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on February 24, 2023

Independent / – The need or victorious mother goes to receive the monthly retirement from an office next to their house, and she used to repeat the phrase “God bless you, Abu Al-Ki Card”, this matter did not come out of a vacuum, but left by great pain, and when the owner of the executor asked her why this phrase periodically when she received her

This is one of thousands of cases that were finding it very difficult to receive the pension, which is one of its most important dues, but the presence of the International Smart Card Company represented to them the door of the long suffering that they never imagined would end with this joyful end with the salary at the head of the street.

Need or victorious first did not understand that her salary in this small card “according to the owner of the outlet” and did not pay the required attention to him, but when watching the receiving mechanism, the situation changed and was placed in an important portfolio and place.

Through this experience, it is clear to us the importance of electronic payment in Iraq and the role of K and its founder, and how he was able, through the guidance of the Central Bank, to transfer advanced technology and to have an active role in the process of developing financial performance in Iraq.

As we mentioned on more than one occasion, Ki is working to adopt the best smart systems around the world and benefit from them to provide advanced products that are easy in providing financial dues, thus being the first national company to provide world-class services and keep pace with the newness in the international electronic payment field.

Al-Kanani pointed out that the company’s teams are working to closely follow the reality of the development of payments around the world and benefit from them locally, as the company realizes that the volume of work in Iraq needs advanced payment systems that contribute to providing modern payment requirements.

It is noteworthy that the family of a company includes more than 7 million beneficiaries in all regions of Iraq.

شركة كي .. تواكب افضل انظمة الدفع الالكتروني 


Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq receives a number of leaders of security services and owners of exchange companies

February 24, 2023Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq receives a number of leaders of security services and owners of exchange companies

His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, received yesterday, Thursday, a number of leaders of the security services and owners of exchange companies and mediating the sale and purchase of foreign currency. His Excellency discussed ways of coordination and procedures between the Central Bank and the concerned agencies, and determining roles and tasks in the light of the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.
During the meeting, guidance was made on the following:

1- The Central Bank is the only body responsible for monitoring and inspecting banks, exchange companies and non-bank financial institutions approved by the Central Bank, in accordance with its law.

2- The transfer of cash (in dinars and dollars) and any other currencies, is allowed inside Iraq for all natural and legal persons, including banks, exchange companies, mediating the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and its branches in all governorates.
3- In order to prevent the removal of cash across borders and ports, which exceed what is specified in the instructions of the Central Bank (10,000) ten thousand dollars, the competent security authorities shall follow up and inspect vehicles in the roads and paths leading to the border to prevent smuggling and take legal measures in coordination with the Central Bank, while providing the bank with the amounts of banknotes discovered
4- The amounts sent from banks and companies to their branches shall be accompanied by documents from the sender showing the details of the sender and the consignee, and shall be submitted at the points of external control upon request. In case of suspicion or need to confirm, the Banking Control Department at the Central Bank shall be contacted on the numbers (07809224663 -0785
5- Banks and companies shall inform the Central Bank in case they are subjected to procedures, inspection visits or interference in their work by non-affiliated employees.

The governor praised the role of the security authorities in revealing attempts to smuggle the dollar in the past days.

the Central Bank of Iraq
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A government bank begins adopting the electronic platform to sell dollars to travelers

economy| 08:11 – 24/02/2023


Baghdad – Mawazine News
Rafidain Bank announced on Friday that it had launched the adoption of the electronic platform to sell dollars to passengers through its port at Baghdad International Airport.

The bank’s media office, in a statement received by Mawazine News, a copy of it, called on “travelers to bring the special identification documents required by the Central Bank of Iraq for the purpose of the electronic platform.”

He added, “The identification documents are (civil status ID or unified national card – and housing card), in addition to passport, ticket and boarding ticket (boarding) during the process of buying dollars from the bank’s port.” Finished 29/m99




SULAIMANI — The US ambassador to Iraq, Alina L Romaniwski, met with some of Iraq’s leading businesspeople to talk about possible ways to help Iraq’s economy grow and “provide more opportunities for Iraqis,” she said in a statement on Friday (February 24).

“Private-sector growth is essential to Iraq’s economic future and the creation of good jobs for Iraqis,” Romanowski said. 

On Wednesday, Romanowski met with Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Fouad Hussein to discuss the next step on climate change and private sector growth. 

Romanowski said in a statement on Thursday the US wants to “maintain the momentum and keep expanding” the Iraq and US partnership “to produce more results for Iraqis.”

A statement from the Iraqi foreign ministry said Hussein and the US ambassador spoke on how to move forward after the Iraqi delegation’s recent visit to Washington.

The ministry’s statement also noted they spoke on US-Iran relations following Iran FM Hossein Amir-Abdollahian’s recent visit to Baghdad.

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The committee of the Union of the Arab Parliament discusses the approval of its budget for the current year

political| 03:38 – 24/02/2023


Baghdad – Mawazine News
A member of the Algerian People’s National Assembly, Siddiq Bakhoush, confirmed on Friday that the Executive Committee of the Arab Parliamentary Union will discuss the ratification of the 2023 budget.

Bakhosh told the official agency, followed by Mawazine News, that the 34th Conference of Speakers of Arab Councils and Parliaments falls within the framework of supporting Arab councils, noting that “there are two committees, 30 exceptional and 31 ordinary.”

He added that “the Executive Committee of the Arab Parliamentary Union discussed many important points that fall within the framework of activating the consolidation of relations between member states,” noting that “the fate of the headquarters of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union in Lebanon and the financial difficulties facing the Union in financial appropriations and member contributions were discussed.”

He added that “the Executive Committee discussed many other strategic points that the Union will adopt from 2023-2026 and the committee will discuss the ratification of the 2023 budget,” stressing that “the Executive Committee will submit its report to the heads of Arab parliaments for presentation tomorrow within the 34th conference for approval.”

The work of the 31st special session of the Executive Committee of the Arab Parliamentary Union opened on Friday in the capital Baghdad. Finished 29/m99