Twin Blasts Hit IS-held Hawija


Twin Blasts Hit IS-held Hawija

ERBIL — Two successive blasts hit on Sunday the northern Iraqi town of Hawija which is the last pocket held by Islamic State (IS).

According to local sources from Kirkuk, one of the explosions targeted an IS convoy and has reportedly left dozens of jihadists killed or injured.

Hawija, located some 55 kilometres south west of Kirkuk, fell into the hands of IS in mid-2014. The Iraqi army has confirmed that a massive operation will start in the upcoming days to dislodge the insurgents from Hawija.

The source from Kirkuk told the Iraqi media that the IS militants are now on alarm to prepare for any possible attack.

Baghdad said on Sunday that thousands of Iraqi federal police forces have been deployed to the suburbs of Hawija as part of the preparations to recapture the city.

Also, Iraqi fighter jets dropped the same day tens of thousands of leaflets over Hawija, urging civilians to stay indoors as the Iraqi army will attack the IS positions in the nearest future.



A “big collapse” prompts Dahesh to call his followers in Hawija to remain steadfast through loudspeakers


A "big collapse" prompts Dahesh to call his followers in Hawija to remain steadfast through loudspeakers

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The source told al-Ghad Press that “the organization of a preacher in Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, called on the evening of its members to steadfastness, through loudspeakers in the mosques,” noting that “the organization took this action, after handing over a large number of elements themselves to the Peshmerga forces “He said.
“The handing over of self-styled elements to the Peshmerga forces has become a fever rapidly spreading among the ranks of the organization, which has created a great wave of collapse that has broken its ranks in the midst of the horror of the start of judicial liberalization,” he said.
A local source in Kirkuk said early Sunday that a number of elements had been withdrawn from the Hawija strongholds southwest of the province towards the borders of Salah al-Din under mysterious circumstances.

British minister arrives in Arbil to inform her country’s official position of the referendum

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The Minister of State for Middle East Affairs Alistair Baird arrived in Arbil on Sunday evening and was received by the official of the Foreign Relations Department in the Kurdistan Regional Government Falah Mustafa.
The British official is scheduled to meet with regional leader Massoud Barzani and senior officials in the region.
The British minister told a joint news conference with Falah Mustafa that his meetings with officials in the region will address the referendum and the British government’s view on it.
For his part, Falah Mustafa said the region aims to develop Britain’s friendly relations with the region, praising the British role in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces and help the displaced.
Alister Baird’s fifth visit to the region was a state minister and brought with him four million pounds in aid to the displaced.
Britain has provided more than 200 million pounds in aid to displaced people and war refugees.

A delegation from the National Alliance to visit Erbil this week”

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A member of the Supreme Committee for the referendum in the Kurdistan Region Majid Bazargan, said Sunday that a delegation from the Iraqi National Alliance is scheduled to visit Kurdistan Region this week.
After the visit by the delegation of the Supreme Council for the referendum in the Kurdistan Region to Baghdad and to communicate his message to the officials and parties in the capital by the decision to hold a referendum on September 25, said Majid Bazarkan said in a press statement that a delegation of the National Alliance “Shiite” This weekend to visit the Kurdistan Region and to discuss with his leaders on the referendum.
The delegation of the Supreme Council for the referendum discussed lengthy talks in Baghdad with all Iraqi political parties in this regard. According to Bazarkan, the National Alliance suggested postponing the referendum for another date, but the Kurdish delegation rejected the proposal and conveyed the message of the people of Kurdistan stressing that the referendum will be held on schedule, Its expression.

The International Alliance announced that it would continue to prevent a convoy from reaching the organization’s control areas


The International Alliance announced on Sunday that it is continuing to prevent the convoy of fighters from the organization “urging” the terrorist to move east to areas under his control in Syria.

The coalition said in a statement quoted by the agency, “Reuters”, that the convoy was now divided into two groups, and still a group of them are located in the desert of Syria.

The coalition pointed out that food and water had been provided to the “Dahesh” convoy of fighters and their families, which had moved from Lebanon, based on an agreement between them and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

“The Dahesh convoy carrying the fighters of the organization and their families to areas controlled by eastern Syria has been divided into two groups in the desert, and some buses are still in the desert, while another group has returned to areas controlled by the government,” the coalition said.

Barzani party announces the failure of the Iranian mediation to postpone the referendum



The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced on Sunday that Iran’s efforts to postpone the referendum scheduled for Sept. 25 have failed, saying it will be held on time and nothing will be held on its postponement.

“There have been many visits from the Iranian ambassador to lead mediation between Baghdad and Arbil to postpone the referendum, but its date is fixed and not postponed,” MP Majid Shankali told the Journal News.

“We will agree to postpone the referendum only with written guarantees from EU countries and the United States and by the federal government,” he said.

He pointed out that the government of the Territory in an ongoing dialogue with the federal government in Baghdad and there is a delegation from the Supreme Council for the referendum will visit Turkey and Iran soon and two visits between Baghdad and Erbil.

“The date of the referendum is fixed and determined by the political leaders and the Kurdish people prepare for him and he is willing and his will is the past,” he said.

Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Sunday that Iranian mediation between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the financial differences in return for postponing the referendum.

Khalilzad: The referendum on the independence of Kurdistan does not mean the declaration of an independent state immediately

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The former US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, ruled out that the referendum on the independence of the Kurdish region will lead to the emergence of a Kurdish state, indicating that the negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil continue and that Barzani will go to Baghdad after the referendum to resume dialogue.

“It is difficult for Barzani to withdraw from the decision to hold the referendum if there is no agreement between Washington and Erbil and Baghdad, but the negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad are still ongoing,” Khalilzad said in an interview with the Turkish newspaper “Khobar Turk” .

Pointing out that “the referendum does not mean the declaration of an independent state immediately, and in the interest of all parties that there is an agreement between Erbil and Baghdad.” 

On the Turkish position on the referendum, Khalilzad explained that “Turkey initially refused to establish a Kurdish region in Iraq. There is no doubt that everyone knows that the referendum is about independence. I do not think that Turkey will launch an attack. Ankara agreed when it said that postponing the referendum would be Better, and yet I do not think that anyone can use force against the Kurds. ” 

The former US ambassador to Iraq that “after the referendum, Massoud Barzani will return to Baghdad for meetings.”

After the US war in Afghanistan in 2003, he became ambassador to the United States of America in Afghanistan, and in 2005 became US ambassador to Iraq. 

Zalmay Khalilzad served as a National Security Council member under President George W. Bush and George W. Bush, and the Greater Middle East project is said to be his own. 

In 2009, Zalmay Khalilzad left the US State Department and began working in the political-academic field.

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Iranian mediation between Baghdad and Erbil to postpone the referendum

aljournal September 3, 2017

Baghdad – Journal News
Kurdish sources confirmed Sunday that an Iranian delegation led by former Iranian ambassador to Iraq Hassan Danayi fled, visited Erbil and met with the president of the region Massoud Barzani to present a comprehensive settlement of financial differences with Baghdad, which may allow postponement of the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan on 25 of this month.
The sources said that “the Iranian delegation, headed by the former Iranian ambassador in Iraq, visited Sulaymaniyah first and met with a number of leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan before heading to Erbil to meet with Barzani.”
She added that “the delegation offered a comprehensive mediation between Baghdad and Erbil in return for postponing the referendum, according to Al-Hayat newspaper.
It is scheduled to organize the Kurdistan region referendum for separation from Iraq in the three provinces of the region, in addition to a number of disputed areas, the most important Kirkuk, which is inhabited by Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen.
Despite growing regional and international rejection of the referendum, Barzani remains committed to its implementation on time.