the President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, the project he wants as an alternative to the referendum and he is waiting for Barzani’s response after discussing with the leaders of the region, ” he said
Sides “.
The president’s envoy warned that the results of the referendum “have serious consequences for the Kurdish people in the event that it is conducted, and that the process has no international support.”
“We are well aware that whether or not to hold a referendum is not only Barzani’s,” he said.

McGowork: The consequences of the referendum are dire for the Kurds and we have offered the alternative


Since 2017-09-14 at 19:38 (Baghdad time)

McGowork: The consequences of the referendum are terrible for the Kurds and we have presented the alternative to it

The World Bank allocates $ 200 million to support stability in liberated areas


The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced that the World Bank has allocated $ 200 million to implement the emergency project to support stability in the liberated areas.
The official spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ammar Menem, in an interview published in the official press, said that “the World Bank has allocated $ 200 million for the implementation of the emergency project to support the stability of the liberated areas, as it will be coordinated with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the ministries of planning, health and work for the purpose of implementing paragraphs of this The project”.
“The ministry has agreed with the World Bank and a number of ministries and the Women’s Empowerment Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the general framework for implementing the project in the liberated areas,” he added.
He said Menem that the central bank was launched under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor emergency projects to achieve social stability in Iraq, especially in the liberated areas of “Daesh” terrorist, and cooperation with the Ministries of Planning, Health and Education and the Department of Women’s empowerment, as well as local governments in the provinces and at the request of the government to expedite the Rehabilitation of those areas prior to the return of displaced persons. He pointed out that the project is a temporary initiative which aims to achieve the economic and social stability of these families in order to achieve economic and social stability. For one year.
He pointed out that the project will be launched at the end of September, adding that the provinces included in the program to support stability are Nineveh, Anbar and Salahuddin.
Menem pointed out that the bank will cooperate with the Ministry of Labor to adopt the databases of poor and unemployed families in those areas, especially returning to them in order to encourage them to work for a certain period to restore the wheel of life to normal, explaining that the projects included in the initiative (pay-for-work) does not require the skills of Such as the removal of rubble and debris from those areas, which allows reconstruction and service activities and basic to it.
He added that the World Bank stressed that the project requires good supervision and management to encourage these families to work, as well as other activities related to mental health programs that are scheduled to be implemented in those areas as well as coordination with the Ministry of Education to implement some activities for schools and how to qualify.

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