Iraqi parliament raises its meeting to next Monday after the imbalance of the quorum


By Rudao 2 hours ago
جلسة للبرلمان العراقي - أرشيف
Iraqi parliament session

Roudao – Erbil

The Presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives decided on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, to lift the parliament session until next Monday, after the imbalance of the quorum after the withdrawal of a number of deputies during the vote on the selection of the Council of Election Commissioners.

The reporter of the network Rowoudao media in Baghdad, Akam Fahmi, that the parliament raised its meeting to next Monday, September 25, 2017, after the closure of the vote for a quorum.

He explained that the Iraqi parliament canceled the secret ballot without announcing the result, as there were only 139 deputies remained in the session, referring to the extension of the work of the High Commission for a month.

The Iraqi parliament session on Tuesday witnessed a verbal altercation between MP Faiq al-Sheikh Ali and the parliament’s presidency over the vote on the members of the council of election commissioners and the demand for the election of new commissioners after the parliament voted to vote secret, followed by the withdrawal of 60 deputies from the civil coalition and the alliance of forces and the wisdom stream to break the quorum.

And held the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Tuesday, headed by Jubouri and the presence of 170 deputies, amid the province of Kurdish deputies to the meeting in protest against the decision to reject the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan.

The speaker of the Iraqi parliament, MP Faris al-Faris of the National Alliance and MP Shurooq al-Abayji, for six days, referred them to the Disciplinary Committee following a dispute over the re-vote on the proposal to amend the Electoral Commission law.

Differences arise over the nature of the Commission as deputies demand judicial supervision over the electoral process, while other deputies are demanding the replacement of the current Commission with a new commission.

During the past months, the capital Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces witnessed mass demonstrations organized by supporters of the Sadrist movement to demand the change of the Electoral Commission.

The demonstrators said that the Commission “is not worthy of holding fair elections in the country on the grounds that its officials were nominated by the ruling parties, which makes them tend to their parties.”



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