Washington: support political reconciliation between Baghdad and Kurdistan, and the referendum is not a priority



Information / translation …

Revealed US Consul General in Erbil Matthias Mettmann, Sunday, that the priority for the US government in the region is to dismantle and defeat “Daash” partnership between the United States and Iraqi security forces and the Peshmerga, noting that the issue of the referendum on the independence of the province of Kurdistan does not represent a priority for the government of the US as much as the pursuit of reconciliation political between the province and the center.

The news agency “Rudaw” Kurdish About Mettmann during the interview, which was translated and agency / information / for Mettmann saying that “with regard to the referendum on the independence of the province, the we have to deal with reality and not with the assumptions and we are at the present time, we support the political reconciliation and support the fight against Daash process and improve security in Iraq and Kurdistan. “

Mettmann “We understand that there are differences between the Kurdistan region and the central government in Baghdad and the best way to deal with this is through political dialogue, there is a problem between the provincial government and the center lies in the direct deal between the two sides.” Finished / z 25



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