State Department” discusses activating the strategic framework with “friendly” Washington and supports Al-Sudani to integrate Iraq with the international environment

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Twilight News / The coalition “State Administration”, which combines the political forces forming the Iraqi government, discussed on Monday, activating the strategic framework agreement with the “friendly” Washington and supporting Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, to integrate Iraq with the international environment.

This came during a regular meeting held by the coalition in the office of the head of the Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, and in the presence of Prime Minister and Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Al-Halbousi, according to a statement received by Shafaq News Agency.

According to the statement, the coalition listened to the report of the government delegation that visited Washington, headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Fouad Hussein, after the important and successful visit of the delegation to the United States.

The coalition discussed mechanisms for activating the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and Washington in the interest of the two friendly countries and peoples.

The State Administration Coalition expressed its great support for the government’s important efforts to integrate Iraq into the international environment, achieve progress in development and energy paths and enhance investment opportunities in important sectors, especially electricity and energy. The coalition also stressed its support for the government in combating currency smuggling.

In the legislative regard, the Prime Minister announced significant progress in completing the draft federal budget law and about to submit it to the House of Representatives for a vote.

In the same context, the coalition stressed the importance of “approving important laws that facilitate the work of the government in order to achieve the well-being and interest of citizens.”سیاسة/ادارة-الدولة-يبحث-تفعيل-الاطار-الاستراتيجي-مع-واشنطن-الصديقة-ويدعم-السوداني-لدمج-العراق-مع-البي-ة-الدولية


Finance: We are evaluating the banking system

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Massoud Haidar, confirmed work on evaluating the banking system to be able to mobilize financial resources.
A statement by the Ministry of Finance received by Mawazine News, a copy of it, said that “Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Massoud Haidar, chaired today, Monday an expanded meeting to follow up the implementation of the government program, in the presence of the advanced cadres in the ministry and its departments. During the meeting, the most important obstacles were diagnosed, identified
Haider stressed, according to the statement, the importance of proceeding with the implementation of the plans prepared within the program to develop the work of the customs and tax sectors and to complete the implementation of the project to automate the sectors, as they are vital sectors contributing to supporting the pillars of the national economy along with the oil sector and other sectors.
On improving the work of the banking sector, the agent explained, “We are working to evaluate the banking system to be able to mobilize financial resources, reallocate them and improve their efficiency to serve economic activity, and work to modernize and strengthen it through changes in the banking industry and restructure and crystallize it to become more inclusive of change and reform and to lay the foundations of a stable

Trade prepares to hold a major national economic conference that includes 8 main axes

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Ministry of Commerce confirmed on Monday that its campaign continues to follow up and monitor the prices of materials in the markets and the food basket allocated to those covered by the social welfare network, while noting that it is conducting intensive and sudden campaigns and visits to agents.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Mohammed Hanoun, said: “The ministry continues its campaign in the processing of foodstuffs,” noting that “there is a control campaign that includes auditing the work of food agents intensively and establishing sudden visits to agents at different times, as well as the full-time of the control and implementation process in the work of agents.”
He added that “the regulatory teams also visit local markets, evaluate prices and set priorities for the purpose of taking urgent measures to confront the rise in prices,” stressing that “the regulatory process continues with the continuation of the campaign to secure foodstuffs and strict measures taken by the ministry in order not to rise prices.”
Hanoun continued, “A team has also been formed from the National Security Agency and the Commercial Control Department, whose work will be to audit the prices of foodstuffs in local markets to prevent monopoly and speculation,” stressing that “the aim of these measures is to prevent price rise and prepare daily schedules in all materials that fall into the livelihood of citizens.”
On the launch of the Iraq Stock Exchange platform, the ministry’s spokesman confirmed that “the Iraqi Stock Exchange is concerned with determining the prices of food and construction materials in the Iraqi market, which is the most stock exchange that collects in the countries of the region and the world for foodstuffs that depend on prices that come from mobile regulatory teams located in all Iraqi governorates and in important markets
Hanoun continued, “The aim of the stock exchange is to identify Iraq’s prices for foodstuffs and for the purpose of matching them with international prices, as well as these institutions, it is linked to the Iraq International Securities Exchange, and it puts businessmen and private sector men in the reality of prices in the local market, whether high or low, which makes the state regulatory agencies in
He stated that “the Department of Private Sector Development in the Ministry of Commerce is working to establish a major national economic conference that discusses the most prominent economic problems, in addition to the complementary relationship between the ministry and the private sector and organizations responsible for trade and economic policy and monitoring and follow-up of the market,” pointing out that “the conference includes eight main axes, including the basics of the Iraqi economy and the most prominent problems and solutions.”
He stressed that “through this conference, the ministry seeks to collect obstacles and remedies in one framework before the government, and that the invitation is addressed to the House of Representatives and the Public Administration, as well as independent bodies, private sector organizations and academics in the Ministries of Education. We are also working to develop international management points in this department and provide all facilities to the private sector by promoting their The international public sector and the provision of all facilities through the promotion of national goods.”
Hanoun revealed that “the government program includes goals for each department in commerce and all ministries, and we seek in our ministry to implement these plans, which were announced at the beginning of the program and in each department of the Ministry of Commerce through goals and visions that we seek to implement within 3 months.”

In the presence of the Sudanese .. The State Department meets to discuss the results of the visit of the Iraqi delegation to Washington

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Twilight News / The political forces of the “State Administration” coalition forming the Iraqi government meet on Monday to discuss the results of the visit of the Iraqi delegation to Washington, DC, in the presence of Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein headed a high-level delegation that visited Washington, D.C., and met with a number of White House officials to discuss many Iraqi and regional files.

An informed source told Shafaq News that “the blocs and parties within the coalition (of the state administration) will meet shortly at the house of the head of the Wisdom Movement Ammar al-Hakim, in the presence of Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani.”

The source explained that “the meeting will discuss the file of the upcoming elections and their law, in addition to the results of the visit of the Iraqi delegation to Washington to discuss the dollar crisis, as well as to discuss government performance and the implementation of the government program and the items of the political agreement paper, on the basis of which the coalition (state administration) was formed.”سیاسة/بحضور-السوداني-دارة-الدولة-يلت-م-لمناقشة-نتا-ج-زيارة-الوفد-العراقي-الى-واشنطن

UrgentMandalawi: The budget will reach the House of Representatives next week

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Mandalawi: The budget will reach the House of Representatives next week


{Politics: Al-Furat News) The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, announced on Monday, the date of the arrival of the draft federal budget law for the fiscal year 2023 to parliament next week.

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Al-Mandalawi said in a statement received by {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that “the draft general budget law will reach the House of Representatives early next week, Finance Minister Taif Sami confirmed during a phone call.”

Al-Mandalawi stressed “the importance of the draft budget law coming soon to the Council and starting to discuss its items and making the necessary amendments to them by the Finance Committee, in order to ensure the proper application of the government curriculum, especially supporting the poor classes and segments and ensuring the continuity of providing basic materials through the food basket, as well as securing the salaries of employees and the necessaryالمندلاوي-الموازنة-ستصل-مجلس-النواب-الأسبوع-المقبل

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: Iraq has an important position in terms of credit rating

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Economy News-Baghdad

The financial adviser to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Mohammed Saleh, confirmed on Monday that Iraq has maintained a stable credit rating during the last eight years, noting that Iraq has a rating that includes countries, the majority of which are emerging economies.

Saleh told the Iraqi News Agency that “Iraq’s credit rating has been adopted since 2015 in our country, which reduced the cost of external borrowing by 50%, when Iraq issued the European bond called (Euphrates), which then borrowed Iraq from the international capital market by about one billion dollars, which is currently in circulation in European secondary markets.”

He pointed out that “there is a (Tijla) bond guaranteed by the United States government in the amount of one billion dollars as well as a European bond for Iraq in the name of (Iraq / 2028), which relates to the settlement of foreign private sector debts under the settlement of the Paris Club Agreement and an issuance amount of about 2.7 billion dollars.”

He explained that “Iraq’s credit rating generally depends on important macroeconomic criteria to the basis for achieving the so-called (creditworthiness of Iraq) and the economy’s ability to pay its debt services and external obligations without much failure.”

He added, “Economic capabilities are determined by the issues of deficit or surplus in the current account of the balance of payments and the deficit or surplus in the general budget at least, in addition to the role of foreign reserves and their efficiency as an indicator in covering outstanding debts and their short-term services.”

He stressed that “Iraq has maintained over the past eight years a stable credit rating whose indicators are issued more than one of the international credit rating agencies such as (ClubbleFitch) and others on a semi-annual basis, indicating Iraq’s great capabilities to meet its external obligations towards creditors and others around the world.”

He pointed out that “the classification enjoyed by Iraq today, which is within the scope of level B, puts Iraq among an important international group of at least 60 countries in the world, most of which are emerging market countries and emerging economies.”

Central Bank: We register public complaints about selling the dollar from eight in the morning until afternoon

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed on Monday that it records public complaints and inquiries about the sale of the dollar daily from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon.

He said in a statement received by (Baghdad today), that “the Central Bank continues to receive public observations, complaints and inquiries related to the outlets of sale of foreign currency dollars.”

He added that the public can call for this “from 8:00 am to 4 pm on the numbers 0785333055 and 07809224663.”البنك-المركزي-نسجل-شكاوى-الجمهور-حول-بيع-الدولار-من-الثامنة-صباحاً-وحتى-العصر.html

Reveal how Biden arrived in Kiev on his surprise visit

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Reveal how Biden arrived in Kiev on his surprise visit


{International: Euphrates News} US President Joe Biden arrived in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on a train he took from Poland.

The newspaper reported that Biden made an hour-long train ride from the Polish border, noting that the visit to Kiev was made secret due to security concerns, as Biden left Washington without warning after he and his wife Jill had dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night.

Biden was already scheduled to arrive in Warsaw on Tuesday morning for a two-day visit, and officials have repeatedly denied there were any further plans they could announce for a trip to Ukraine while he was there.

The White House also released a general schedule for Monday showing Biden is still in Washington and will leave in the evening for Warsaw, when he has already left his country.كشف-طريقة-وصول-بايدن-الى-كييف-في-زيارته-المفاجئة

Hussein reveals the goal of Washington’s visit and points to differences between buying dollars and market need

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Twilight News / Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein revealed, on Monday, the goal of the Iraqi delegation from the visit it made to Washington, DC, and while referring to differences between the purchase of the dollar and the market need, he stressed that the Iraqi currency is strong and reserves exceeded 100 billion dollars.

Hussein said in a press conference attended by Shafaq News that “the Iraqi delegation that visited Washington was composed of different sectors, and that the goal of the visit to Washington was related to the economic sector.”

He explained that “monetary policy was on the agenda of the visit of the Iraqi delegation to Washington, and we discussed political issues, fighting corruption and regional relations with the American side.”

Hussein pointed out that “the Iraqi currency is strong and that the Iraqi reserve exceeded 100 billion dollars and financial liquidity is available.”

The Iraqi Foreign Minister continued, “With the application of the electronic platform, it turned out that the need of the market is different from the currency that is paid.”

He pointed out that “the dollar’s relationship with the dinar is in the right direction, and there will be stability for a currency, it is a matter of time, we noticed this before traveling to Washington and with the measures taken by the Central Bank and the Prime Minister and the meeting of Istanbul before the delegation’s visit to Washington, the dollar stopped rising.”

“There are false intruations that were applying for the dollar,” Hussein said.

“The issue of dollar smuggling is not a cause but a result. Through the electronic system, it is difficult to know who receives the dollar and who is the last beneficiary.”

He pointed out that “the electronic platform will help stop preventing dollar smuggling, and the platform that deals in dollars must be placed at airports and border crossings.”سیاسة/حسين-يكشف-عن-هدف-زيارة-واشنطن-ويشير-الى-فروقات-بين-شرا-الدولار-وحاجة-السوق

Iraqi Foreign Minister withdraws from press conference for health reasons

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Twilight News / Deputy Prime Minister Fouad Hussein withdrew from a press conference held on Monday to clarify the outputs of the visit of the Iraqi delegation to America, for health reasons that forced him to leave.

A correspondent for Shafaq News, who attended the conference, said that the foreign minister withdrew after answering some questions from journalists, as a result of a sudden health illness that afflicted him and forced him to leave the conference hall.

For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Omar Al-Barzanji, who took the stage of the conference instead of the minister, announced that “the conference stopped, for a healthy reason that hurt the minister,” and attributed it to “the return of the minister from a trip whose effects were reflected on his health, forcing him to withdraw.”

“Since the secretary spoke and clarified the outputs of the Iraqi delegation’s visit to Washington and conveyed the message to public opinion, we believe that what the minister said was sufficient,” he added.سیاسة/وزير-الخارجية-العراقي-ينسحب-من-م-تمر-صحفي-ل-سباب-صحية