Talabani’s meeting ends without a final decision on the referendum: Sunday will be decisive

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A source in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said on Sunday that the meeting of the members and leaders of the Political Bureau had ended shortly without reaching a final decision on postponing or proceeding with the referendum of the Kurdistan region in Kirkuk.

“The meeting dealt with the issue of Kirkuk in a serious and focused manner, but no final result has been reached and Sunday morning is likely to be decisive,” said the source, who was present at the meeting hall of the political bureau of Al-Ghad Press. 

The source, who preferred not to be named, said that “the party that wants the postponement is the most.”

The National Union issued a statement on Saturday, stressing that it is not in Kirkuk’s interest to participate in the referendum now.



Abadi and US Secretary of State: No to the referendum of Kurdistan

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(Reuters) – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received a telephone call from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Saturday. 

Tillerson stressed the United States’ rejection of the referendum in Kurdistan, stressing his country’s full support for the Iraqi government and all its steps aimed at preserving the unity of Iraq. According to the statement of the Office of Abadi responded to the twilight News 

also congratulated Tilerson and the Iraqi people and his forces victories over the most recent battles. 

According to the statement, the US Secretary of State conveyed the international community’s tribute to the role of Abbadi in the military victory and in the plans to restore stability and reconstruction of liberated areas, stressing the continued support of his country and the world to Iraq in the battle of liberation and reconstruction. 

For his part, Abadi stressed the position of the Iraqi government frank and clear the unconstitutionality of the referendum in Kurdistan, stressing the taking of all legal steps necessary to prevent the exposure of security and community peace and the unity of the country at risk.

He also pointed to Iraq’s insistence on accelerating the liberation of all territories from the clutches of terrorism and the preservation of the Iraqi borders, praising international support for Iraq in the battle of liberation, reconstruction and stability.


PM Medi office

The Prime Minister Haidar Abadi Saturday receives a phone call from Colin Rex tylerson/1

Tilrson confirmed the position of the United States rejecting the referendum, stressing his country’s support for the Iraqi Government and complete all steps to save Iraq/unit 2

As here tilrson the Iraqi people and his troops with impressive victories on gallant ISIS gangs fighting terrorist/3

Haydar Al-Abadi said the Iraqi Government’s position clearly and openly unconstitutional referendum Kurdistan/4

He stressed his lordship to take all legal steps necessary to prevent communal peace and security and the unity of the country at risk/5

Tomorrow the referendum will be held or postponed

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Tomorrow Press / Salah Papin: 

confirmed Kurdish source Bazr on Saturday, the Supreme Council for the referendum will hold another meeting on Sunday to break the decision on the referendum or postponed. 

The source, a member of the Supreme Council for the referendum, but asked not to be named for “tomorrow’s Press”, “The Supreme Council for the referendum will hold its last meeting on Sunday under the chairmanship of President of the region Massoud Barzani to come out with a final decision on the referendum or not,” stressing that “the meeting The Council depends on the return of the Kurdish delegation from Baghdad, “expected that” arrive in the delegation late in the evening or tomorrow morning. ”

The source added that “the Supreme Council was scheduled to discuss the postponement of the referendum or the evening, but the visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad postponed the meeting to tomorrow,” adding that “Massoud Barzani will chair the last meeting of the Council tomorrow and then will issue an official statement of the procedure Referendum or postponement. ” 

The source said that “some Kurdish parties have agreed to postpone the referendum provided that there are guarantees and international alternatives under the supervision and control of the United Nations and major powers.”


URGENT Iraq calls for help in building peaceful nuclear reactor

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Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari called in a speech to the UN General Assembly to help Iraq build a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes. 

Jaafari also said in his speech, “We seek to limit the arms only by the state,” noting that “we reject the referendum planned in Kurdistan.” 

He stressed that “can not accept the unconstitutional measures by Erbil,” considering that “the referendum of Kurdistan is a violation of the Iraqi constitution.” 

“We are keen on full compliance with UN resolutions,” he said. 

He pointed out that “our position in Syria calls for a political solution,” noting that “we look forward to effective international participation in the reconstruction conference.”
Iraq signed in 1960 a final protocol to build a small experimental nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes with a capacity of 2 MW, between Iraq and the Soviet Union. Indeed, Moscow has handed Baghdad enriched uranium 235 highly enriched, and initiated the rehabilitation, training and education of Iraqi experts to manage it.
In the 1980s, Iraq continued its quest to enrich uranium, especially during its eight-year war with Iran, but it suffered another setback. The reactor was damaged again because of the strikes of the international coalition, which launched raids after the Iraqi army entered Kuwait in 1991. .
According to the US administration, which reported the presence of chemical weapons in Iraq, in which the 2003 war was launched, the site was further destroyed and parts of it were settled on the ground. The reactor was looted and looted as US forces entered, and was targeted by groups that stole Iraqi state institutions, as other vital installations were the target of such thefts.
Nearly three decades after the Iraqi nuclear reactor was bombed, Iraq is working to dismantle the reactors Saddam Hussein built to produce an atomic bomb. The Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology is now working to train a number of other workers on the site to dismantle it. What is hampering the work is the area of ​​pollution left by the reactor, so it is estimated that cleaning works from radiation and harmful materials can take several decades.
According to press reports, research groups found reservoirs filled with radiation-contaminated water in some buildings, and the United States spent about $ 70 million to ensure the transfer of about 550 tons of uranium oxide, known as the “yellow cake” to Canada.
Now that Iraq has been working for 48 years to build its nuclear reactors, without any nuclear activity, and non-beneficiary of what he built previously, it was destroyed shortly after construction, and after decades of destruction will damage the burial of these reactors Iraqis, and may cause serious cancer.


Jaafari of the United Nations: can not accept unconstitutional decisions of the Kurdistan Regional Government

Saturday 23 September

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Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said on Saturday that the non-constitutional decisions of the Kurdistan Regional Government can not be accepted, saying that Iraq is on the threshold of a new stage.

“Historical experiences have proved the post-war phase a challenge,” Jaafari said during a speech at the United Nations and her follow-up to the United Nations. “We have to restore stability,” he said.

He added that “Iraq stands on the threshold of a new stage,” stressing that “not subject to the will of Iraq to foreign will.”


Jaafari pointed out that “can not be accepted unconstitutional decisions of the Kurdistan Regional Government,” saying that “the referendum in the region constitutes a constitutional violation.”

The United Nations Security Council on Friday opposed the referendum on independence planned by the Kurdistan region on Monday, warning that this unilateral move would destabilize and reaffirm its adherence to the “sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Iraq.”


Kurdish delegation arrives in Arbil after the end of negotiations with Baghdad


Kurdish delegation arrives in Arbil after the end of negotiations with Baghdad

Kurdish delegation arrives in Arbil after the end of negotiations with Baghdad


Thawing collapses entirely in the base



A security source in the province of Anbar said Saturday that the organization of a terrorist supporter collapsed in the Qaim district and that more than 10 of his commanders had fled to unknown places.

The source said that “the organization of a preacher in the district of Al-Qaim completely collapsed after the liberation of the judiciary, and fled more than 10 of his leaders to unknown places.”

He pointed out that “a state of panic lived by the call in this period with the targeting by the Air Force and the coalition aircraft center,” noting that “the organization is trying to win the people of vain to do so.”

The security committee in Anbar province told Al-Ghad Press earlier Saturday that the liberation of the Upper Euphrates areas was clean and free of violations, pointing out that security forces were heading towards al-Qaim to free him.



Abadi: Prime Minister did not meet the Kurdish delegation

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The Information Office of the Prime Minister that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi did not meet the Kurdish delegation, which is currently visiting Baghdad, and the health of what has been circulated by some media in this regard.