Kuwait, Iraq presents 300 armored personnel carrier as a goodwill gesture

Kuwait, Iraq presents 300 armored personnel carrier as a goodwill gesture

BAGHDAD – morning Khalidi

The committee member said Majid Ghraoui in a statement yesterday that the (United States of America will be presented to Iraq 61 Abrams tank within the signed military agreement earlier between Baghdad and Washington), adding that the (Kuwaiti government submitted to Iraq 300 armored personnel carrier people as a gift to strengthen the security forces stand to confront gangs organizing Daash) pointing out that the (US tanks and armored vehicles Kuwait will come to the country early next year) .okhevc yesterday reports (by Washington to withdraw 3,100 armored vehicle anti-mines of Afghanistan and stored in Kuwait and showed that there is a decision to charge part of the equipment to Iraq to face Daash without specifying the quantity). On the other hand the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary confirmed that the Commission of Inquiry on incidents of Mosul, impartial and will re-investigation with officials covered up for them the previous government, and indicated that they will refer any involved to justice no matter what his or Hzbeh.oukal Chairman of the Committee of quitting in a statement yesterday that the (Commission on Special Investigation incidents of Mosul exercised its neutrality and would investigate with some officials who covered up for them the previous government). He pointed out that (there are those who try to influence the work of the Commission towards the course of the investigation a character through pressure). He added Zamili that (there are figures in the security establishment is working with foreign bodies and other Daashah will be unearthed and forwarded to the judiciary) .bhsp statement noted that he (has referral recommendations on the issue of smuggling of prisoners and not fleeing and condemning security leaders did not take legal action against them because of their coverage of the previous government).

He stressed on the Zamili (re-investigated at this stage and bring them to justice for trial). Noting that (the Commission will refer any involved the fall of Mosul to the judiciary) .mfatta that (there are trying to expand the investigative committee from all sides, parties and blocs to try to put pressure on the results of the investigation at the time that the Commission is going the approach of neutrality and non-bargaining).Stressing (we are moving in the realization of the right through negligent accounting and all of involvement with them whatever his nationality or his or hold them accountable and eliminate the sponsor).


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