Iraqi Kurdistan referendum: critical hours for alternative solutions, otherwise escalation

Iraqi Kurdistan referendum: critical hours for alternative solutions, otherwise escalation

Baghdad Baraa al – Shammari

19 September 2017

Ø The Federal Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority in the country, issued a decree ordering the suspension of the referendum process in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, in conjunction with the announcement of the British Defense Minister, Michael Fallon , who Arrived in Baghdad with an undeclared visit and moved to Erbil after he revealed after his meeting with Prime Minister Haider Abadi his country’s rejection of the referendum in a new position issued by a Western official after a joint statement by Abadi and the French ambassador in Baghdad, A statement was conveyed to the Prime Minister’s Office Iraqi rejection of the referendum.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, declared his opposition to the referendum. Guterres believes that the unilateral decision to hold a referendum now will divert attention from the war against the Da’ash organization and will also undermine the reconstruction of the restored areas of the organization and the safe return of millions of displaced people, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said. The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Laudrian, said that the Iraqi Kurds’ referendum is not appropriate, calling for talks between Baghdad and Erbil.

At this time, the Kurdish campaigns in the region continue by organizing the arrangement of polling stations and the mobilization of citizens, while the Peshmerga and Asayish forces entered a state of maximum warning from the dawn of Monday, according to Iraqi government and political sources in Baghdad and Erbil, confirmed to the “new Arab” The head of the province summoned retired Peshmerga elders and others to support the Kurdish forces that entered the state of alert, and at the same time rejected proposals for the use of PKK fighters or Kurdish Kurdish opposition groups and located near the fortress of Daza west of Erbil.

دخلت قوات البشمركة والأسايش حالة الإنذار القصوىPeshmerga and Asayish forces entered a state of maximum alert

Pressure has increased on the Kurds, with the Federal Supreme Court in Baghdad issuing a judicial order suspending all referendum proceedings. The court said in a statement that it had issued an order to suspend the referendum proceedings, scheduled for September 25, until the ruling on the unconstitutionality of the decision. The Office of the Prime Minister has stated that Abadi has appealed to the Federal Court on the unconstitutionality of the separation of any territory or province of Iraq, as well as to issue a mandate to suspend the proceedings of the referendum secession of the Kurdistan region, and accordingly the Federal Court approved the request. Kurdish officials rejected the court’s decision and disobeyed it, while regional leaders plan to break a unified Kurdish stance on the resolution, amid fears of escalation.  The Kurdistan Alliance MP, Saadi Bira, in a press statement, “The region does not recognize the decision of the Federal Court or the decisions of the (Iraqi) on the referendum,” asserting that “the referendum is not a criminal issue, but internal.” The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance Hama Amin, the “new Arab”, that “the Kurdish leaders reject in principle Abadi’s decision, and will hold a meeting to discuss these developments and actions to be taken by the region to resolve the crisis.” The spokesman for the Electoral Commission of Kurdistan, Sherwan Zerari, continued preparations for the referendum, pointing out, during a press conference, the registration of 64 international observers to oversee the referendum, as well as 11 political entities and 65 media institutions. He pointed out the arrival of 90 per cent of the logistics materials for the referendum so far, stressing that the special vote will include the security forces and displaced.

And prompted the Kurdish insistence on the referendum by the decision of the Iraqi parliament, the Turkmen MP NiaziMamar Uglu, to wave tough measures will be taken in the coming days to stop what he described as “Kurdish-Israeli farce.”  The leader of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, MP Ashwaq Al-Jaf, responded to Ma’amar Oglu, saying that what he said was flawed, rejecting what she described as absurd and unaccountable statements that began to increase with the date of the referendum. We have warned and are still wary of being dragged behind the downward spiral of hatred and bloodshed,” she said in a press statement, adding that “the time of threat is over.” In the context, the deputy speaker of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, Jafar Amineki, harsh criticism to Iraqi Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, on his recent comments on the referendum. وقThese words were issued by a person who is unique in dictatorship and individuality in the history of Iraq and is the source of all the misfortunes, tragedies and woes of Iraqis,” Aminke said in a statement. He added: “As for Israel, it did not kill the Arabs killed by Maliki during his lean years, he cut the livelihood of the people of Kurdistan, but Israel did not do anything against Kurdistan,” and called on Maliki “not to exceed more,” he said. The Iraqi Vice President, head of the “coalition of state law,” Nuri al-Maliki, reiterated, the day before yesterday, his refusal to hold a referendum on secession in the Kurdistan region, warning of the establishment of a new Israel in northern Iraq.

A Kurdish negotiating delegation heads to Baghdad within hours to try to reach a compromise on the referendum crisis

A member of the alliance of forces, Mohammed Abdullah, called on the Kurdish political forces to retreat from holding the referendum on schedule. He stressed to the “new Arab” that the insistence of Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani on the referendum is moving the country towards the unknown. And warned of the arrival of the situation to the stage of the clash in light of the persistence of the positions of all parties, calling for the renunciation to the table of dialogue. For his part, criticized former member of the Iraqi parliament, Mahmoud Othman, the letters of escalation by the warring parties, demanding, in an interview for the “new Arab”, resolving outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil, such as salaries and Article 140 and the law of oil and gas, in accordance with the Constitution. On Tuesday or Wednesday, a Kurdish negotiating delegation to the Iraqi capital Baghdad, in an attempt to reach a compromise on the crisis of the referendum, according to a member of the ruling National Alliance said, the “new Arab”, the leaders of the “Shiite” close to the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region sponsor Negotiations.  He pointed to the existence of alternative solutions to the referendum will be put forward during the negotiations, such as the extension of the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani for another four years, and the Iraqi government’s pledge to pay the dues and salaries of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, and Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, which governs the status of disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil, Among the offers that Baghdad will introduce the adoption of the law of oil and gas demanded by the Kurds, and work to achieve a balance between the components and nationalities and sects in the institutions of the Iraqi state. He added that “Baghdad agreed to provide alternative solutions to the referendum of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, but that does not mean that it will not return to escalation and threat if the region does not agree on these solutions,” asserting that the head of the “National Alliance” in Iraq, Ammar al-Hakim, played a role Prominent in the issue of mediation between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil. Hakim announced last Sunday that the next three days will witness surprises related to the referendum, without disclosing the nature of those surprises. The official of the Kurdish file in the “National Alliance,” Abdullah al-Zaidi, that the Kurdish delegation, which will arrive soon to Baghdad, will hear proposals to push for the solution of all outstanding problems in accordance with the Constitution.

Baghdad has agreed to offer alternative solutions to the referendum, but will return to escalation if the region does not agree to these solutions

Despite the talk about mediation to resolve the crisis, but the threats and pressures on the Kurdistan region is still continuing, in light of the division of Kurdish positions towards the referendum and the areas that must be covered. “The dialogue and resorting to the constitution is better than the escalation, whether it is by the Kurdistan government or the Iraqi government,” said Fataka Ahmed, a member of the Iraqi parliament for the Change Movement. he pointed out that the President of the Kurdistan region has taken the decision to hold the referendum without returning to “the movement of change,” as well as the case of the federal government in Baghdad, which escalated the situation without return to “change”, pointing out that the “movement of change” The Kurdistan Regional Government postponed the referendum, but its request was not met. In the context, the member of the Iraqi parliament for the “National Alliance” Governor, Haider Mawla, there is a desire of the “Patriotic Union of Kurdistan” not to include the province of Kirkuk referendum on separation, indicating, during a press statement, that a position on this issue will be issued during the next two days.

In the meantime, what was said was the offer of Saudi mediation between Baghdad and Erbil on the referendum, just a media bomb, as the announcement of the presidency of the Kurdish region on Sunday, that Saudi Arabia expressed willingness to mediate and create the atmosphere for dialogue, orphan, without showing any features about The form or content of such presumed mediation. Even that Riyadh did not confirm what was stated in the statement of the Kurdish presidency regarding the presentation of the Saudi Minister of State for Gulf Affairs Thamir al-Sbahan, the offer of mediation Barzani.


Barzani: We will not postpone the referendum .. Only serious talks with Baghdad



2017/09/19 04:03 p
بارزاني يستقبل وزير الدفاع البريطاني مايكل فالون

Barzani receives British Defense Minister Michael Fallon
– The head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani said Monday, not to postpone the referendum only after Iraq is ready to begin serious talks on the independence of Kurdistan, and within a specified period of time and international guarantees.
According to a press statement issued by the presidency of the region on Monday evening, Barzani meeting with British Defense Minister Michael Fallon, who called for postponement of the referendum and start talks with Baghdad and under international supervision, said Barzani, “The talks with Baghdad should be about the independence of the region and has a fixed time limit and international guarantees “He said.
Barzani said: “The Kurdistan region tried all the ways to reach an understanding with Baghdad and the achievement of a genuine consensus and partnership, try decentralization, autonomy and federalism failed all of these formulas, so the people of Kurdistan believes that independence is the only way to be two neighboring countries link us closer ties.
Barzani said during the meeting and according to the statement that “all the alternatives offered do not meet the demand of the people of Kurdistan in independence, and if Iraq announced and start actual talks on the independence of the Territory and in a specific period of time and international guarantees then we can go back to the leadership of the people of Kurdistan to decide.”
It is noteworthy that the holding of the referendum caused tensions between the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi federal government, where he called on the Iraqi parliament to cancel the referendum as non-dictatorial, but the regional parliament rejected the request.

Barzani asks to meet Trump .. Washington refuses

BAGHDAD / A source familiar with the request of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani to meet US President Donald Trump, among the source that Barzani’s request was rejected.

“Barzani asked the president’s envoy, Brett McGurk, to arrange a bilateral meeting with Trump, but the US administration turned down the request,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
The source added that “the US administration told Barzani that Trump has no time not to meet him,” noting that “the refusal of the US administration to ask Barzani because of his insistence on holding a referendum and not to take the views and proposals of Washington and other countries.”

Abadi postponed his trip to New York to meet with the Kurdish delegation

He is due to visit Baghdad …

From the previous visit of the delegation of KurdistanFrom the previous visit of the delegation of Kurdistan

A source close to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Monday that Abadi postponed his trip to New York on Tuesday to receive the Kurdish delegation.

The source told (Basneoz) that Abadi will discuss with the Kurdish delegation the referendum process, which is planned by the Kurdistan Region on 25 September.

The source pointed out that Abadi will listen to the demands of the Kurdish delegation aimed at resolving the existing crisis between the two sides.

A senior Kurdish delegation is due to travel to Baghdad to meet Abadi and other Iraqi officials.

The officials in the Kurdistan Region that negotiations and talks with Baghdad will not be about positions and privileges and other issues, but on independence and agreement on how to achieve.

The visit of the Kurdistan delegation if it is completed will be the second since the announcement of the Kurdistan Region on the date of the referendum on independence scheduled for September 25.


URGENT 3 million leaflets warn of death in Hawija and nearby areas


Date of release: 2017/9/18 21:36 • 65 times read
{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Air force planes dropped millions of leaflets in and around Hawija district.
A statement of the cell of the military information received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that the aircraft dropped “the center of the city of Hawijah 500 thousand publications, and Rashad 500 thousand publications, and Riyadh 500 thousand publication, and the Abbasid 500 thousand publication, and the Zab 500 thousand publication, And the left coast of Sharqat 500 thousand publication. ” He added that “these publications include a reference to the radio station directed to them to provide guidance and recommendations for citizens and give a final warning to the terrorists calling for surrender or death at the hands of the Iraqi forces and guidance to parents to learn that the hour of salvation is close after the liberation of Nineveh beloved and Akashat in record time.”


Iraqi National Alliance holds urgent meeting over Kurdistan referendum


September 18 2017 09:14 PM

Supreme body of the Iraqi National Alliance has held an urgent meeting to discuss the implications of the Kurdish independence referendum.

This comes as head of the parliamentary bloc of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Shakhwan Abdullah said that the supreme federal court’s decision to cancel the referendum is nonbinding.

Kurdistan shall held the remarkable referendum on September 25th.