Iraqi official calls for the use of US troops to liberate Anbar

Iraqi official calls for the use of US troops to liberate Anbar

“Daash” trapped hand-Baghdadi and occupies most of the cities of the province.

BAGHDAD of Shaima Abdul Wahid

The head of the Council of hand-Baghdadi in Anbar province, Mal Allah al-Obeidi, the use of US ground forces on the ground for the Liberation of the province of “Daash”, stressing that the Iraqi forces and the tribes would not be able to make any significant progress on the ground against the terrorist organization.

Obeidi said the network “toss” News that “what is going through Anbar, Iraq province generally stretch organization Daash and control of the majority of areas in Anbar, caused by the lack of government support for the guerrillas clans in terms of armament, and equipment, especially weapons,” Daash “significantly superior to arms owned by the Iraqi army. “

He added: “The security forces and backed tribal fighters battling Daash a year ago and did not make progress on the ground, because of the quality of weapons possessed by those forces which we consider to be weak in front of the possibilities of weapons Daash terrorist organization.”

Obeidi believes that: “You can not edit Anbar, Iraq province of control organization Daash terrorist only in the presence and intervention of US or foreign forces in order to experience these forces in fighting the terrorist organizations in addition to their holdings of modern and sophisticated weapons comparable to arming the Iraqi security forces.”

Chen elements Daash two large-scale attack on the surrounding villages since the district of al-Baghdadi western Anbar to encircle it, in order to supply all the eye-Assad, one of the largest military bases in the province and the most heavily guarded base pieces.

Security forces and defend backed tribal fighters and Albonmr Albuaped since more than four months for many cities in Anbar, including al-Baghdadi, modern and center of Ramadi and other cities and towns.

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