US Ambassador: Washington will not recognize the results of the referendum


September 11, 2017

Journal News

Washington has announced that it will not recognize the results of the popular referendum scheduled for the twenty-fifth in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

A statement issued by the Movement for Change that the US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Slimian visited the headquarters of the movement this evening and met with Omar Ali Ali, the General Coordinator of the Movement for Change, where they discussed the developments of the political scene and the ongoing war against the organization of Daash in addition to discussing the current crises in the Kurdistan region.

The statement quoted the US ambassador as saying that his government would not recognize the results of the popular referendum in the Kurdistan region and it asked the Kurdish leadership to postpone the process to another notice, adding that Washington refuses to include the province of Kirkuk in the popular referendum because it may further complicate the situation in those areas.


Kuwait: $ 100 million to build health centers in Iraq

12/9/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Isra Samurai
The Kuwait Fund for Development Fund allocated $ 100 million for the construction of health centers in eight Iraqi governorates.
“The Kuwaiti Development Fund is working to provide support to Iraq through the implementation of urgent projects to provide educational and health services for Iraqi citizens, revealing the allocation of 100 million,” Kuwaiti Ambassador Salim Ghassab al-Zaman told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Dollars for the establishment of health centers in an urgent program was prepared in coordination between Kuwait and Iraq.
He added that these clinics will be implemented in eight provinces, foremost of which are the most affected by the terrorist operations, as the implementation will be direct after the tender for the selection of qualified companies and contractors, whether from Iraq or Kuwait, adding that these clinics will be equipped with health supplies and modern medical devices.
Al-Zaman said that the next phase will witness the establishment of schools for displaced displaced persons, targeting the liberated provinces and the areas where displaced families are located because they have been affected and suffered because of criminal gangs, pointing out that Kuwait is keen to deepen and strengthen bilateral relations with Iraq, The economic already allocated earlier 440 million dollars for the implementation of service projects in coordination with four Iraqi ministries.
For his part, the Director of Cultural Relations in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Hassanein Fadel Maalah, said in a special statement to “Al Sabah” that the ministry opened the 23rd school, which was implemented through the Kuwaiti grant, pointing out that it is the last school implemented within the program.
He pointed out that these schools will contribute to solve the crisis of the dual and tripartite work in a number of areas because the area is large and characterized by the multiplicity of classrooms designed with modern style and international designs, explaining that the area of ​​the school was (6000 m 2), the total building area reached (3923 m 2)
He said the school consists of two floors comprising 18 classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, laboratories, a library, sports stadiums and other services. At the same time, the cost of setting up the school with furnishing amounted to more than $ 2 million.
The school, which opened on Monday, is part of the geographical area of ​​the Directorate of Education of the first Rusafa in the region of the creations of Adhamiyah section.

The United Nations affirms its firm position and supports the unity and stability of Iraq

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(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq, Jan Kubic renewed the position of the United Nations firm and supportive of the unity and stability of Iraq.
“Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi received in his office Monday the head of the UN mission in Iraq, Jan Kubic, , And complete the liberation of the rest of the territories, in addition to the political situation in Iraq.
During the meeting, Kubic reiterated “the firm position of the United Nations, supporting the unity and stability of Iraq, the importance of dialogue and the priority of focusing on the war against terrorism.”


Analysis Analysis .. “green light” from the White House to the referendum and independence of Kurdistan


Analysis of the "green light" from the White House to the referendum and independence of Kurdistan
 Twilight News    
 52 minutes ago

The official US position on the Kurdish issue since the US President Donald Trump took office in January, Iraq remains a united state and not divided into parts. But signals from White House advisers clearly indicate that Washington will not stand in the face of the referendum process but will support it and accept its results despite repeated statements about the need for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil.
The Trump administration announced from the beginning that it “respects the people of the Kurdistan Region and its struggle for independence” and its gratitude for the role of the Peshmerga forces in the fight against the organization and the liberation of Mosul, and said by Sam Yuno, a member of the Trump Advisory Committee for Middle East, it will not stand in the way of independence of Kurds as long as There is an agreement between the Kurdistan Region and the Government of Iraq, pointing out that the US administration intends to give the Kurds a special role in the region.
The Trump administration has repeatedly stated that it will discuss the role of Kurdistan in the Middle East, but has not made a final declaration of the results of these discussions, indicating that there are undeclared results for reasons of the most important not to upset the allies in the region, including Turkey and Iraq, and reached the conclusion of many analysts that Washington has been granted The green light of the process of referendum and separation and said they would intervene late not to stop the path of independence, but to conduct negotiations between the government of Baghdad and the Kurds on some issues such as the fate of the city of Kirkuk, and there are signs of tacit agreement between the Kurds and Washington to respect the US and international results Referendum and recognition of the aspirations of the Kurdish declaration of independence in exchange for the postponement of the state.
Analysts said that the US administration may be divided on the issue of referendum and the Kurdish state, White House is very sympathetic to the Kurdish aspirations while the Foreign Ministry press in the opposite direction.
The experts pointed to data affecting the direction of the US decision in the end on the issue of Kurdish, as Moscow announced that it supports the referendum and see it as an expression of the ambitions of the Kurdish people, and in turn does not want Washington to lag behind this path as the Israeli lobby strongly in the United States to support the establishment of an independent Kurdish state In parts of Iraq, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, urged a delegation of Republicans in Congress to support the establishment of the Kurdish state, saying they were pro-Western and pro-Western, in contrast to the Arabs.
US Defense Secretary James Matisse asked Barzani at a previous meeting to postpone the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan of Iraq, saying that the point that the United States wants to focus on now is the defeat of «urging» and get rid of things that distract attention from fighting the organization, but Kurdish leaders said Barzani did not retreat From the referendum during his talks with US officials including Tillerson and Matisse and General Joseph Fotill, head of the Central Command of the US armed forces.
The Kurds, for their part, tried to reassure the US military that the declaration of independence would not adversely affect the campaign against the “Daqsh” organization, with indications that the declaration, in fact, may give the Kurds a reason to fight.

Barzani’s policy for the United Nations: Kurdistan will continue to protect co-existence .. And the referendum by its date

Barzani of the United Nations: Kurdistan will continue to protect coexistence .. and the referendum by its date
 Twilight News    
 2 hours ago

News / Massoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region, on Monday with Jan Kubic Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations political situation in Iraq and the immediate and future relations between Erbil and Baghdad.
In this regard, the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations clarified the views and observations of the United Nations on the referendum and the talks between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.
According to a statement to the presidency of the Kurdistan Region to the twilight of news, the head of the district Massoud Barzani confirmed that the decision to conduct the referendum is the decision of the people of Kurdistan, a natural and legitimate right of the citizens of Kurdistan, and the process of conducting the referendum will take place on time.
President Barzani also pointed out that the people of Kurdistan will continue to protect stability, coexistence and tolerance in the Kurdistan Region and the region.

meeting of the National Union and the Islamic Group ends and the latter specifies a condition for participation in the referendum


The meeting of the National Union and the Islamic Group ends and the latter specifies a condition for participating in the referendum
 Twilight News    
 52 minutes ago

[Asharq Al-Awsat] The meeting of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan with the Kurdistan Islamic Group on Monday in the city of Erbil on the activation of the Parliament of Kurdistan, and the participation of the latter in the referendum to be held on September 25 next.

A member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Group, Abdul Sattar Majid, in a joint press conference with the leader of the National Union Saadi Bireh after the meeting in Erbil today, the seven points provided by the National Union to resolve the problems, we consider good, but there should be a political agreement on them.

He disclosed that on Tuesday will hold the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Kurdistan Islamic Group meeting to discuss a number of topics.

Majid added that he appreciated the efforts of the National Union to activate the parliament, and the draft points of seven are important to solve the problems, but we do not support some of the details in it, adding that after a number of meetings and we will resolve our decisions on those points.

He pointed out that the Islamic Group is ready to participate in the referendum provided that this is done under the legal cover of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region.

For his part, Bira said during the conference that he discussed with the brothers in the Islamic Group on the issue of the referendum and activating parliament, stressing that the activation of the Parliament of Kurdistan will provide a legal cover for the referendum, especially we are talking about a federal parliamentary system and how they can be activated without a parliament.

He added that the leadership of the national alliance has put 7 points represented by respect for the other opinion and activate the participation in power and improve the economic reality and solve the problems in the region and we have discussed with the Islamic Group and the Movement for Change on those points and we had raised yesterday in a meeting with the Democratic Party of Kurdistan has been approved in detail and we left In agreement to activate the Parliament of Kurdistan on 14 of this month and have signed a new agreement with them.

“Our Muslim Brotherhood brothers had a positive attitude towards these points. We had a good dialogue and we will have a tripartite meeting (the Democratic Party – National Union – Islamic Movement) tomorrow to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties.

The Supreme Council moves against the referendum and the Barzani party denies adopting the project alone

Journal September 11, 2017
Baghdad – Journal News
The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which is headed by the Kurdistan region’s outgoing president Massoud Barzani, denied on Monday that it is building a referendum on independence in the Kurdistan region and that “the Supreme Committee for the referendum is composed of Kurdish parties in the region.”
“The Supreme Committee for the Referendum in the Region is composed of all the Kurdish political parties and the referendum can not be adopted by a particular party,” said Ashwaq al-Jaf, the party’s deputy for the Journal News.
The Peshmerga forces are responsible for the security of the citizens in the province after a crushing defeat, “Jaf said.” The Peshmerga forces are responsible for maintaining the province and no fault for the Kurds in the withdrawal of the Iraqi army from Kirkuk during the invasion of the organization calling for the province.
“The Kurds are their peace strategy, but those who threaten the Peshmerga must know that the Kurds are the first to fight in Iraq and are capable of protecting the Kurdish people from the threats and language of threats that have gone with the former regime,” she said. .
She pointed out that “the referendum to be held in the Kurdistan region is a legitimate right of the Kurdish people and the objectors to provide legal alternatives” is considered to be “defending Kirkuk from politicians looking for electoral votes.”
The Supreme Islamic Council said it would move against the referendum, which insists on conducting the outgoing Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, stressing at the same time openness to resolve all outstanding issues with the Kurds.
“The Supreme Council will move first in the face of the referendum, which is aimed at dividing Iraq,” Council leader Baqir Jabr al-Zubaidi told the Journal News. He wondered about the reason for his conduct in the shadow of the war and his reliance on important areas Iraq is working to liberate, especially in Anbar. .
He stressed: “The Kurds understand the unity of Iraq and their claim that the problems have been stuck for years with the central government can be resolved.”
Stressing that “there is a welcome for understanding and the formation of real practical committees to reach a solution to these problems one way or another.”
The Badr parliamentary bloc warned on Monday of an armed clash between the components of Kirkuk against the backdrop of the deployment of Kurdish forces in addition to Peshmerga in mixed areas in the province.
Kurdish President Massoud Barzani said on Monday that the Kurds are ready to fight for the annexation of the province of Kirkuk to the referendum on the secession of the province, wondering “when Iraq is united so that we fear the fragmentation of unity.”

The Central Bank is announcing plans to attract money and its potential in the banking system

Governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq “Economy News”



Economy News Baghdad: 
The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Monday plans to attract citizens’ money and pump it into the banking system.
The Governor of the Bank Ali Alaq, in a press statement received by “Economy News”, “Stagnation is a problem and a source of concern for many countries, especially after the technological developments and the subsequent achievements and achieve huge savings in the entry of elements of production.”
Al-Alak added that “the Central Bank observes this phenomenon directly and that the available cash is not available and as planned,” noting that “the Central Bank has a scheme to resolve this issue through the development of plans and studies to attract funds and their attractions within the banking system.”