In Munich. Nechirvan Barzani discusses with Al-Sudani the latest developments in the negotiations in Erbil and Baghdad on the outstanding files

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Twilight News / The President of the Kurdistan Region, Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, discussed with the Iraqi Federal Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, on Friday evening in his latest activities today at the Munich Security Conference, the economic situation and the issue of the Iraqi federal budget for the year 2023.

A statement by the presidency of the region and responded to Shafaq News Agency; “during the meeting, the latest developments in the dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad to solve the outstanding problems between them, the economic situation and the issue of the Iraqi federal budget for 2023, the political situation in general, the challenges facing the country, and the presence and role of Iraq in the region and internationally

The two sides expressed their satisfaction with the continuation of dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad and its steps, and the resolution of outstanding problems between them on the basis of the constitution, and agreed that addressing the challenges and threats facing the country requires joint action and the cooperation of all forces, parties and components in Iraq.

In another axis of the meeting, they discussed the recent visit of the Iraqi delegation to America and the measures of the Iraqi federal government aimed at protecting the economic situation of the country, Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries, countries in the region and the world, and maintaining the security and stability of borders, among a number of other issues, according to the statement.

Kurdistan Regional President Nechirvan Barzani arrived in Germany on Friday after an official invitation to attend the 59th annual Munich Security Conference.

Barzani, along with heads of state and leaders including Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani, will participate in meetings and discussions on global affairs including international security and stability and the current challenges facing the world.

During the three-day conference, which will be held from February 17 to 19, 2023, President Barzani will hold several meetings with a number of leaders and officials from around the world.سیاسة/في-ميونخ-نيجيرفان-يبحث-مع-السوداني-خر-تطورات-مفاوضات-اربيل-وبغداد-بش-ن-الملفات-العالقة


Al-Sudani Discusses With “Interpol” Activating The Refund And Those Who Are Required



Earth News / Prime Minister Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani discussed, on Friday, the Secretary-General of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), Jürgen Stock, activating cooperation in the field of money recovery and those wanted. The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement received by Earth News that “Sudani met on Friday, Jürgen Stock. During the meeting, he stressed that stealing public money is one of the most important challenges facing Iraq, and that combating corruption is one of the priorities of the government program.

Al-Sawadani said, according to the statement, that “the government’s actions require the cooperation of the organization, especially in the issue of dealing with requests made regarding financial crimes.”

He explained that “theft of public money and the use of the global financial system to smuggle and launder money is an international cross-border crime, and it has harmed Iraq, in addition to being one of the most important enablers of terrorism. He stressed that the return of those wanted for these crimes is one of the most important steps to deter this crime.

The Prime Minister referred to “the government’s actions in securing the Iraqi border and fully connecting them to INTERPOL services, and called on Interpol International to provide training and capacity-building support to cadres working at headquarters and INTERPOL offices established at border crossings, as well as cooperation in the field of security information exchange with INTERPOL member countries, and in supporting investigations of financial crimes related to

He expressed Iraq’s desire to make the most of the areas provided by INTERPOL, and to contribute to the generalization of all blue and green notifications, for perpetrators of terrorist crimes, especially information shared in INTERPOL databases within the Foreign Terrorist Fighters Project.

He extended an invitation to the Secretary-General to visit Iraq at the earliest opportunity.

For his part, the Secretary-General of Interpol expressed “the organization’s readiness to cooperate with Iraq in urging countries to recover stolen and wanted and convicted of corruption cases, and pointed out that INTERPOL established a specialized department a year ago, and will issue a bulletin on financial crimes committed in Iraq.”

Approving the official exchange rate of the dollar and selling tickets in dinars at Iraqi Airways outlets

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Twilight News / The official spokesman for the federal government, Bassem Al-Awadi, announced on Friday the adoption of the official exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar at all Iraqi Airways outlets.

Al-Awadi said in a statement today that “direct and serious work has been done to solve the problem of the exchange rate in Iraqi Airways tickets.”

He added that, starting today, the official exchange rate of 1320 dinars was adopted at all ports of Iraqi Airways.

For his part, the Director General of the General Company of Iraqi Airlines, Karim Kazem Hussein, issued a directive to sell tickets in Iraqi dinars instead of dollars.

A statement quoted by the Information Office of the Ministry of Transport said that the Director General of the company issued a binding directive to all offices and centers for cutting off the company’s tickets, stipulating the treatment of Iraqi dinars instead of the US dollar, and at the official rate set by the management of the Central Bank of Iraq.

Hussein called on all travelers to report through the Ministry of Transport hotline (5606), as well as through the official websites and platforms of the ministry and the company, of any violation committed by the company’s offices and agents in this regard, warning violators against legal accountability.

The Director General stressed that the company’s decision comes in accordance with the directives of His Excellency Minister of Transport Razzaq Muhaips Al-Saadawi to oblige all formations of the ministry, including the General Company of Iraqi Airlines, to deal in Iraqi dinars instead of the dollar, in support of the national currency.

Last January, the Central Bank of Iraq decided to include banks allowed to participate in the electronic platform and wishing to participate in the sale of cash dollars for travel, treatment and study purposes.

The bank directed government banks (Al-Rafidain – Al-Rasheed – Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) to expand the outlets selling cash dollars to passengers at the country’s airports (Baghdad – Basra – Najaf – Erbil – Sulaymaniyah).

The central bank, in cooperation with the federal government, has issued strict instructions to curb smuggling of hard currency out of the country.اقتصـاد/اعتماد-سعر-الصرف-الرسمي-للدولار-في-منافذ-الخطوط-الجوية-العراقية-كافة

Sudanese and US senator discuss economic reforms in Iraq

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Sudanese and US senator discuss economic reforms in Iraq


(Political: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani met on Friday morning with US Senator Chris Van Hollen, on the sidelines of his participation in the Munich Security Conference.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office said that the meeting discussed joint cooperation relations between Iraq and the United States of America, and ways to consolidate them in several fields.

The meeting also dealt with “Iraq’s continuous efforts in combating terrorism and extremism, and confirming support for the economic reforms adopted by the current government, and the path it follows in implementing its government program.”السوداني-وسيناتور-أمريكي-يبحثان-الإصلاحات-الاقتصادية-في-العراق