The World Bank is ready to work with Iraq to implement reforms

economy| 09:23 – 01/02/2023


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The World Bank expressed its readiness to work with the Iraqi government to implement investment and reform projects that require significant financial resources.

Salim Rouhana, the bank’s head of sustainable development programs, said in an interview with the official newspaper “Al-Sabah” and followed by Mawazine News, that “there is more than one way to implement the climate and development report,” noting that “the report prioritizes reforms, starting from the reforms that are very necessary in order to be able to implement projects, with the need for a capacity to complete them.”

He added, “The second way is financing, part of which is public, and the other part is private, because the bank is interested in these sectors to create the political and financing infrastructure, in order to stimulate the going to projects in energy, specifically alternative and renewable.”

He continued, “The third way in the reform process is to shift from a real-time and near-term to medium- and long-term view that requires some security and political stability and the creation of departments that can complete work on these projects and implement the outlook and orientation even in the frameworks of change of governments and policies, and this is important, as there must be some kind of continuity in governance to implement medium and long-term projects.”

He pointed out that “the World Bank will have a technical and intellectual support role, and it prepares for the government’s request to support investment and reform projects and many tools that we can work with, which require great financial resources and create an environment for the private sector and investment and a lot of modern knowledge, technologies and ideas through which the World Bank can attract the expertise that implemented these projects Finished 29/n33


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