Agreement on securing the international road west of Anbar

27/9/2017 12:00 am

Concurrent operations in Hawija and Rawa

Baghdad / Sabah Salahuddin / Samir Adel
The military units and the brigades have completed preparations for the critical stage of the battle to liberate Hawijah and its surroundings.

Meanwhile, the Popular Popular Command and the army have agreed on steps to secure the international road west of Anbar as a large-scale road survey is underway to break into the city of Rawa near the Syrian border.
Flexible pieces of movement
has announced the leadership of the crowd Alhobei- axis of the north, yesterday, completing preparations for troops to fight the second phase of the liberation areas ofHawija and await the orders of the leadership of the joint operations to be launched. The official spokesman Ali Hashim al-Husseini: The formations of the army and the federal police with a group of popular mobilization 15, 16, 52 and 18 are preparing to carry out this crucial phase of the liberation of the province of Hawija after the success of the clearance of large areas around him and eastern Salahuddin in record time and military tactics amazing, The Popular Forces forces, with the participation of the Tigris, the Commando Brigade and the police forces of Emreli and Al-Tawz, supported the army’s air force from clearing 46 square kilometers in the Zarka district east of Salah al-Din in a record time and opening the Zerqa bridge between Tuz Khurmatu and Tikrit and erecting a military bridge. The supply routes of the gangs between East Salahaddin and north-west of Diyala.
Al-Husseini predicted that the next few days will see great progress for these forces in the liberation of Hawija after opening the link between Hamrin and Tuz Khurmato across the bridge of the Zarka, revealing that the forces that participate in this axis is very large and is the identity of the popular crowd and the commanders of the operations of the Tigris, Salahuddin, Which will rush through the coming hours towards central Hawija. He pointed out that the restoration of the bridge was a miracle because it extends about one kilometer and was completely destroyed by criminal gangs, but the engineering effort of the crowd was able to rehabilitate the road through the construction of a dirt road without disbursing any amounts. Clearing areas of rugged  and western cutter of Hawija, correspondent (morning) commander Salah al – Din Operations Lt. Gen. Juma ‘sintransigence, saying that the cuts Almottaghvlh from a counter – terrorism and the band 20 and the crowd popular and the backing Army Air Chen combing operations in search of pockets Daesh disguised in a mountain range Mukhoul and areas south of the district of Sharqat after the liberation recently to clear the area completely and remove the remnants of these terrorists defeated by the packaging and remnants of the car bombs and secret hideouts, recalling that the process of editing the mountain range of Makhoul resulted in the killing of 50 terrorists, including prominent leaders Badash, indicating that this series is M Mountainous clunk tightly and was easily obtainable to prevent the return of Aldoaash it.      On the other hand, the Director of Operations Operations Intelligence Brigadier General Abbas Idan announced that the Director of Military Intelligence deployed detachments equipped with a modern aircraft system on the axes of the military units in Hawija and the mountains of Makhoul and Isr in the district of Al-Sharqat, to provide intelligence information and support and reconnaissance of the military parts of the locations of terrorists and their movements to They were preemptively destroyed by the army’s air force and cocked arms.      A spokesman for the Salah al-Din Operations Command, Col. Mohammad al-Asadi, said that work is under way to clean up another stronghold of al-Mawash, north of the province, represented by the al-Mushaj area, in the context of the liberation of Hawija, with the participation of the anti-terrorism forces and the popular and clan mobilization. As a prelude to storming Rawa and  moving to the Anbar district, the commander of the popular mobilization of the western axis of the province, Qasim Musleh, said that an agreement was reached between the crowd and the army on steps to secure the international road west of Anbar and protect liberated areas.He said that an expanded meeting was held with the commander of the 1st Division of the Army, Brigadier General Star Jabbar al-Ghazi, to discuss joint coordination between the two sides to secure the liberated areas and to work on the liberation of the remaining villages and to ensure that they are free of terrorists. The meeting resulted in the establishment of joint controls on the international road and providing it to passers-by as an important economic artery Of the country. At the same time, a member of the security committee of the provincial council, Barakat al-Issawi, pointed out that our forces conducted a large-scale pre-emptive combing operations focused on the main roads and sub-roads leading to the district of Rawa, in preparation for its incursion in conjunction with the air force bombing concentrated for the Da’ash caches. He added that the military units and the backup forces are working to secure all roads leading to the city before the start of the operation to be broken into, indicating that the explosive ordnance squad is raising explosive devices and explosives placed on those roads to ensure the safety of advanced forces and flexibility of movements. A joint force of the Seventh Brigade Commanders and the Popular Rally carried out an attack on the outskirts of Rawah city, in which 11 terrorists were killed, including the so-called “Bada’ish” legal governor, along with the destruction of five additives used by the same men in the same area.



Al-Jaafari concludes his visit to New York: Iraq’s voice has become loud

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[In Baghdad]
Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari concluded his participation in the UN General Assembly’s 72nd session in New York, which held a number of important meetings with United Nations officials and foreign ministers from various countries.
“At the end of his tour, he met the Director of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Bureau, Vladimir Voronkov, and discussed with him the efforts of the Iraqis in their war against the terrorist gangs, in addition to the international support provided to Iraq, And the importance of strengthening cooperation and coordination with all countries of the world to address the common global threat of terrorism, calling Vladimir Voronkov to visit Iraq, and to identify on the ground the achievements of the armed forces with all of them.
Al-Jaafari met in New York with the Iraqi representative in the United Nations and praised the efforts exerted by the staff of the mission in making Iraq’s representation in the largest political demonstration in the United Nations meetings. He stressed that the voice of Iraq today is loud and audible and influential at all levels Arab, regional, international and international.
It is noteworthy that Jaafari represented Iraq in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations 72nd session, which is held annually in New York.
The Foreign Secretary completed 32 six-day activities in New York, including a review of the security and political situation, the efforts of the Iraqis and their victories in the war against terrorist gangs, and the mobilization of global support for the reconstruction of Iraq’s infrastructure.
Al-Jaafari also discussed the file of the referendum in the Kurdistan region through 9 speeches in the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Security Council, and the issuance of a resolution presented by Iraq on the bringing of gangs unanimously advocating justice, and the meeting of the International Coalition against a supporter of the presidency of Iraq and the United States. Iraq, the Nuclear Non-proliferation Meeting [chaired by Iraq and Belgium], the Forum of Ancient Civilizations, the OIC Meeting, the Global Campaign to Combat Extremism and the Ministerial Meeting on Syria.
Al-Jaafari held 23 meetings at the tripartite Iraqi-Turkish-Iranian ministerial meeting and met with the foreign ministers of Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Oman, Algeria, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Sweden, India, as well as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Adviser on Genocide Prevention, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, the Director of the United Nations Counter- N General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the President of the International Red Cross, and US Assistant Secretary of State.

Iraqi forces call for the return of negotiations between the Center and the region and to consider the initiatives put forward

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) called the coalition of Iraqi forces, headed by Salim Jubouri, to the return of negotiations between the region and the center, and look again at the initiatives put forward.
According to a statement, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri met on Tuesday evening, members of the coalition of Iraqi forces in the house of Saleh al-Mutlaq, and during the meeting discussed the latest political scene, and the repercussions that resulted from the referendum in the Kurdistan region and ways Dealing with the status quo. ”
“The members of the Alliance of Forces stressed the importance of sticking to the unity of Iraq as a basic principle, while supporting all measures aimed at restoring national unity and preserving the gains and spare the people in all its components, any threat or danger.”
He pointed out that “the two sides agreed on the importance of supporting positive dialogue and the return of negotiations between the region and the center, and to consider all the initiatives put forward, in order to find outputs that could end the state of tension, which is now a threat to the unity of Iraq and the safety of its land and social fabric.”


Parliament hosts Abadi tomorrow to discuss the crisis in Kurdistan



Parliament hosts Abadi tomorrow to discuss the crisis in Kurdistan

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
An informed source said Tuesday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will go to parliament tomorrow to discuss the crisis in Kurdistan.
The source said that “the Prime Minister will go back tomorrow to parliament to discuss the crisis in Kurdistan in the presence of a number of Kurdish MPs returning to Baghdad, is scheduled to discuss with the House of Representatives Abadi a number of resolutions on the crisis, and study the impact on the region.”
He added that “the Kurds intend to persuade Abadi dialogue with Barzani, to blame crisis.”
Abadi stressed in his weekly press conference this evening that he should not negotiate without formally dropping the results of the referendum.

Urgent policy .. America refuses to close the air ports of the Kurdistan Region “do not take sides with the government of Baghdad”


Urgent .. US refuses to close the air ports of the Kurdistan Region "do not take sides of the government of Baghdad"
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 41 minutes ago

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Noiret on Tuesday criticized the Iraqi government’s decision to close the air ports of the Kurdistan Region as a punitive measure against the background of the referendum held yesterday.

“The closure of the air ports by the government in Baghdad is not right,” Nuerte told a news conference. “We do not accept any escalation or violence on both sides.”

He said that “we do not support the step of the referendum of Kurdistan and do not favor the government of Baghdad, but we support the unity of Iraq.”

But added that “the size of participation in the referendum in Kurdistan was very large,” noting that the referendum was accepted and popular in Kurdistan.

Norit Erbil and Baghdad called for serious dialogue to resolve differences and outstanding issues between them.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers decided earlier today to subject the land and air ports in the Kurdistan Region to supervise and control the border crossings.

It also decided to ban international flights to and from Kurdistan in case airports are not subject to government authority.

Government proposal to close all financial transactions with the Region

Government proposal to close all financial transactions with the Region

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
A source familiar with the situation, said Tuesday that the Iraqi government is considering closing all financial operations with the region, pointing out that it is expected to be implemented soon.
The source, who preferred not to be named for “Al-Ghad Press”, that the government “is considering” the process of stopping all remittances with the Kurdistan region, noting that the nature of such operations, such as transfers of funds through branches of government and private banks.

The source expected that “if approved, it is possible to implement them in the next few days.”

It is noteworthy that on Monday the province witnessed the voting procedures on the self-determination of Kurdistan and the option of secession in a state independent of Iraq amid the rejection of local, regional and international.


Abadi sets a condition for negotiations with the Kurds [extended]


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[Ayna – Baghdad]
Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, a condition for negotiations with the Kurdistan region, “revealing” the establishment of parties in the region – not named – to deposit the imports of Kurdish oil in personal accounts abroad.
“The referendum is a unilateral process that does not respect the partners and its repercussions are catastrophic, and we want the Kurds to negotiate because the constitutional procedures of the federal government will harm them,” Abadi said at his weekly press conference on Tuesday.
“We will not negotiate with the region on the results of the referendum because it is illegal and contrary to the Constitution and can cancel the results of the referendum and then return to negotiate,” stressing “will not secede from the unity of Iraq and this constitutional duty and the Constitution stressed the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.”
“Iraq is strong with all its sons and will be weak by the weakness of its two sons,” noting that “under the tyrant was using Iraq strong to suppress the people and today, on the contrary, strong Iraq to protect the people.”
Abadi pointed out that “some unfortunately plan for a weak Iraq and imagine that it will be stronger and it is wrong,” adding that ”
He warned the Prime Minister “of the repercussions of the referendum, which will cause damage in Kurdistan and Iraq in general,” surprising “throwing the crimes of the former regime from one nationality to another.”
He stressed that “the federal government will not practice the practices of repression as in the former regime and do not follow the sectarian approach and sectarian and racist, but we will impose power according to the Constitution.”
He explained that “the oil resources in Kurdistan must return to the central government and the region receives a high proportion of imports as well as grants and foreign financial loans, which is part of the constitutional right.”
Abadi stressed that “the government has begun to implement measures on the region but will not affect the dignity of citizens and their livelihood, especially the Kurds,” accusing “the Kurdish media to translate our statements and actions by mistake and delete many things to prevent the arrival of the truth of the Kurdish citizens, but we emphasize that all our actions are not directed against the Kurdish people, To tighten the protection of the Kurdish citizens in Baghdad and any province they are in and will not allow harm to any Iraqi citizen, especially the Kurdish citizen and will remain Iraqis and defend them and their interests. ”
He added that “our decisions towards the region is merciful to the Kurdish people to take care of their interests and away from any friction we are strong in the unity of our people and not aggression and punishment, and we have no punitive action against the Kurds, but some want to get things to fight hatred statements and we asked the region to hand over oil to the federal government And we will restore resources to the budget and allocate it to the people of the region. ”
He pointed out that “Turkey remains a neighboring country and has become a joint military exercise, which is healthy to protect the border between the two countries and the region as well.”
“Our forces have achieved victories in Anbar and Hawija, and we have not changed our priorities in the war. We are continuing to liberate all Iraqi territory. We will soon liberate other areas and liberate a large part of the occupied area in Kirkuk,” he said.
He said that “Da’ash is still occupying parts of the Iraqi territory, including part of Kirkuk, and there are those who want to drag us into an internal crisis to divide Iraq through an unconstitutional, illegitimate and rejected referendum locally and internationally.”
“The government demands that the international community not recognize the legitimacy of the referendum,” Abadi said. “We will meet an official invitation to visit France next month to support Iraq in the fight against terrorism and support the unity of Iraq.”


Barzani calls on the Iraqi government to dialogue instead of threats

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Khandan –

Massoud Barzani on Tuesday evening delivered a speech in which he thanked the people of Kurdistan for their participation in the referendum process.

Barzani also expressed his thanks to the Electoral Commission and the Supreme Council for the referendum, stressing that the referendum did not violate international laws and the Iraqi constitution.

Barzani explained that the people of Kurdistan entered a new stage different from its predecessors.

Barzani called on the Iraqi government not to close the door of dialogue and called on it to solve problems through dialogue instead of threats to impose sanctions, stressing that any punishment imposed on the Kurdish people will not be more serious crimes Anfal and genocide.

Barzani also paid tribute to the position of Iran and Turkey in helping the Kurdish people during the chemical bombardment, stressing once again the dialogue to resolve the differences.



PM Haider Al-Abadi- Twitter



We will not compromise on Iraq’s unity or sovereignty. Iraq is strong. Some wanted to weaken it. They have miscalculated

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We have taken measures to impose federal authority according to the Iraqi constitution

Replying to 

Oil revenues in Iraqi Kurdistan must be returned to the control of the federal authorities

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All land & air border-crossings in Iraqi Kurdistan must be returned to federal jurisdiction within 3 days

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Iraq will suspend international flights to & from the Kurdistan region if this order is not implemented

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We will protect the rights of all Iraqis including our Kurdish citizens, we will not punish them for the mistakes of regional officials

text decisions taken by the Iraqi government against the Kurdistan Region


Text of decisions taken by the Iraqi government against the Kurdistan Region
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 18 minutes ago

Shafaq News / The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the current federal government, Haidar Abadi, during which decisions were taken against the Kurdistan Region on the background of the referendum held yesterday for independence from Iraq.

A statement issued by the government said that during the meeting was the vote on the subject of land and air borders in the region to the federal authority.

And pursuant to the provisions of paragraphs (I – II – III) of Article 110 of the Constitution and pursuant to the provisions of Article 3 / First of the law of the Ports Border Authority No. 30 of 2016 and Articles (4-5-9-21) of the Civil Aviation Authority Act No. 148 and the basis of validity Article 80 of the Constitution The Council of Ministers shall have the following powers:

1- Suspension of flights coming from other countries to Arbil and Sulaymaniyah airports or departing from them to other countries. This suspension shall remain in effect until the work of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah Airports is under the supervision and supervision of the Border Ports Authority and the Federal Civil Aviation Authority. To carry out the tasks specified by law, and excludes from the above resolution of flights of a humanitarian nature, which must obtain special approvals from the federal authorities, as well as emergency flights approved by the exclusion of the Prime Minister.

2 – All land border crossing points that link the Republic of Iraq to the States of the streets of the Kurdistan Region to supervise and control the Federal Border Ports Authority.

3. Closure of all informal land border crossings that are used to cross between the Kurdistan region and neighboring countries.

4 – This decision shall be implemented from the date of its issuance except for the first paragraph at 18:00 on Friday, 29 September 2017.

5. The concerned authorities shall implement this decision.

 On the issue of the Social Protection Network, the Council issued a directive directing the Ministry of Finance to finance the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs salaries of the social protection network in the amount of 135 billion dinars at a time without fragmentation, which is the remaining amount of cash funding for 2017 in the light of supplementary budget allocations.

The Council also issued guidance on the financing of projects in the province of Baghdad with a completion rate of less than 80 percent and the treatment of ongoing investment projects.

The Council of Ministers voted on the file of the partnership agreement for the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control.

The vote on the adoption of the recommendation of the Committee on Energy No. 4 of 2017 on the German loan to be included in the budget in 2018 with the extension of the procedures for studies of the electrical system signed between the Ministry of Electricity and Siemens.

The Council voted to authorize the Minister of Oil to negotiate with the Kuwaiti side to sell the accompanying raw gas.

The third round exams for the intermediate and middle grades were also voted.