This is what is left of the Hawija process


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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) published a media cell war, the latest update of the map of the process of editing the province of Hawija south-west of Kirkuk province and surrounding areas.
The commander of the liberation operations of the Hawiye Brigade, Abdul-Amir Rasheed Yarallah announced today the completion of the second page of the first phase of the liberation of Hawija, the liberation of more than 40 villages from the gangs of terrorist advocates.
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A government source for «Economy News»: the budget of 2018 includes the imposition of new taxes to get a trillion dinars


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Economy News Baghdad:

The Iraqi government announced that it will impose additional taxes on a number of products in the budget for the year 2018 to get a trillion dinars, indicating that every five employees are retired will replace one employee, saving 600 billion dinars.

A source in the Iraqi government, “the economy News”, that “in the budget of 2018, the government will prepare measures to reduce the initial non-oil deficit on the basis of the accrual of 2.3 trillion Iraqi dinars compared to the draft supplementary budget for 2017.”

“The 2018 budget includes relatively low or fixed taxes on a few additional products or services in addition to taxes already levied in the 2017 supplementary budget, with the aim of increasing direct taxes by 1 trillion dinars in 2018,” he said.

 He pointed out that “the budget program to ensure the establishment of a maximum allowance for allowances and additional labor allocations does not exceed 350 thousand dinars for all civil servants, which achieves an abundance of 500 billion dinars.”

He pointed out that “every five employees are assigned to retire will replace one employee, saving 600 billion dinars.”

International Monetary Fund: The rate of customs tax applicable in Iraq is 1% and its revenues from customs are less than 600 million dollars



The International Monetary Fund announced that the price of the tariff in force in Iraq is 1%, adding that Iraq’s revenues from customs duties for goods during the last year amounted to less than 600 million dollars, noting that Iraq imported goods worth 53 billion dollars in 2016.
The International Monetary Fund said in a report on Iraq that “the proceeds of customs duties in Iraq is very small compared to the volume of imports on which the economy depends to meet local needs,” noting that “Iraq depends on a lot of foreign goods to meet its consumer needs and pay a huge annual invoice on imports Estimated at $ 53 billion last year. ”
He pointed out that “the customs duties collected during the year 2016 were less than 600 million dollars, that is, the tariff rate in force is 1%.”
The IMF attributed the low revenues from customs to the “tariff law, which involves many exemptions, weak customs administration and the spread of border gaps.”

Makkurk: Kuwait hosts conference to reconstruct Iraq

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Khandan –

Britain will host a conference on the reconstruction of Iraq early next year, the US envoy to the International Alliance said Friday.

On the referendum in Kurdistan, McGork told reporters that the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region “involves many risks.”

“The referendum involves a great deal of risk and the United States can not control this,” McCarthyk was quoted by Reuters as saying.

“As far as the consequences of the referendum are concerned, it is not something that we can fully control,” he said.


Trump’s envoy’s policy : There are some good ideas and visions about the Kurdistan referendum


Trump's envoy: There are some good ideas and visions about the Kurdistan referendum
 Twilight News    
 2 hours ago

“There are some good ideas and visions on the referendum on the Kurdistan region to be held on September 25,” said Brett McGurk, the US president’s envoy to the international coalition against the organization.

He said in a press conference held today, “There are some good ideas and visions crystallized on the referendum of the Kurdistan Region,” noting that “dialogues are still going on behind the closed doors.”

He added that our position is clear on the referendum, which was expressed by President Donald Trump during his meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Following their meeting in New York, US Presidents Donald Trump and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced their opposition to the September 25 referendum in Kurdistan, warning the region of its consequences.

The President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani said earlier in the day that he is under constant pressure to postpone the referendum to be held on 25 of this month, reiterated his position not to back away from this decision.

“We are receiving invitations to postpone the referendum day and night, and pressure is being exerted on us in this regard in order to start dialogue with Baghdad,” Barzani said in a speech at a referendum rally held at the Franco-Hariri Stadium in Erbil and attended by tens of thousands. We are going back to a failed experience again. “

“The time has come too late for dialogue,” he said. “I am not the person who is failing his people and does not retreat from the referendum.”

Barzani said that “the decision of the referendum came out of my hands and the hands of the parties and became the hands of the people of Kurdistan.”

McGowork security : Iraqi forces advance in the battle of Hawija as planned

MacGork: Iraqi forces advance in the battle of Hawija as planned
 24 minutes ago

US President Barack Obama’s envoy to the international coalition against the organization said on Friday that Iraqi forces continue to advance in the battle to liberate the province of Hawija south-west of the province of Kirkuk as planned.

“We talked to Russia about complex diplomatic arrangements after a very encouraging phase in Iraq and Syria,” he told a news conference.

New conditions offered by Barzani to postpone the “referendum of separation”



New conditions offered by Barzani to postpone the "referendum of separation"

20:52 – 20 September
Last updated
22:30 – 20 September
Al-Quds Press / Salah Baban:
Revealed a member of the Supreme Council for the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan, on Wednesday, the guarantees demanded by the President of the region Massoud Barzani in exchange for postponement of the referendum, indicating that the guarantees should achieve the objectives of the referendum and the aspirations of the Kurdish people.

Council member Romeo Hakkari told “Al-Ghad Press” that “the Kurdistan region agrees to postpone the referendum if there are international guarantees in the presence of international parties such as the United Nations, the European Union and major countries that are the sources of the decision,” stressing that “the region calls for such guarantees until Baghdad Convention and does not violate it. “
He stressed that “Baghdad has no choice but to agree on the guarantees demanded by the region and otherwise will not get any consensus with Baghdad on the postponement of the referendum,” adding that “the problems accumulated a decade ago prompted Kurdistan to demand these guarantees.”
“If Baghdad wants to solve its problems with the region, it must agree to the condition of the region to postpone the referendum and there is no alternative to it,” he said.


The delegation of the referendum council will visit Baghdad tomorrow

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Khandan –

The negotiating delegation to the Supreme Council for the referendum of Kurdistan, Baghdad on Saturday, to discuss the referendum file.

Majid Bazargan, a member of the Supreme Council for the Referendum, told Khandan that the delegation which visited Baghdad at the end of last month is due to return to Baghdad on Saturday.

He explained that the purpose of the visit is to inform officials in Baghdad that the talks are still ongoing, indicating that any proposal will be submitted by the Iraqi parties, will be discussed by the delegation with the Kurdish leadership.

The delegation of the Kurdistan region visited Baghdad at the end of last month, and held a series of meetings with Iraqi political parties on the referendum.

The presidency of the Kurdistan region has recently announced that a delegation from the Kurdistan region will visit Baghdad within the next two days to discuss the question of the referendum.



America allocates $ 365 million to the forces of Peshmerga Kurdistan

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 12 minutes ago

The US Senate voted overwhelmingly on the country’s defense budget for next year 2018, allocating part of the Peshmerga forces to Kurdistan and arming Syria’s democratic forces.
The vote, which took place last Monday by 89 votes to 8 votes rejecting the ratification of the Pentagon’s budget for 2018.
The budget is estimated at $ 700 billion, of which $ 60 billion, 10% of which is estimated at $ 60 billion, is earmarked for US military action in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
Of this total, the US defense budget allocated funds for foreign military operations, especially for the war against the terrorist organization Da’ash, including $ 365 million for the salaries of 36,000 Peshmerga forces in the KRG.
An estimated amount of hundreds of millions of dollars has been earmarked for arming Syria’s democratic forces and the arms and arms deliveries to northern Syria are expected to continue next year.

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