The popular crowd arrives at the outskirts of Al-Hawija in preparation for the storming


An additional force from the popular crowd arrived on Wednesday to the Hawija liberation cracker in preparation for the second phase of judicial liberalization.

A statement to inform the popular crowd that “the forces of brigade 23 in the crowd reached the brigade of the operations of Hawija to participate in the storming of the judiciary, to liberate and the areas belonging to him.”

The statement added that “the brigade’s troops will begin to be stationed in the vicinity of Hawija, reinforced by modern weapons and advanced equipment.”


US-led coalition airstrikes kill 7 ISIS top leaders in Hawija

September 27 2017 11:04 PM
Abu-Bakir aal-Baghdadi
Abu-Bakir aal-Baghdadi

Seven ISIS top leaders have been killed including bodyguard of the group’s commander Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi in a US-led coalition airstrike in Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, security sources confirmed Wednesday.


In a press statement, the source said, “The aircraft of the International Coalition shelled today an ISIS bastion in the district of Hawija, 55 km southwest of Kirkuk, noting that preliminary information indicates the killing of about seven top leaders.


“The air strikes destroyed a number of vehicles and a tactical unit,” the source said.

ISIS still controls the district of Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, with the US-backed Iraqi army preparing to storm it.


The terror group still controls areas in western Anbar governorate, their last stronghold in the country.


ISIS captured large swathes of Iraq and Syria in June 2014.




Infallible on the referendum of Kurdistan: Separation is unconstitutional

Iraqi President Fuad Masum

Iraqi President Fuad Masum

Iraqi President Fuad Masum said on Wednesday that the referendum in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is a constitutional procedure, but the separation is unconstitutional.

He said in an interview with “free” that “the Constitution does not include a text to limit the referendum,” noting that the Constitution contains three sites where reference to this subject.

He pointed out that “aviation is under the guidance of civil aviation,” adding that “staff at border crossings belong to the ministries concerned and are paid by the federal government and not on the other.”

He considered it a mistake to use abroad and neighboring countries to threaten the citizens of the interior.

In this regard, he said that he believed that “the danger of using another country in the interests of security is dangerous.”

Source: Free

Kurdistan Regional Government meets tomorrow to respond to the decisions taken by Baghdad

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Roudao – Erbil 
The cabinet is scheduled to hold a meeting on Thursday in the Kurdistan region, headed by Prime Minister Nechervan Barzani, to discuss and discuss the decisions taken by the Iraqi government and parliament after the conclusion of the referendum process. 
“We will clarify tomorrow in a statement that the decisions of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi parliament are not legal and unconstitutional,” said Cabinet Secretary Amang Rahim in a statement singled out by the Rwandan media network. “Unconstitutional and invalid decisions in the federal authority will not be implemented in the Kurdistan Region Until it is approved in the Parliament of Kurdistan, according to Article 121/2 of the Iraqi Constitution.
He added that “Article 110 of the Iraqi Constitution on the authority of the closure of airports, and the law adopted by Baghdad to control the airport of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah is due to the Civil Aviation Law No. 184 of 1974, which dates back to the time of the Baath Party and is contrary to the Iraqi constitution, “This constitution is the supreme and supreme law in Iraq, and it is binding in its entirety and without exception. It is not permissible to enact a law that contradicts this constitution, and every invalid text is included in the constitutions of the regions or any legal provision that contradicts it.” 
The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority has notified foreign airlines to stop international flights to Kurdistan starting at 1500 GMT, allowing only domestic flights, and in line with the decision of the Commission began to airlines in the region to change schedules of flights.

  The Central Bank, the Association of Private Banks and the National Investment Authority are discussing the problems facing investors in Iraq


Economy News Baghdad:
The Iraqi Private Banks Association discussed with the Central Bank and the Chairman of the National Investment Authority Sami Araji the problems facing investors in Iraq and the ways of activating investment through the financing of banks for investment projects.
The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Association of Private Banks attended by a delegation from the Central Bank headed by the Director of Financial Operations, Dr. Mahmoud Dagher, Advisor Walid Idi, in addition to the Chairman of the National Investment Sami Al-Araji and a number of heads of private banks.
The head of financial operations at the Central Bank, Dr. Mahmoud Dagher, said that “private banks today face several obstacles in their work, including routine measures taken in the government departments and the fear of investors to work in Iraq because of events in the country.
For his part, the adviser to the Governor of the Central Bank, Walid Eide, said that “the Central Bank worked to stabilize the dollar exchange rate and the establishment of the Fund for SMEs and the mutual lending fund and activate its oversight role on private banks in accordance with the instructions of the bank countries.”
On the other hand, the head of the National Investment Sami Al-Araji during the meeting, which was attended by “Economy News”, “The banking sector is required to contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated areas of gangs and terrorist advocates through the establishment of a development bank includes private banks,” noting that “all projects Was the hand of the state at the time before and now we aspire to engage the private sector in the development process and create a strong Iraqi economy. ”
He added that “the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers has taken several decisions to involve the private sector in the next five-year plan (2018-2022).”
And “we work to promote the medium and small projects launched by the Central Bank of Iraq with the participation of private banks operating in the country.”

Central Bank suspends remittances with the Kurdistan Region

  Logo of the Central Bank



Economy News Baghdad:
Central Bank stopped the system of remittances between the provinces controlled by the federal government and the Kurdistan region because of the repercussions of the referendum in the Kurdistan region.
A source in the Central Bank of “Economy News”, “The Central Bank stopped financial transfers between the provinces controlled by the federal government and the Kurdistan region of the financial sanctions against the Kurdistan region.”
He added that “the remittances that have been suspended relate to banks and financial transfer companies.”

The region bows to Baghdad and accepts observers at airports

Release Date: 2017/9/27 22:30 

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Wednesday its acceptance of negotiations with the federal government to send observers to civilian airports in the province.

“The government has decided to negotiate with the government on sending observers to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah international airports,” said Mouloud Bawah Murad, minister of transport and communications in the provincial government. 

The Iraqi Civil Aviation Administration has notified foreign airlines that as of 6 pm Baghdad time on Friday, all flights to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports will be suspended except for Iraqi companies for their private flights until further notice. 

The Council of Ministers decided on Tuesday to stop flights from other countries to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports or to depart from them to other countries. This suspension is valid until the work of the two airports is subject to the supervision and supervision of the Border Ports Authority and the Federal Civil Aviation Authority. The two airports mentioned above to carry out legally mandated tasks. 

The federal government gave the region until 6 pm on Friday to implement the resolution, otherwise it would impose an international air embargo on Kurdistan. 

The provincial authorities rejected the federal decision this morning and said they did not hand over the two airports

The official working hours will be suspended on Sunday

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Wednesday the suspension of official work on Sunday, the tenth of Muharram.

The Secretariat said in a brief statement received by “Al-Ghad Press” that it “announces the suspension of official work on the tenth of Muharram corresponding to 1_10_2017 next Sunday.”

It is noteworthy that the security forces impose every year, intensive security measures on the tenth of Muharram, which marks the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) in the battle of the child in Karbala.

The Governor of the Central Bank calls on banks to verify the legitimacy of customers’ money in the currency sale window



Economy News Baghdad:

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, called on banks to verify the legitimacy of sources of funds and data provided to customers covered by the entry into the window of sale and purchase of foreign currency.

“Based on the requirements of day-to-day monitoring, all persons in your banks and institutions who are responsible for the implementation of all daily requests received into the currency sale window are responsible for health and safety,” Alaq said in a letter to authorized banks and financial transfer companies. And sources of funds of customers covered by the entry into the window of sale and purchase of foreign currency in respect of the legitimacy of sources of their funds and all data provided by them and in accordance with the law against money laundering and financing of terrorism.

He called on banks to “work under the instructions numbered No. 22516 for the year 2017 and verify the names of customers before participating in the window selling the currency.”

The central bank governor stressed the need to keep the confidentiality of information for each customer and all the priorities related to the treatment. He called on banks and financial companies to “abide by the law of the central bank and the law of banks and the law against money laundering.”